It comes as no surprise that many folks wish to own a Tesla Model S over many other cars.

We'll just start right off the bat here in an attempt to limit the FUD. Of course, if every person on the planet was polled, we have no clue how the results might play out. With that being said, we're surely not surprised that most of the people in this recent study wish to own a Tesla, and more specifically, a Model S.

Sure, it's not luxury-grade to the level of some like BMW, Mercedes, or Audi vehicles. Sure, it's not a true sports car in every sense of the definition. However, it does offer premium accommodations for five passengers and beyond exhilarating performance. What's more, it's incredibly futuristic and eco-friendly.


At any rate, below is what was shared with us via

The map above is based on geotagged twitter data over the past three months (July to now) tracking mentions of "dream car" and #dreamcar, and the vehicle most associated with that term by state (over 100,000 tweets tracked).

While you would initially think cars like a Lamborghini or Ferrari would be on top, that isn't the case at all. Six vehicles dominated the conversation... but one stood out far from the rest... the Tesla Model S.

The Model S was the top "dream car" for American drivers in 20 states, followed by the Ford Mustang with 13 states.

The breakdown was as follows:

Tesla Model S - 20 states
Ford Mustang - 13 states
Range Rover - 6 states
Jeep Wrangler - 4 states
Chevy Corvette - 4 states
Chevy Camaro - 3 states

No other vehicle beat out those top 6 in any state in regards to a "dream car" pick.

While only so much can be derived from social media data, it’s safe to say that it shows a changing tide in how Americans view cars, and that the Tesla brand has been a huge part of that.

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