Faraday Future Teases New Concepts

FEB 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Faraday Future held a two-day Global Suppliers Summit at its headquarter in Gardena, California, being visited by nearly 200 representatives from more than 100 global suppliers.

Nearly 200 representatives from more than 100 global suppliers joined Faraday Future’s Global Supplier Summit

The company promises that it will begin production and achieve its first delivery of FF 91 by the end of this year… which is hard to believe taking into consideration that the Hanford manufacturing facility as of February 1st was completely vacated. Construction and equipment installations are to begin this quarter.

Faraday Future, with YT Jia, founder of FF, and his executive team hopes that an overview of FF’s global strategy, vision, business plan and project updates will encourage suppliers to stay engaged.

The other bait was teasers of new vehicle concepts (displayed on the screens above) that could follow FF 91.

We don’t know much about the new cars, but we assume (hope) that FF is shooting for something more affordable.

Press blast:

“Faraday Future’s Global Suppliers Summit aims to reinforce the relationship between FF and its key suppliers. Participants include Bosch, LG Chem, Fuji Technical & Miyazu, Velodyne, Ricardo, and Fanuc among others.

YT Jia, founder of FF, welcomed the participants and delivered an inspirational address to motivate the crowd at the event.

“FF 91 is a new species. It’s more than an electric car – it’s the third Internet living space,” said YT, “It would be impossible to deliver a ground-breaking vehicle like FF 91 without alignment with our top suppliers. Hosting innovative leaders in automotive and technology realms will help us successfully create momentum in our product development and deliver a high-quality product experience.”

Strengthening FF’s Supply Chain Relationship

The executive team gave a comprehensive overview of FF’s global strategy, vision, business plan and project updates. Additionally, suppliers were able to view the research and development center and held meetings with key department leaders and various business units.

“Our goal was for suppliers to walk away with renewed confidence about our plans and our funding, and judging by the overwhelming response, I think we’ve achieved that,” said Pablo Ucar, head of Supply Chain at FF. “FF 91 is a revolutionary and complex vehicle, with more than 2,000 parts and assemblies, so our relationship with our supplier partners is critical to achieving our admittedly aggressive goal of successfully delivering FF 91 by year end.”

Speeding Up FF 91 Production

Faraday Future

Faraday Future FF 91 Test Drive Time!

After the first debut of its production-intent FF 91 at last year’s CES, FF aims to fulfill delivery of the vehicle through its turn-key Hanford manufacturing facility, which will begin to come online toward the end of the first quarter.

”Our Hanford factory project is developing according to our planned schedule, and we appreciate the support give to us by the City of Hanford,” said Dag Reckhorn, SVP of Global Manufacturing. “We are well into the process of design and permitting and have begun planning our recruitment cadence. As of February 1st, the property has been completely vacated, so we will move forward on construction and equipment by the end of the quarter. We remain on an aggressive, yet workable timeline of year-end delivery for FF 91.”

FF’s executive speakers included Pablo Ucar (VP of Supply Chain), Peter Savagian (SVP of Product Development), Nick Sampson (SVP of Product Strategy), Dag Reckhorn (SVP of Global Manufacturing), Matthias Aydt (VLE and Vehicle Chief Engineer), and Zack Fu (VP of R&D in FF China).”

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YT Jia is wanted by the China Securities Regulatory Commission…Currently it’s just civil but in a third world communist country, civil charges could evolve into criminal charges at a moments notice…

Still faraway

Faraday Funeral: [closed casket]
Put it a box, stuff it’s mouth full of garlic, drive a stake through it’s heart and bury it deep. Maybe it will stay dead.

Oh god, not these clowns again. So they are promising future cars when they don’t even have a factory to build the first one. These guys give electric vehicles a black eye.

Drawings are not new models, but they cost less.

I am pulling for them. The more EVs the better. I have made fun of them in the past,but now if they can get a car by 2019, it will beat many who have targeted 2020. Let’s hope I don’t eat my words.

Well, if they can pull it off, good for them. The only way I can envision a factory running this quickly is if the car is mostly hand assembled. They apparently have already made about a dozen cars and are probably aiming at production of 200/year. I bet the price will be premium $200k+ so they might even make some money.

So far they are just insulting EV supporters.

Who is desperate enough to invest his money?

Lots of people have more money than wits, actually. Just witness what happened to dogecoin! The maker intended it as a joke to ridicule Bitcoin, but instead his joke currency became worth billions on speculation…

FF is a bad joke, but it’s strange to see how their smoke and mirrors show fails where Tesla’s succeeds.

Why is this zombie company still getting press coverage? It’s dead, Jim!

Give FF a decent burial… altho that’s more than this sham company deserves.

FF91 is a full size super luxury CUV and its expected price tag is $300K and only few 100 can be sold in a year. Even if they are successful, it will take them another 2-3 years to build a factory big enough to sell smaller affordable vehicle like Model-3 and even that will be priced much higher than $50K. So FF is not going to contribute much to our cause.

And what happened to the Karma Revero. Since it’s a private company, they don’t reveal any sales and if anyone has seen any, please report it to insideevs.com and it will be interesting for us to read it.

Car making is not a small business.