Jay Leno Talks New Tesla Roadster With Franz Von Holzhausen


Jay Leno with details on the 2020 Tesla Roadster.

We only get to see a quick, ~one-minute tease here. But hey, it’s Jay Leno and the upcoming 2020 Tesla Roadster. Perhaps on the newest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, the Roadster will get additional coverage. What’s more? Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen is Leno’s guest of honor to talk about the future car.

We’ll tune in this week to see if Jay and Franz have more to share about the 2020 Tesla Roadster. In the meantime, we’ll take what we can get about Elon Musk’s “hardcore smackdown to gas-powered cars.”

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Illia Drobchak

Video is not available in my location! 🙁

We apologize for that. There is nothing we can do about a specific location’s rules. If we find another source for the video, we’ll share it. Thank you.


Steven, here is a Youtube link. Although CNBC might still be able location restrict it, I’m not sure.


Thank you.


Thanks, but it makes no difference though, this YouTube video is also not available in my location (Denmark).

Prad Bitt

Canada 🙁


For Canada as well, SVP.


What about Leno’s or CNBC website? And you should have mentioned it was the trailer, nothing more.

I checked those websites, as well as YouTube and a bunch of other sources. The trailer that some people posted is even shorter. My very first sentence says this is a one-minute tease.

The whole story is about it being a tease for an upcoming show and we hope for more and we’ll take what we can get.

“We only get to see a quick, ~one-minute tease here. But hey, it’s Jay Leno and the upcoming 2020 Tesla Roadster. Perhaps on the newest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, the Roadster will get additional coverage. What’s more? Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen is Leno’s guest of honor to talk about the future car.

We’ll tune in this week to see if Jay and Franz have more to share about the 2020 Tesla Roadster. In the meantime, we’ll take what we can get about Elon Musk’s “hardcore smackdown to gas-powered cars.”

John Doe

Use a proxy/VPN.

Paul Smith

I am. Makes no difference.


Funny, I’m in Canada and I have the same problem.
This is a secret video for USA only !


Use a VPN!

Robert Weekley

Well, same here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

Robert Weekley

Try Electrec dot co – their link works in Canada, but is just a CNBC promo for Jay Leno Garage, Thursday!

Raymond Ramirez

Try using TOR (The Onion Router) browser which has no location and thus has no restrictions.


50 sec clip no fun:(


At least you can watch it…


Doubt that the steering apparatus (can’t call it a wheel) will make it to production but if they do get a 250 mph top end? Where are you going to use it at that speed? LOL! Evil chuckle.


About the only place to hit that top end, is the back straight of the Nurburgring.

philip d

Or maybe Bonneville.


In germany, we don’t have any speed limits on the highways 😉


Some highways. Most I encountered did. 120 km/hr was pretty standard in most of Europe and in most of Germany, but there are stretches of unlimited speed.


You’re not German else you would know there are speed limits on most of your highways

Paul Smith

Yes they do. Cars only doing 200 Kph in the fast lane.


“…if they do get a 250 mph top end? Where are you going to use it at that speed?”

Any side street.


Robert Weekley

As a Cop Car? Chasing down Guys or Gals on a Hyabusa Motorbike?




I look forward to seeing Jay Leno’s Garage full video on the Tesla Roadster… I like Jay’s garage videos… he keeps it real and interesting.

The Tesla Roadster certainly will be a smack-down EV statement when it goes into production. Would be interesting to know how many preorders Tesla already has for the car considering it will likely become the new supercar performance benchmark.

“…The first supercar to set every performance record and still fit seating for four… Acceleration 0-60 mph 1.9 sec… Mile Range 620 miles…” source:



Here is a viedo on Jay Leno’s 1909 Baker Electric Car that is cool (starts at 3min):



LOL! That is exactly what I thought of when I saw the title of this article. Jay will gush about how wonderful any electric car is — even his 1909 Baker Electric!

But I think this one goes a bit faster. 😉


I’m thinking the ‘adults’ in those rear seats would have to be a couple of Peter Dinklages.


Well, all those accomplishments have to be accomplished first. So far it’s the usual “It’s going to do…”


I get thumbs down like I told a lie or something. It’s simple fact. Before you can enter the record books, you have to actually break the records, not just say you’re going to break the records.


Tesla has a proven track record for its cars having the performance Tesla claims… or even better.

And perhaps if your own history of posts regarding Tesla was not quite so uniformly negative, you wouldn’t get automatic down-votes.

Bill Howland

Speaking of your historical posts, this is the seventh time I’ve asked you to explain your accusation towards me of “You Embarrassed yourself over the Supercharger issue, but you can’t see it!”.

That is a very conveniently worded comment since you are belittling me for something of which I do not understand, nor has been explained to me nor others. Please explain it.

Otherwise don’t worry about what others are saying.


Simple, Bill. You claimed that Superchargers don’t have the legally mandated emergency shutoff switches which are required for safety reasons. (Link to your comment below.) This simply isn’t true, and I think most people who claim to be an electrical engineer — as you do — would be embarrassed over such a fundamental error.

Not expecting you to admit to your error here, since — so far as I recall — you have never, ever admitted to being wrong on any subject at all.


Bill Howland

Your statement is a bit off. I stated they do not have “Legally required READILY ACCESSIBLE” shutoffs.

I’ve stated I stand corrected several times here at IEVs. I think you know that or you just have no reading comprehension.

Show me a permanent supercharger installation that has one. Just have never seen it at any of them.

What simply isn’t true, that they have them, or that it isn’t required?

