PSA Providing 550 Citroën C-Zero & Peugeot iOn To Free2Move Paris


The void after Autolib is slowly filling up in Paris.

On December 3, Parisians finally will be able to use the new electric free-floating car-sharing service as PSA Group launches Free2Move Paris.

Initially, there will be 550 Citroën C-Zero and Peugeot iOn (based on the good old Mitsubishi i-MiEV).

Cars can be located and rented through Free2Move Paris app in two plans:

  • €0.32/minute with a monthly subscription of €9.90 (no commitment) for regular use
  • €0.39/minute with no subscription for occasional use

Free2Move offers also free parking in Paris as well as access to authorized public places and dedicated electric vehicles spaces (for example, Autolib).

It will be interesting to see how well the short-range EVs will cope in Paris (dedicated teams will regularly recharge the cars).

Brigitte Courtehoux, Free2Move CEO, said:

“Within just two years of its launch, Free2Move already has more than 1.5 million users in 12 countries and a fleet of 65,000 vehicles. We are delighted to launch our car sharing service in Paris and we are also planning to expand our offering to the surrounding metropolitan area very soon.”

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7 Comments on "PSA Providing 550 Citroën C-Zero & Peugeot iOn To Free2Move Paris"

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Cheap. How can they make a profit? If I had access to something like this, we could have reduced out cost a lot.
Should have wireless charging, and as a rule have customers to park at chargers. Always ready, always charged.

I’m surprised that Mitsubishi continues to manufacture the i-MiEV that PSA and Citroën rebrand. I read a few years ago that when Mitsubishi joined the Nissan-Renault group, the aging RWD kei car upon which the i-MiEV is based would be replaced fairly quickly by a new FWD kei car jointly developed by Nissan and Mitsubishi. If that has happened, the EV version doesn’t seem to have emerged, at least outside of Japan.

Mitsubishi has a contract with PSA to fullfill. Sadly nothing new in sight.
I drive a 2011 C-zero – still going strong!

It is the cheapest EV on the market in Norway. Cost $ 18.298.
For some, it does the job. Get you from A to B, dry and at a chosen temperature, with room for some shopping bags.
Should have updated it though..

It has been for sale even cheaper. . I was offered one for about $ 14-15.000

Like several people here (myself included) have commented over the years, it’s a real shame Mitsu never updated the drivetrain. The body/platform is actually pretty roomy for 4 passengers, and even has decent cargo space if the rear seats are folded.
It’s extremely space efficient due to the 1-box/rear motor design and would make an excellent (sub)urban vehicle / lower-end rental car, esp. since it does have DCFC and charging networks are getting very common. No need for a complete redesign.
Since the drivetrain dates from 2009, I’m sure they could fit a ~110mi-120mi (EPA) pack in the same space and a slightly stronger motor (for, say, 10sec 0-60mph times), without increasing the cost by much — the non-drivetrain parts are likely amortized by now (over 50K i-MiEVs sold).
I read somewhere that PSA originally contracted for 100K iOn/C-Zero units — don’t know if that’s (still) true, but if a single customer can still get 550 units, it pretty much means the manufacturing line hasn’t been closed down yet.

I just saw some burning and toppled over on the TV from the current yellow-vest protests.

Hmmm, I only question that because the cars are near-impossible to keep off all four wheels. The National Fire Protection Academy got an i-MiEV to test extrication methods on about 8 years ago, and the poor car wouldn’t stay on its roof or side- the battery ballast kept making it roll back onto all fours! Video was hilarious, but can’t find it now…