Karsan Jest Electric Is Powered By BMW i

NOV 8 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

BMW i3 motor and batteries are good for electric buses too.

Karsan, a Turkish bus manufacturer, is offering all-electric buses called Jest Electric. The interesting part is that the powertrain and batteries are supplied by BMW.

The Jest Electric received a 125 kW electric motor (it’s a small bus after all, with a top speed of just 70 km/h or 44 mph) and a single or double battery from the i3. There are 33 kWh and 66 kWh versions available. Moreover, because BMW recently upgraded i3 batteries to 44 kWh, there are now 44 and 88 kWh versions also available.

Depending on battery version, the range stands at 80 km, 105 km, 165 km and 210 km (130 miles).

The good news is that you can buy the Jest Electric not only in Europe, but also in the U.S.

Source: Karsan, BMWBlog

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Sounds like this could be easily made into a small School Bus, too!

Maybe a Mini Motorhome, if it had 2 of the i3 Motors, since it looks like it just has one?

One motor for each axle would be cool. 4×4, and more power.
Add a bit higher top speed (nothing less then 90km/h – but 100-110 would be best).

The motorhome marked could have been good to them for sure.

80kwH AWD Minibus RV is such an obvious winner.

Problem with this bus tho is the ground clearance isn’t too good.

100% to the point!

That startup sequence is a joke surley! Otherwise looks like a great vehicle for campus transport.

Karsan is one of the five finalists competing for the massive USPS Next Generation Delivery Vehicle Program. The winner gets to build 180,000 mail trucks to replace the current 30+ year old delivery vans that are falling apart, lack modern safety equipment, offer no a/c and get less than 10 mpg. The USPS has completed over a year of testing and is ready to announce a winner. This announcement has been delayed or possibly been canceled until Presidest Trump’s request for a study into the viability of privatizing the USPS is revealed. The commission has submitted their report but their conclusions will not be announced until after the November elections. The USPS is not offering any details of the competing trucks but it is known that two of the five competitors are offering electric propulsion systems, one is Karsan and the other is US based Workhorse. I wonder if the Karsan bid uses the same electric propulsion system as used in their Jest bus?I Interesting, it appears both competitors are proposing the BMW W20 647 cc range extender from the i3. This unit only puts out 25 KW but because the mail truck has a low average speed due to… Read more »

Regarding the USPS competition, VW just missed it. The cargo ID Buzz would be perfect: https://insideevs.com/vw-id-buzz-cargo-electric-van/

What is the price tag for this one?

One wonders if this is part of the future transit solution, a mixture of bus and Uber.

Offering four battery sizes is a great strategy. I also like how it can drive the wrong way up Lombard Street in San Francisco.

This tüpe of small busses, privately owned are very common in Turkey. They are called Dolmuş and provide almıştır half of mass transit. İ hope they will be electrified. Unfortunately no incentives yet

So the i3 motor can deliver 290Nm reliably in this bus, so maybe BMW will come up with an S+ version some day? Or an aftermarket tuner may tune the current i3…