Fire At Tesla Factory: Now Extinguished


Breaking story connected to Tesla’s Fremont factory.

A fire broke out less than an hour ago in a cardboard pile. No injuries, no building damage.

The local fire department was on scene at the Tesla factory and now reports that the fire has been extinguished.

Video below:

What follows are various Tweets on the incident:

Developing story…

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22 Comments on "Fire At Tesla Factory: Now Extinguished"

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Shorts setting fires at the factory?

BTW, Elon’s two favorite words are “super” and “like”. It should be a drinking games when watching that MBKHD factory tour video or reading his tweets.

“Super appreciate fast response by Fremont fire dept! ”


“Shorts setting fires at the factory?”

Tesla fanboys coming up with conspiracy theories. It’s really like a religious cult.

Or an insurance claim?

Nah, probably just some idiot either accidentally throwing a cigarette butt over a fence, or pyromaniac having “fun” with a pile of cardboard.

Glad the fire got put out and no one got hurt!–quote-pictures-quotes-images.jpg

But seriously, I’m glad no one was hurt and that there was no significant damage to the factory.

One too many shorts got burned?

No, Tesla is having a fire sale on Model 3’s! 🤣

Somene brought one of Musks flame throwers to work and tried the Ludacris mode on it

It was a short burn 🙂

Nice. +1 B)

“Short burn of the Century” – prophecy fulfilled!

What? No talk of saboteurs?

Yes of course it was sabatoge…
‘I beleive’ it was the ancient aliens…

I think I remember seeing that old “bad blood” episode, of the Tesla Model X – Files.

Wasn’t it were the “I Want To Believe” poster, that Fox Mulder had hanging above his desk, spontaneously combusted, and ignited the adjacent cardboard recycling bin in his basement office?

Same SC fire scenario, but this EVent happened at The Fremont ‘ancient alien’ (GM/Toyota) Nummi Factory.

Where is Mr. Green with his satellite photos? We need his expertise ASAP. He warned about thew conditions on the site months ago.

I have recent photos of the cardboard recycling tent…. but cannot post them here, I will post them in the forum…

Wow, I go out to dinner and have a few drinks, to celebrate my buddies retirement, and now the factory is on fire…. Shoot, I cannot leave you guys for even a minute…

Please try.

Elon has now personally taken charge of fire fighting at the factory. He’s the only one who can do it. From now on, it’s just him with a pail.


Aye, someone “arson” around!

There’s been many small fires at the Fremont location lately. This one though, was big enough to get camera coverage.