Elon Musk Rides Shotgun With Leilani Munter In A Tesla Model S – Video


Leilani Munter Tweets

Leilani Munter Tweets

Musk & Munter

Musk & Munter

Some bonus footage from Racing Extinction has been released and it features Elon Musk riding shotgun with Leilani Munter behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S.

At one point, Munter (a Tesla Model S owner) asks Musk if there’s a way to remove the annoying beep that occurs when both pedals are pressed at the same time, to which he responds with an umm…

There are some candid moments in the video where Musk seems at ease, but there’s also typical Musk when he seems a bit on edge and is searching for the correct answer.

We do enjoy just about any video that includes Musk speaking of electric cars and the environment. Throw in Munter, an outspoken, race car driving, environmental activist and you’ve got a real gem on your hands.

Racing Extinction Bonus Footage – Tesla Factory with Elon Musk from Oceanic Preservation Society on Vimeo.

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10 responses to "Elon Musk Rides Shotgun With Leilani Munter In A Tesla Model S – Video"
  1. alain says:

    super cool.

  2. ffbj says:

    Cool. And, really isn’t that what it’s all about. Apparently being cool is engineered into our dna. Thus Telsa being the definition of cool, is what almost everyone, especially the cool people want. If you get one, you too will be cool.

  3. ffbj says:

    Btw killer day for TSLA up 4.71%.
    Early innings of a mini short-squeeze in progress.

    1. Bonaire says:

      So, it really is all about the stock price?

  4. Anon says:

    Fun. 🙂

  5. pjwood1 says:

    Must research ‘Munter’. Danika Patrick seems too edgy. I am officially taking my posters down.

  6. G2 says:

    Great stuff.

  7. Mister G says: