Boring Company Expected To Begin 12.4-Mile Maryland Dig Next Month

The Boring Company


The Boring Company

The initial teaser from The Boring Company showed electric sleds, which would transport cars in underground tunnels. Plans for the Baltimore-DC tunnel may feature a hyperloop variant.

The Boring Company continues to make aggressive progress with its plans in multiple locations.

It all started with some digging in the SpaceX parking lot after Tesla CEO Elon Musk went public with his grand plans for underground travel. Now, that project has received multiple additional approvals and could eventually extend throughout Los Angeles.

Not long after the first mention of Musk’s boring pursuits, he took to social media to tout government approval for another series of tunnels on the other side of the country. Many people questioned him and laughed it off since he didn’t provide real specifics about the “government approval.” However, Musk maintained that The Boring Company would begin work on a tunnel that could transport folks from New York to Washington DC in 29 minutes.

The Boring Company

Entrance to the initial Boring venture. Not much different from what we see at the new site.

Despite doubts, the company began breaking ground a few months ago in Baltimore, Maryland for what appears to be that project. The popular CEO has become a self-proclaimed hat salesman to raise additional funds for these projects.

Yet another big announcement came recently. The Boring Co. will be submitting a bid to build some type of fast transport system in Chicago. The city needs a new fast-travel option from O’Hare International Airport to the downtown area.

The news doesn’t stop there, however. New documents revealed by Capital News Service show that the Baltimore hyperloop project may start in January. NBC Washington reports:

“In a conditional utility permit granted to Boring Co. by the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration on Oct. 16, Musk’s company estimates it will begin digging two parallel, 12.4-mile transportation tunnels in January 2018.

The document lists the start location as ‘immediately north of MD 175’ and details a dig to ‘within 0.25 miles of intersection of W. Pratt and S. Paca’ -about a block from Oriole Park at Camden Yards – with tunnels running under the approximate route of the Maryland-owned section of Route 295, or the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.”

One of Musk’s SpaceX employees, Steve Davis, signed the conditional permits. The publication also points out that there were emails between Davis and Maryland Secretary of Transportation Pete Rahn, in an attempt to clear up some details for the mayor. Strangely, Davis explains some of Musk’s future intentions in the emails, and according to Capital’s findings, he speaks to tunnels with cars on carts.

This is not consistent with Musk’s reference to a hyperloop, however, at this point, we don’t really know exactly what the transport technology will look like. This is much the same as the recent talks about plans for Chicago. It seems that that portion of the project is far from decided since it will take years just to dig and construct the tunnels.

Sources: NBC Washington, Electrek

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Is there any info on how much did they bore?

The test tunnel in Hawthorne is 2 miles long.

If The Boring Co. can achieve Elon’s goal of reducing costs by 10x or more… or even if, like SpaceX, they try for a 10x reduction but achieve a 5x reduction… then perhaps some of these plans can eventually progress to completion. Otherwise, it’s just another Bridge to Nowhere waste of money.

If Elon wants to waste his own billions of dollars on this mad pursuit of a rich man’s dream of limited-access VIP traffic tunnels, then that’s his business, and his money. But when he persuades public officials to waste taxpayer money on “pilot projects”… then I think that should be stopped immediately.

Oh, I don’t know. It could turn out to out to be just another “Big Dig”, but it’s certainly outrageous, but someday there will be light at end of the tunnel.

Besides spending time discussing with Boring, I don’t think there’s any public funding. Boring just wanted to get permits to dig.

I think it’s really a sign of Musk’s extreme arrogance that he believes he can magically improve upon something that has been being done worldwide on a massive scale for decades. There has been huge incentive to find ways to cut costs on tunnelling, probably tens of thousands of engineers involved, yet Elon Musk with no absolutely no background has the answer.

It’s not just ridiculous, it’s insulting, and it’s absurd that Musk is allowing this to distract him from his other companies, even a little bit.

Hm, people thought it would not be possible to built a battery electric car for an affordable price.
People thought it was not possible to reuse rockets and spacecrafts, without almost completely rebuilding them.
Both things EMs companies achieved.
Why not cheaper boring?

You can’t be serious…

What time frame do they see to get to the far end, complete the tube and start trial runs.

That really depends on the speed they select on the touch screen. With ludicrous mode, it might be able to be accomplished faster – but would risk degrading the battery slightly sooner. I think they will probably go straight to plaid and find the light at the end of the tunnel.

When it gets further along, I’d love to know where his proposed right of way will be in the Philadelphia area.
Obviously, we won’t “see anything” but they will have to have ventilation shafts along the route.

Two side by side tunnels that are too narrow to support automobiles? That lead from the dense center of Baltimore, (200 yards from the transportation center at Orioles Park) to Maryland Live Casino which has tons of parking?
Sounds like a nice addition to Baltimore’s mass transit options. If Boring is paying for the dig, all Maryland would have to do is buy it from Boring and then buy the equipment for a light rail subway system. It will never happen but it would be cool if they bought matching equipment to what DC got from Kawasaki and Alstom. Eventually the two systems, Baltimore and DC, should have common lines.

I’m trying to figure out what’s so special about the Hyperloop, after all tunnel boring is pretty cut-and-dried. It looks like there are two main novelties that make this interesting. The first is autonomous wheeled skates, which allow you to standardize the tunnel dimensions and mechanical requirements.

The second is the idea of evacuating the whole tunnel, which I would imagine is going to be the bigger challenge. Remember, there are two types of tunnel, the Loop, which is not evacuated, and the Hyperloop which is. Does Musk have anything special to seal and maintain vacuum on a several tens of miles long tunnel?

The dig site “immediately north of MD 175” is in my neighborhood, and I visit it occasionally. So far, it’s just the chain-link fence.