BYD Starts 2019 By Increasing EV Sales By 292%

FEB 24 2019 BY MARK KANE 22

BYD Yuan BEV now selling at more than 10,000 per month!

BYD surprised us in January by increasing plug-in electric car sales in China by 292% year-over-year to about 28,005, which is its third highest result ever.

We must admit that after such a smooth transition from peak late months last year to a new year heralds a strong overall year for 2019. Even more so when you consider that the first two months in China are the slow selling ones.

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – January 2019

The biggest news is that the all-electric BYD Yuan set its eight consecutive sales record in eight months on the market and with 10,093 sales, is #1 in the plug-in electric car segment in China. It’s also the first ever five-digit result set by a BYD plug-in model. It seems that the market for affordable ($25,000) subcompact crossovers with 42 kWh batteries and up to 300 km (186 miles) in NEDC range is vast.

Great news comes also from Tang PHEV sales, which again slightly increased sales volume to 6,908 in its record run for five consecutive months.

BYD sales breakdown:

  • Yuan BEV – 10,093 (8th straight new record)
  • Tang PHEV – 6,908 (5th straight new record)
  • e5 – 3,968
  • Qin PHEV – 3,023
  • Song PHEV – 1,855
  • Qin BEV – 1,155
  • Song BEV – 1,003

Comparison of BEV and PHEV sales (updated):

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – January 2019

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I wonder what is cummulative sale of BYD EVs todate. I believe they are the automaker with the largest EV fleet globally.

BYDs total sales in china was 42,000 last month and what is significant is the 28,000 plugin sales. Is it possible for them to sell 100% as plugins, if so still they can hit only around 45,000 / month. This is not a very big # in a market where 2.5 million vehicles/month is sold.
Hope BAIC, JAC, NIO also rise up in the same vigor.

That’s an interesting piece of logic.

In 2018 China vehicle sales fell to 22.7 million the first drop in 20 years.
Looks like different sources provided different numbers. This one said that EV’s cars have 4.2% of car vales in China.
It also said that they expect EV’s to have 8% of China car sales for 2019.


yes, I believe BYD will transit to full EV in near future, after all, BYD was original a battery manufacturer.

I wonder what all the EV’s in China are doing to petroleum demand.
What is the percentage of EV’s to ICE sales in China.

Petroleum demand is growing in China. EVs were 4-5% of new sales last year, but ICE fleet grows 15-20 million per year. The EV fleet grew 1+ million. EV sales need to grow 10x before the ICE fleet will stop growing.

Sales of ICE were down 800,000 for 2018.
China requires all car manu5to sell 10% EV’s this year including foreign companies. This percentage will increase every year.
China also charges $12,000 for a new license plate for a ICE.
A license plate for an Electric Vehicle is free.
China also subsidies the buyer of an EV with $10,000.

The 10% requirement applies to number of credits; but just like with the CARB credits, one long-range BEV provides several credits. So the actual required EV percentage is estimated to be at about the same level as what was already achieved last year… In other words, the mandate won’t do much for total sales figures. (Though it does force foreign makers to introduce EV models…)

It means if you sell a million vehicles 10% of them have to be Zero Emission Vehicles.

THis is EVs and hybrids. ANd it looks like it is the hybrids that is going up.

Its funny. I am watching 60 minutes this very minute and the blonde bimbo said that Americans are not buying EVs, compared to China.
Yet, the fact is, in terms of EV sales per capita, America is KILLING China. And in terms of % of new sales, America beats China, but not by much.
It is only when you look at sales, without normalization on it.

The percentage of EV sales should be a comparison of ICE to EV.
That’s what’s important eliminating petroleum fuels.

“Peak” LICE has already past and it is all downhill from here for ‘smokers’😀

California accounts for half the EV’s sold in America

EV sales per capita? Dumb metric. Why? Because China has much lower car ownership per capita overall.

If we want to normalize that, then we should normalize EV sales per car ownership per capita and see who is higher.

In term of new sales, China is around 4-5% and US is around 2%. YEs, only people who are dumb would claims that PHEV are hybrids while 100% gasoline car such as Prius are also called hybrid.

Of course, coming from you, it isn’t surprising since every comment you ever posted here are full of mistakes and lies..

It’s PHEVs and BEVs — and clearly, it’s the BEVs that are growing most.

BYD reportedly has a huge backlog of orders (at least for the Yuan) — so it’s not surprising that sales kept up in January, as long as production keeps going…

Also, the January slump is usually related to incentive changes — but apparently these haven’t hit yet for 2019?

usually related to Chinese new year

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of sales resistance Chinese EVs will have in the US. It won’t be long before we see some pretty attractively priced Chinese EVs. I hope the present administration hasn’t permanently crippled our ability to compete on the world market.

This administration is doing everything it can to harm competing in the EV in sector.
China requires all cars sales to be 10% zero emissions vehicles.
This administration wants to freeze CAFE standards.
Every other day he asks OPEC to pump more oil to lower prices.
China on sales of new ICE to get a license you have to pay $12,000.
This administration is against a carbon tax.
China provides a $10,000 subsidy for new EV purchases.
This administration wanted to remove the EV tax credit.
Musk has created 50,000 American jobs but this administration supports saving coal.
Since this administration added tariffs to China solar panels, the US has list 20,000 American jobs.