Alleged Tesla Saboteur Claims He’s Actually A Whistleblower



Every story has two sides.

It comes as no surprise that the alleged saboteur is now pushing back against Tesla’s allegations. Isn’t that how the accused generally react? Of course, this whole situation is going to spiral the “he said, she said” out of control. Until the lawsuit proceeds, and we have some real answers, there’s no way of knowing what’s right or wrong.

Martin Tripp’s story couldn’t be more different than that of the automaker’s. He claims that the situation and his observations at Tesla made him compelled to apprise the media. So, the part about him leaking/sharing inside information with outside sources matches up with Tesla’s accusations. However, Tripp insists that he was attempting to warn investors and the media about the company’s severe practices. Tripp said:

I am being singled out for being a whistleblower. I didn’t hack into (the) system. The data I was collecting was so severe; I had to go to the media.

The former Tesla Gigafactory process technician claims that he did not hack any computers and he doesn’t even have the patience for coding. He also says that he “could literally care less” about a promotion. He told the media that he became aware of over 1,000 punctured or damaged Model 3 battery modules that he says were still used in Model 3 production vehicles. Tripp also pointed out the automaker’s unsafe storage of scrap materials at the Gigafactory, as well as inflated Model 3 production numbers. He shared the following statement with the Washington Post:

I looked up to Elon, I looked up to Tesla. I was always drooling about the Teslas and wanting to buy one, and I was living the mission: to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. (I) grew disillusioned after seeing the company’s waste, unsustainable practices and seeing how Elon was lying to investors about how many cars they were making.

. . . seeing how Elon was lying to investors about how many cars they were making . . .

I wanted to leave the world better for my son, and I felt I was doing everything but that.

Tripp calls Musk a “narcissist” and says he has come to the conclusion that the CEO is “only in it for himself.” He is currently seeking a lawyer, along with whistleblower protection.

Until the case plays out, we can’t validate Tripp’s comments. The expectation is that he will make every attempt to defend himself and deny these allegations. On the other side of the coin, Tesla has to produce the evidence that will prove its accusations are true. To say that this is another major distraction and disaster for the automaker may be an understatement. Let’s hope that the guilty party is punished accordingly and justice is served.

Source: Teslarati, CNNMoney, Washington Post

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“Only in it for himself..” That seems a bit of a stretch, considering Elon Musk sold Paypal way back in the early 2000’s and could’ve taken his $200+ million and bought an island somewhere and never worked a day again in his life. A man that sleeps in a sleeping bag at the factory. Logs 18-20 hour days. Gotta come back with something a little better than that.

“A man that sleeps in a sleeping bag at the factory. Logs 18-20 hour days.”

At least that’s what Elon claims, but nobody knows if this is true or not, so it could just be a lie.

Elon lie? No way!

Shocker, bro1999 seizes a moment to run down Elon/Tesla. I’d probably be mad, too, if I blew all my cash for a Bolt and then find out that if I’d waited just a little longer I could’ve bought a used Model S that destroys it.

Shocker, oversensitive TSLA fanboi with his underpants in a wad posts a crybaby comment.
If you’re looking for the TSLA echo chamber, please visit You’re welcome.

Let me guess, they kicked you off Electrek. Good thing this site is so troll friendly so we can all read your garbage for the occasional ROFLOL!

Ron Swanson's Mustache

I’ve never actually posted on Electrek. FWIW, I think the site has some very good information, but Lambert’s pro-Tesla bias is clearly obvious to anyone who cares to look, and I say that as someone who is an unabashed Tesla fan.

Yep. And Frankie won’t miss an opportunity to throw in a GM bash into an article every chance he gets. He even joined a Bolt Owners group on Facebook in an attempt to try and get dirt to publish anti-GM/Bolt stories. Lol

Ron Swanson's Mustache

I’m no GM fan, but it is annoying.

Out of curiosity, why do you post here?

Just for the lulz or what?

As has been pointed out, MadBro is terribly disappointed with his Bolt EV, and he keeps bashing Tesla in an absurd and desperate attempt to convince himself he didn’t really choose the wrong car. (Reportedly, he was doing the same on the Bolt EV Facebook page until he got kicked off.)

