Every Eighth Car Sold In San Francisco Bay Area Is A Plug-In

Tesla Model X

NOV 14 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

San Francisco follows Norway.

According to the IHS Markit via AID analyst Matthias Schmidt, the San Francisco Bay Area stands out in terms of plug-in electric car sales.

In the first half of 2018, some 12.8% of new retail car sales were all-electric/hydrogen fuel cell (7.7%) or plug-in hybrid (5.1%). Moreover, an additional 5.6% were hybrids, which in total brings electrified car share to 18.4%.

The average for South California is 2.9% BEVs, 3.2% PHEVs and 3.8% HEVs (total 9.9% electrified, including 6.1% plug-ins).

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A metro area is referred to by the most populous city in the metro area. San Jose has a bigger population than San Francisco. It is the San Jose Bay Area.

Hehehe, good luck with promoting the new name for the Bay Area.

FYI, it’s not the population size, it’s the recognition factor that matters. If you mention San Jose outside of California or, god forbid, outside of the US, people ask where this San Jose (with the J pronounced as the J in Joseph) is.

Yeah, really. I Left my Heart in San Jose…I don’t think so.

Yet Do You Know The Way To San Jose was a big hit. But I don’t know if Do You Know The Way To San Jose Bay Area would be quite as catchy.

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica. Lots of people know about the San Jose in the US too…especially if you add a “sharks”. 😛

It’s the area surrounding the bay, which is called San Francisco Bay.

Sometimes a part of the Houston metro area is called the “Galveston Bay Area” because it’s next to Galveston Bay, not because anybody thinks the city of Galveston is larger or more prominent than Houston.

Leading the way in the US.

No way Jose.

That’s a huge difference for BEV between NorCal and Socal.

Indeed. But we (NorCal) are the home of Tesla and Silicon Valley so it is a bit more our thing.

Even in Richmond Virginia which is not well known for renewable energy EV’s are now common enough were you see two to three EV’s in a day.

The Tesla population is really skyrocketing in Richmond while there are a few leafs driving around.

Huge variation in BEVs, less variation in PHEVs, very little variation in plug-less HEVs…