GAC Entranze Electric 7-Seater At NAIAS: Photos & Videos

JAN 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 11

GAC Motors had an electrifying entranze at the Detroit Auto Show

Chinese GAC Motor, as promised, unveiled at the 2019 NAIAS its all-electric concept – the Entranze. The bullet-inspired car was designed by GAC’s Advanced Design Center in Los Angeles.

It’s a 7-seater (3+2+2) with an unusual bench seat in the front and double sliding doors. GAC describes the Entranze as ultimate road trip vehicle.

There is a lot of interesting stuff in GAC Entranze – maybe it’s the future of crossovers/minivans. Hopefully, GAC will expands its EV offer, and maybe even decide to entranze the U.S. market.

Before that happen, let’s check the photos and videos from the show:

GAC Entranze
46 photos
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Press blast:

GAC Motor Unveils Concept Car ENTRANZE at NAIAS 2019

DETROIT, Jan. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Automaker GAC Motor impressed audiences at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) on January 14 with the world premiere of its ENTRANZE concept car, emphasizing the automaker’s human-centric approach to family vehicles. The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including media, global suppliers and partners.

Developed by the GAC Advanced Design Center in Los Angeles, the bullet-inspired ENTRANZE concept is designed to meet the needs of American consumers. It offers a revolutionary vision of future mobility, showcasing new energy breakthroughs, an upgraded user experience (UI), unique interior and exterior design concepts, and technology features including:

  • The Slick Bullet shaped exterior is completely breathtaking in the real flesh and introduces brand new proportions
  • New 3+2+2 seating arrangement and ‘aircraft inspired aisle’
  • Two-side mounted displays for functional feature control, plus curved displays for passenger entertainment
  • With most of the car made of environmentally sustainable materials, the interior of ENTRANZE is more influenced by home decoration than cars and is a great contrast to the technology and the stark exterior.

“Ultimately, automotive products are a means for people to connect during life’s great journey. The ENTRANZE concept embodies our vision to provide mobility solutions that enrich lives,” said Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor.

GAC Motor has also displayed its portfolio of star vehicles of SUVs, sedans, minivans and NEVs, including GS8, GS4, GS5, GS7, GS3, GA4, GM8, GM6 and GE3 530 at NAIAS 2019.

California Headquarters Announced

At the show, GAC Motor officially announced that it has registered its North American Sales Company in Irvine, Calif., near Los Angeles. The regional headquarters will be responsible for branding, marketing, product planning and financial affairs.

GAC’s global R&D network

GAC Motor also announced at the press conference that the GAC R&D Center Detroit has officially begun operation. Located in Farmington Hills, Mich., the new R&D center was built with an investment of US$ 4.4 million and encompasses nearly 50,000 square feet of real estate.

It will serve as a hub to assist the design and R&D of GAC Group’s products for the U.S. and other overseas markets. Specifically, the center will focus on product development, ground-breaking technologies, talent recruitment and training.

The Detroit hub connects GAC Motor’s two additional California R&D centers with the GAC R&D centers in China. These centers will contribute significantly to the advancement of the company’s global R&D and automobile manufacturing network.

Established in April 2017, the GAC R&D Center Silicon Valley (GAC-SV) in Sunnyvale aims to promote academic research in the development of a new generation of R&D talent for the region and support local product collaboration. Other GAC-SV highlights include:

  • More than 30 leading engineers on site
  • Ongoing self-developed projects include in-vehicle gateway firewall, big data enabled battery performance prediction, user-based insurance (UBI), development of an autonomous driving architecture, safety simulation and thermal motor analysis
  • Development of the self-driving sensory system installed on the GE3, including LIDAR and video perception mechanism
  • Collaboration with world-renowned research institutions and enterprises in the fields of artificial intelligence algorithm, smart transportation and the development of advanced electric vehicle powertrains

Located in Newport Beach, Calif., the GAC Advanced Design Center Los Angeles opened in April 2018 and is responsible for advanced design, UI/UX development and brand visuals for GAC Motor. It’s led by executive design director Pontus Fontaeus, an internationally recognized car designer who introduced their latest creation ENTRANZE at 2019 NAIAS.

“In the future, we will continue to make our products more intelligent and transform to a mobility service provider so as to share the unique charm and value of the new era of ‘Made in China’ with global consumers,” said Yu.

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A few innovative features that will not likely make it to production…especially that b seat. On American streets by 2023?? Choose to promote human rights and democracy bynot purchasing a vehicle owned by a company n country that is completely undemocratic and civil rights abusing such as China n their corrupt corporations controlled by their leaders ‘ whims…no rule of law in China.
Driving a Chinese brand is quite different than buying their other cheap, short term crap.

GAC is smart though basing some of their ops in my backyard in Irvine. I trust a domestic, other Asian or European bev builder will provide us a better alternative not soaked in the blood of its workers.

Another Euro point of view

OK. For a start I suggest you immediatelly shut down and throw away the laptop or smartphone you wrote that comment on as chances are that most of its parts are made in China.

You’ve failed t recognize my points euro. I will clarify for you:
1) As I said here now n before for years….driving a Chinese product for many years is different than using their short term crap. Are Americans really going to trust a long term, VISIBLE TO THE PUBLIC Chinese durable good for safety n reliability in the long term? Most of us will not this decade or next…China is too far behind in regulations n law/code enforcement to a trusted place for most Americans.
2) GAC is OWNED by China n a Chinese firm whereas apple, Samsung, etc are not. You are subsidizing China torturing and killing many thousands of political prisoners every week with GAC profits going back to China.

So instead, it would be better to disinvest in Chinese businesses, thereby disinvesting in the employers of hundreds of millions of aspiring Chinese looking to join the ranks of China’s middles class. We should send a message to the Chinese people that all Chinese are in the crossfire as long as we don’t approve of their ‘inappropriate’ system of government. We should, preferably, act in such numbers that China’s economy is strained, tensions flare, and an increasingly nationalist Chinese government resorts to an ever-harder line to control the growing discontent, and we should all do our parts en mass to slow or halt the on-going economic developments in China which( should it’s government remain committed to it’s economic and development goals) by their very _nature_ necessitate at least some increased regularization of legal norms and systemic checks to prevent corruption from rotting the economy from the inside out( a-la post-Soviet Russia); and if you doubt there is ongoing progress amidst recent retrenchments, consider that in 2017, more than eighty percent of IP cases brought against Chinese companies, in Chinese courts of law, by foreign businesses were judged in favor of the litigant – the same percentage as those brought by… Read more »
Another Euro point of view

Then second, all that spare time that allows you to write comments on the net is likely partly because the country you live in abandoned almost all its manufacturing industry as the chinese chap working 12 hours a day in Guangzou does it more cheaply. But I agree it would do us a world of good to us westerners to get low paid 12 hours a day manufacturing jobs. That would be great as then we could buy things not coming from undemocratic countries and mainly mainly we would spare the world of our non sensical comments on the net as we would have no time left to write them after a long day of work busy manufacturing stuff. Also would we secure those low paid manufacturing jobs we would probably grow a lot less fat. And that’s great for the environment too (a lot less fecal waste, smaller cars etc…).

Or support indian/african manufacturing…

They copied Chrysler Portal!

This is basically a modernized Mini van that the company doesn’t want to call a Minivan for fear it will be stigmatized.

It will be interesting to see the production version.

GAC are doing quite a bit of corporate image work these days. There are cheesy commercials every night on BBC World, and on other financial outlets. Spending serious money, not going away any time soon.

I like the form factor. Like a minivan but smaller. microvan? Is it AWD?