Watch The Jaguar I-Pace Invade San Francisco


Check it out in San Mateo over the next three days

The Jaguar I-Pace is coming! While we expect it to begin to find its way into the garages of owners sometime before the end of the year — the closest estimate we could shake out of the company — it will begin a national campaign called the Jaguar Electrifies Experience, starting tomorrow in San Francisco. Well, to be more exact, San Mateo to the city’s south. As you can see by the video above, with that long line of the brand’s all-electric crossover crawling down crooked Lombard Street, that the British brand’s invasion has already begun.

If you’re an I-Pace fan, make sure to RSVP to get a little wheel time on their special closed course. In any case, there will be cars to inspect and other things to keep you busy, including the Jaguar Formula E  I-TYPE, the  racecar, Smart Mirror Touchscreens, and DJI Mavic Air Drones. It all goes down between October 3 to 7 at the San Mateo County Event Center.

The tour also will have stops in Los Angeles, South Florida, and New York City.

If you do go, feel free to tell us about your experience, either in comments or on the Jaguar I-Pace portion of the InsideEVs Forum.


Video description:

Get up close and personal with the all-new 2019 I-PACE at the Jaguar Electrifies Event Oct. 3-7 in San Francisco.


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Got an invite in the mail. The invite card looks fancy.

Sorry Jag. M3’18 already took the garage spot. And the second one is taken by my another plug recently too. See you in 10 years maybe.

excellent buy!

I did not see any sales in the USA for the Jaguar i-Pace.

Of course not, EPA has not released not them yet.

October 15th release according to this event

I have one scheduled this Sunday in San Mateo. I’ll bring my Model 3 Performance for a back to back comparison.

I have my test drive on Saturday. Lets compare notes 😀

To Jaguar‘s credit they are cleverly marketing the I-Pace.

I’m going for a test drive in San Mateo this saturday and Im pretty excited. I wonder how different it will feel from my rav4EV

seems like a very expensive marketing.. anyhow, see ya’ll in San Mateo this weekend!
Let’s see how good the I-Pace really is..

Interesting how they suggest in that video, that a significant number of these cars exists. However, I do not know the ramping strategy of Jaguar. Currently, the production numbers look similar to the Model3 in 2017. Anyway, glad to see that some of them found their way to the US. Hopefully we find them on the october sales scorecard then. For all US readers: In Europe, it is currently easier to get hands on an iPace as in the US. Anyway, global sales of the iPace in August were just 140. Most of them to Europe, espeacially Norway. Hopefully this video indicates growing sales numbers. Every new fully electric and buyable vehicle is highy welcome 🙂

I sure hope Jaguar starts making and delivering some cars to back up all this show.

I went to the iPace event today in San Mateo and here’s what I experienced. Inside a large exhibition hall, quite dark with dramatic lighting, black curtains everywhere and event hosts in black outfits, were samples of Jaguar’s current offerings and a separate area with a display of several iPace’s. I found this display approach a bit curious as it was so dark you couldn’t really get a good look at these vehicles. So, I figured I’d get a better look outside and expedited myself to the back of the hall where the line formed to take the test drives. The line was long so I’d recommend not wasting a lot of time in the display areas if you are time constrained. They had two driving options available. One in a parking lot area set up with traffic cones so you could practice maneuvering and handling the iPace in a not-so-real-world situation. A second area had a selection of various Jaguar vehicles (including some hot F-Types) ready for street drives. I ignored the cone option and went straight for a street drive in an iPace. After seeing all the reports, photos and videos of this vehicle, I was ready to… Read more »

I went to this event today after reading about it here. GREAT event, the I-Pace is killer. My wife is a converted electric vehicle fan because of this experience. Love this website and appreciate what you all do to bring us this info. Thank you!