Audi E-Tron Meteorite Showcases Electric SUV In Munich

JAN 26 2019 BY MARK KANE 26

Electrified meteorite? Seems the marketing campaign is at full swing at Audi

“e-tron meteorite” hits Munich Airport with full force according to Audi. The German manufacturer demonstrates a fleet of e-tron and invites people to experience the car (total duration of approx. 60 minutes per drive) as well as learn about the ecosystem and technologies at the multi-story meteorite in the MAC Forum.

Together with cars, Audi provides 70 AC charging stations (three-phase 22 kW each) and six DC fast chargers.

“Audi is preparing a very special showcase for the e-tron prior to its official launch on the German market: The all-electric Audi has landed at Munich Airport in a multi-storey meteorite that covers a 630-square-meter (6,781.3 sq ft) footprint. Until mid-March, visitors and passengers can experience the new model for themselves along with its technology, its service ecosystem and other exciting future projects from Audi in the MAC Forum between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.”

In recent months, we clearly see a lot of effort put out by Audi in the to successful launch of the e-tron. The first series-produced model is especially important because of the huge investment in the entire lineup of upcoming BEVs.

Audi e-tron

“From technical issues like charging or recuperation to the driving experience in an Audi e-tron – the meteorite offers a comprehensive overview of electric mobility and how the company envisions the electric future. Kids have fun on their own expedition through the meteorite while discovering the electric world of Audi with a small, animated robot called ADUI. Audi also makes it possible for prospective buyers to take a short test drive in the e-tron from the meteorite in the MAC Forum without prior registration. A free one-hour driving experience can be booked through your Audi partner in advance.

The meteorite will also be used during central launch training for the Audi e-tron for the worldwide sales organization. More than 9,500 dealership employees from all over the world will learn about the technology and the entire Audi e-tron ecosystem in detail.

Another part of the e-tron experience at Munich Airport until March is an escape room within the directly adjacent myAudi Sphere. Visitors can learn about the technology of the new electric Audi here while having fun playing through multiple scenarios. When all of the puzzles have been solved, the reward is a test drive. Time slots for the adventure in the myAudi Sphere can be booked directly at as well as on digital Audi channels like”

Horst Hanschur, Head of Sales Strategy and Business Development at AUDI AG said:

Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron

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Audi is definitively investing big time in e-ton advertising.

Apparently it’s not working too well. It’s e-tron.

What does not work well? I am not an Audi supporter at all, but they do more EV advertising, than all other EV brands combined and I bet that the E-Tron will sell well! Yes, the range could be better, the built quality is absolutely superior.

dude, that was ffbj’s attempt of a joke. you made a typo in your original post.

key word being ‘attempt’.

And this begs the question: where is GM’s marketing campaign for their electric car(s)???

Maybe it’s in the same place as their 20 new electric cars?

In the planning stages.

Exactly. I fear that between the VAG cars, the Korean cars, and the Chinese cars, America will fall from innovators to also ranks in the EV market by 2025…

Well I’d like my VAG EV to be built in the United States

Ford is going to work together with VW group so at least there will be electric cars from Ford.

Except for Tesla of course, who leads all other competitors, and probably will continue to do so for many years to come..

Two within 6 months. So far they are -1 on their predictions of how many electric vehicles they will soon have.

For people not familiar with Munich airport. This is located at the plaza between the two terminals. During Christmas time they have a Christmas market their and a Biergarten during summer. This is absolute prime real estate and has enormous passenger traffic. They already had etrons displayed inside the terminal when I passed through there in late December. They are going all out in advertising the etron in Central Europe (for example they also use all their alpine ski World Cup ad space for etron adverts).

This plaza is a place to stay away from. Most of the time it is terribly cold, wet and windy there. You are just losing time as you have to cross it going to the commuter trains (there is no indoor option to get to the train station). I wonder what the architect was thinking when he designed the airport. And I guess Audi was shocked to see a TESLA Model X on display there during the Christmas market a couple of weeks ago.

Liar! There is a roof above the whole plaza.

You don’t get wet there. And there is not much wind as well. I have been there maybe 30 times. Yes, in the winter, it is cold, as it is supposed to be when you go out of a building and want to breathe fresh not air conditioned air, have you heard of warm clothes? If not, you do not need to go out there. In the winter you can enjoy a christmas market, in the summer you can wait for your flight in a beer garden.
And you do not need to go out there to get to the S-Bahn, there are elevators and stairs inside the terminal as well. Proof:

You are the problem, not the architect.

The sides of the roof are open, so yes: there is wind, and when it rains you do get wet. The picture you show of the elevators is terminal building connected to the outdated terminal 1. Terminal 2, which is the biggest by far, is NOT connected so you have to cross the plaza whether you like it or not. Apparantly you haven´t been there as much as you claim and you are definitely not an architect.

This must be new. I was there early last month and did not see anything…i wish i have seen that…fricking awesome!

I know the Munich airport very well and people definitly do not like that plaza. So I thing a lot of people are quite happy that Audi made it to a usefull playground. I agree, the passenger traffic is enormous.

Any idea about how long this will be going on? (What is meant by middle of March?)
I will be there March 13 and would be happy to exit and re-enter the airport to have a look.

The Beginning of a real Revolution for german car-makers. No more compliance Cars from The VW group… next the tycan and than ID.

the next VW gourp EVs will propably be the 2nd gen eUP and its SEAT and Skoda siblings.

08/2019: Porsche Taycan Turbo
10/2019: e-Up! (PA2)
10/2019: Skoda Citigo
11/2019: Seat Mii
11/2019: Porsche Taycan
11/2019: Audi e-tron Sportback

A couple of media outlets have reported the porsche taycan to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show which is September. My guess is no Porsche customer will get a Taycan before december.

Mercedes EQC goes on sale in a few month. The car was well visited at the Brussels Motor Show, last week. It looks better in reality than on the press photos.

Some weeks ago Bjorn Nyland was there at Munich invited from Audi (all expenses paid) and made a video of course ….
And Bjorn got a E-Tron-55 for 3 days in Norway but was not allowed to post any of his video material until end of February.

There is a video made from Nextmove (in German with English subtitles) testing the E-Tron-55 in Munich, and they could post it already this week :

Nextmove got a short test drive. Bjorn got it for 72h to carry out a full review.