UPDATE: Audi Q2 L E-Tron Spied


Probably not coming to U.S.

***UPDATE: Audi has confirmed that it will produce the 2019 L etron with its Chinese partner FAW (First Automotive Works), calling it the “first electric car tailored for Chinese customers.” No mention was made about whether it would be offered in other markets as well.

The Audi e-tron SUV just made its official debut in September and the automaker will follow that shortly with the reveal of its e-tron GT sedan at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show. With a pipeline product promising 12 all-electric vehicles by 2025, it’s probably no surprise that spy shots have appeared of yet another battery-powered Audi. This one — supposedly called the Q2 e-tron — may not make it to America, though.

Spotted testing in Germany, the camo’d crossover has a noticeably different fascia than its gas-powered Q2 counterpart, which is not sold in the U.S. Despite still wearing Audi’s huge signature grill, much of it is sealed, since EVs need less frontal air flow for cooling and the more solid front is better for aerodynamics. If you check out the closeup of the front end in the gallery (below), you may notice what seems to be a set of daylight running lights (DRL), which we imagine would be LED units.

Around back there is no telltale tailpipe, natch. Instead, we see a rather nondescript rear with only a downwardly-angled roof spoiler to distinguish it. It is slightly interesting to see how the tail lights seemingly cut into the back hatch, though if raised we imagine the fragile lenses are safely surrounded by metal.

Perhaps more interesting is the roof. While it may just be covered with camo for consistency’s sake, we’re mulling whether it might be hiding some solar cells up there. Although they wouldn’t, of course, be able to supply much of the car’s drivetrain energy needs, they could lend the climate system a hand by powering fans to cool the cabin.

While we wait for official word about this model, we suspect that it will be, as early rumors mentioned, intended for the Chinese market. If Audi can strike the right balance of price and ability, we can only hope it will make it to other price-sensitive markets as well.

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No it won’t come to the US. I mean seriously there is no point. The customer base in the US that is willing to pay premium money for a premium car of compact size is negligible. In Europe you can sell someone a Golf for the pre sales tax equivalent of $80000 for precisely the reason that the neighbours won’t be able to tell that this isn’t the $20000 entry level version.

They have to compete with the BMW X1/X2

And the Mercedes EQA’s & EQB’s

Competition is good. Makes them work harder, and offer a better product – if they want to sell cars.
Price, specs and looks is what the manufacturers can control. Then the rest is up to the market. What does the customers want, what do they want to pay and which brand do they want to be linked to.
We still have to wait to see real competition. When actually EV manufacturers can make more cars then the customers want to buy. Then they have to offer something better, smarter, something that offers better value. .

The EQA isn’t going to come to the US either. The A-class hatchback and sedan isn’t sold in the US for exactly the reason I stated. Not enough Americans will pay 40k or more for a compact car.

EJECT they bring an A Class to the US now, it’s just a jacked up version and it’s called the GLA.

So yes there is a market for this, just as there is a market for the I-PACE.

The GLA is quite a bit larger than an actual A class and it gives you the “SUV” premium style that than gets people to pay more.

It’s very close to the same size other than being taller it is almost as cramped inside.

Regarding the A class not being sold int the US —
I see the A-Class on Mercedes Benz USA site (MBUSA).

It lists it and states that “price coming soon.” The build option is grayed out because it not available yet, at least in the USA.
If you click on it is says “the entirely new 2019 A-Class Sedan”, and the selling points.

So it definitely looks like it will be sold in the USA.
I suspect the EQA will be sold in the US as well, mostly Mercedes is probably getting tired of buying all those ZEV credits from other car makers in Cali and other states. The EQC and EQA will give them a big boost in ZEV credits.

A sedan version of the A-class is a bad idea. I’ve never seen one in Europe or here (not USA) — they’re _all_ hatchbacks (much more space-efficient). Stands to reason the USA will only get a sedan version…
I got a chance to drive the original original A-class (MPV shape) during a vacation in Europe, and I’m really sorry they stopped making them.
One of the most comfortable cars I’ve ever driven, good handling & perofrmance, huge amount of space despite a small footprint.
It would have been ideal for a BEV version: Raised floor and FWD so plenty of room for a skateboard; the engine & transmission were below the passengers.
Much more comfortable car than the newe rversions.