Put up or shut up – you always include about 100 words of irrelevant blather to try to confuse others or deflect the issue. First off – clarify your ambiguous statement.


Such a statement, in this context, carries a clear implication that they won’t be able to accomplish what they claim — i.e. FUD.

Bill Howland

Not necessarily. There may be asterisks or qualifiers to any of the statements, and without having any detail as to the technical construction, those facts cannot be gleaned.


Tesla delivers MORE than they promise…late, but they do eventually deliver.

Bill Howland

Your point is well taken Dav8or since no technical details other than “the final spec sheet” has been released. The spec sheet is ‘inscrutable’ without giving SOME technical detail behind it. The video after this one (the guy with the Apollo Tesla), states he is floored by the fact that the Tesla semi will recharge 500 miles worth of range in 1/2 hour.

There is nothing that can be said regarding that kind of statement other than making assumptions as to what is realistically, and economically possible.

But Tesla Fanboys will just say that it CANNOT BE PROVED that it can’t be done. Not without some detail, so in that case they are right. So Dav8or a healthy skepticism is actually the prudent way to be.


Cool. Should be a show soon with Jay driving it, if not already.
Motorweek looks at the Model 3:


Was hoping for a full 5 min chat. 250 mph, even on the autobahn, would be hard to experience. Truly insane and exciting.

Chris Stork

That’s great and all, but I’m still looking forward to learning its DougScore 😉


Disappointed in the hyper car approach. How about a Roadster version based on the base Model 3? Something more affordable. Target the likes of the Toyota T86, Camaro, Mustang, Miata, etc.


Makes sense that he would go the supercar approach before affordable horsepower. He wants to show the world the full potential of EV power before going down the blue collar sports car route. Although I hope Tesla does eventually release an affordable sports car. It would be my next car no doubt.


Too many projects for Tesla to handle all at once. I’m sure they have everything in the road map, but the sporty coupes are niche products. I think the lighter SR Model 3 will come close to competing with these cars.

The Roadster is Tesla’s Halo car, it has special place in the company and the automobile world. If it can demonstrate world beating performance as touted, it will end the arguments that EVs are only for straight line acceleration. The Model 3 already proved that it can handle the curves as well or better than existing sporty cars out there. Next step would be endurance at high stress conditions at high speed tracks – and that is the Roadster’s job.

Bill Howland

I’m disappointed as well. It hardly seems right against the premise of Tesla being the car for every man that the initial Roadster was the ‘car for the masses’, and that future roadsters will be not affordable.


Unfortunatly this video is unavailable in Europe… 🙁


If I had one, I would def need to activate the speed limiter on it.

Maybe it should default to 140 and then you have to get certified to remove it? 🙂


Might as well just get a Performance Model S or Performance Model 3, if that’s all you want. Top speed 155 MPH for those!

Rafael R Sabatini

Practically speaking, there’s no financial case to bring this product to market. Halo cars lose a great deal of money and Tesla would be better served to put all available engineering resources on fixing Model 3 issues, Model Y design and a refresh on the Model 3.

This is the wrong product at the wrong time for the company. I know Elon says he wants to do it, but he says a lot of stuff…

If they had a COO in place there’s no way they’d be talking about yet another vanity project. Really.


Maybe you missed how Musk said in another interview just a day or two ago that the Roadster is “dessert”, not a main focus.

Also, it’s not just a Halo car for Tesla — it’s one for the entire EV industry. Tesla as a whole is this, in fact. It’s perfectly in line with their mission to accelerate the transition to electric transportation.


“Practically speaking, there’s no financial case to bring this product to market. Halo cars lose a great deal of money…”

I see the new rules on civility in this forum aren’t stopping you from posting false anti-Tesla propaganda.

Halo cars attract attention, and buyers, to a car brand. People come in to the dealership (or a Tesla store) to look at the halo car, which many people aspire to own but can’t afford. So they might settle for something else the dealer/ Tesla store is offering.

The fact that the halo car model itself may be a money loser, doesn’t mean it’s a money loser for the auto maker. (Economically, it’s similar to a retail “loss leader”.) Tesla is going to get a great deal of attention when they start selling a car which outperforms ALL production gasmobiles, even far more expensive sports car supercars.


Well, this is the first time that the term “teaser” really lived up to its name, in my experience. Yeah, what a tease — how frustrating!

Can’t wait to see a video of somebody putting this car thru its paces. This isn’t a car I’d ever aspire to own, but WOW would I love to get a ride in one!

Go-go-go Tesla!


With TOR browser you can easily choose any location you want. This vid works then too (I’m in Europe).

Ron M

I wonder how much Jay Leno’s vehicle collection is worth.

Bill Howland

I assume the chief designer is not a technical guy – more of a styling guy similar to FIsker? I’ve never seen 10,000 meters of Torque.

I’ve been working around electric motors all my life, done plenty of design work with them, and have never seen so much use of the word among the general public as with EV’s.


He means 10,000 Newton-Meters, that is another way of measuring torque, just like Foot-Pounds. Of course, there are other measures for torque, but those are the most common.
Probably, when they say it has 10,000 Newton-Meters, that is the peak torque of the motor at a certain RPM(just like a gas engine might make 700 foot-pounds at 5500RPM).

Also, it’s likely(certain IMO) that the quoted 10,000 Nm of torque is the combined output of all 3 motors, since a single motor with 10,000Nm of torque at 1000RPM or so would be quite large.

Bill Howland

Duh, really?

Raymond Ramirez

The nose seems Japanese-styled, like a Mazda Miata. The Chevy Corvette has a better looking nose. The original Roadster had a British Lotus nose.