Another Euro point of view

I up voted you eject. You got 9 down votes for this but what you write is true. Old money at work. People very reluctant to show any sign of being richer but still wanting to somehow enjoy their wealth. I never saw that elsewhere so far but I would not be surprised that it exists in places like east cost USA, In other parts of the world money is by definition new and needs to be seen.

Thats a weird feeling of those “old money” people, nobody really cares anymore. Its just them complaining about a status, that doesn’t exit anymore.

It is not even old money. Showing of your means doesn’t make much sense. You are not gaining anything but unwanted attention. Especially around Christmas when all the charities are crawling out of the woodwork.

Another Euro point of view

indeed. numerous good reasons.

I’m highly sceptical this is actually an EV. The normal Q2 has a closed lower half of the grill as well. A lack of fake tailpipes does not indicate much, since there are also no signiture 4 lines (which Audi wants to establish for their full EV cars [1]). So there is no conclusion that can be drawn. Maybe it’s camo, maybe not. Also, I don’t think they will build a full EV on an existing platform. The MEB will be ready quite soon and there are already all new cars planned (including CUVs – see AutoBild [2] for guesstimates). If anything, this might be a mild-hybrid version with a small engine that would need less cooling.
But we will see. In any case, thanks for the spyshots!

[1] https://youtu.be/AjX4_k_DPjc?t=1372
[2] https://www.autobild.de/artikel/neue-audi-2018-2019-2020-2021-2022-2023-2024-und-2025–5306008.html – image 36 is the first non-e-tron-BEV

ok, an addendum: As per [2] image 38, AutoBild expects an eQ2 using VW tech (so maybe MEB?). In that case, the car shown above might really be that car, but underneath heavy camo, i.e. full Q2 body on MEB-based eQ2.

anything below a 5 will use VW platforms so MQB and MEB.

Pretty sure this is not MEB-based. Neither would it fit the timeline (first MEB-based models coming in 2020), nor does it *look* like anything MEB-based. (Proportions of front, axle placement etc.)

Why a grill?!

EVs need some kind of cooling too. During fast charging, intens use, and to get airflow to the AC unit and stuff like that. A better question is why it’s so huge. Many Audi ICE cars have a super sized grill to – that is larger then it needs (some of it is blocked, and cools nothing). I’d say a designer at Audi just loves huge grills, and customers buys the cars . . So it appears to work for them. If you look some years back, the Audi ICE car grills was much smaller. The C4 and C5 generation of Audi A6 had a small grill. The C6 har a redesign of the air intake in front, and looks like it has a larger grill (while the air amount that enters the engine bay is similar to the C4 and C5. That grill design trend, with more focus on the grill profile continued in the C7 and C8 design language. Looks big, but the front bumper structure is behind the grill.. and so on. If you look at the Audi A6, in the C8 generation, you’ll notice how much of the grill that is really only for design purposes,… Read more »

This could be a first Audi car using MEB, according to that rumor. It would be available before the end of 2020. We will see…

I don’t think that’s right, according to the leaked VW BEV roadmap the first Audi MEB cars will be released in April (SUV) and July (CUV) of 2021.

Audi Q2 is funny. So cheap materials inside and outside… For example door fillings. This model is just rebadged VW Polo. Same story with Audi e-tron – VW Golf components and design like the new Audi Q3.

VW cars (especially diesel ones) are favourite in fleets. Normal people buy them only used. I can´t stand the diesel smell in town anymore.

Audi e-tron base model and trim pricing: 91.200 $ in Europe is very high. 7.000 $ higher than Q8.

So Tesla, Nissan are and will be automakers with the best EV tech.

Shame. I prefer the smaller size and living where nasty winters are common, a BEV Q2 would just about be my ideal car.

Maybe the VW version will come in a BEV.