Maybe some jealousy of Elon Musk at work, too. There’s a lot of that going around, as shown in this article!

Too bad MadBro keeps putting us in the middle of his argument with his subconscious. 🙄

Disgruntled Bolt owner? You’ve mistaken me for all the disgruntled Model 3 reservation holders waiting for their promised base 3!

How long did it take GM to deliver the Bolt in every state again?

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Not helping.


Didn’t he buy one? Is that a joke? I’ve seen him describe himself as a Tesla owner and soon to be Bolt owner. At least I believe I have..! 🙂

Nope, I’m still kicking on there. I just try to limit my exposure to that site, due to the ignorance and general filth spewed by the TSLA cultists. 😉

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In many instances, the worst thing about Tesla are the people who own their cars.

Hey hey, one second here…. I was the proud owner of a Tesla roadster for 4 years. Please don’t ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’. We are not all nuts.

I detailed issues I had, as I do with every car I purchase. I freely admit any car I purchase has deficiencies. But that doesn’t mean I’m ignorant. I’ve also defended Bro1999 even when he’s been mad at me.

Shunned by madbro…that has got to be the ultimate recommendation for a website. Just as being recommended by madbro makes it uncool by association, Bolt anyone? ROFLOL!

He considers himself an expert though, so perhaps her means well. If you’ve heard their podcast it becomes clear how this came to be; they never speak to any actual experts of any kind, and just reinforce each other’s often basic misunderstandings by essentially speculating aloud until they convince themselves they’ve figured things out! Unedited and rambling, it is not easy to listen to.

Wow, great analogy…

Then why do you spend so much time there commenting in the articles?

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Indeed. I’ve never gotten the impression that Fred does it out of ulterior motive or actual malice. I suspect he’s a perfectly nice guy who’s managed to bootstrap his enthusiast status into a career.

I don’t really listen to any of the podcasts, but to suggest Fred does not know what he is talking about, is a bit strange consider what articles he writes, which I find quite informative, and how popular the site has become.

bro1999- I own a Volt and a Tesla. So I guess I’m a GM fanboy (boi?) too. I see the virtues and failures in all EV manufacturers. You should try the same.

Why is it that it’s ok to attribute good intentions to Musk, but not suspect his motives? As if ANYONE except maybe (and only maybe) the guy himself can know what really motivates him!

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Musk’s motives seem to come from a philosophical place of outright zealotry.

If he was just out to make a fortune, he could have easily followed the same path as Tory Bruno of ULA or Mary Barra of GM.

I’ve always viewed Musk’s actions through the lens of someone who’s a True Believer, and from that, many of his actions, even the ones I don’t agree with personally, make sense.

FWIW, an ex-employer of mine interacted with Musk at one point, and his take was that Musk was a complete lunatic.

FWIW, I fundamentally believe that Musk would have been unable to achieve the things he has achieved without being a True Believer, so you end up taking the good with the bad.

It’s called “civility”, and it’s also called “respect for others”.

Too bad you grew up without learning any lessons on that subject.

What’s your point? What do you think the odds are that he’s lying and actually spends his days on the golf course?

Who knows, he could be hanging out with Trump these days. They seem to be on better terms compared to a year ago. Elon has definitely started embracing the Trumpian way.

Lol Trumpian way? He is talking about things like a universal basic income on Twitter. If anything I bet Musk leans left of center.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Musk is like Jesus, he’s whatever you want him to be.

Sure, but a serial Tesla basher never lets Truth or inconvenient facts get in the way of his FUD!

I’m impressed, you can jump from Elon to Trump without any prompting. Funny how much negative press Trump gets yet his approval is actually at around 50%. I guess any press is good press, yeah? Maybe Elon takes a page from Trump, the same guy who he abandoned over the Paris Agreement.

Bro1999- at the end of the day, both those men you hate are billionaires while you and both drive Chevys. Oh, and by the way, you should also compare the time that both Trump and Elon spend thinking about Bro1999 compared to the vice-versa.

Why Not have him Punch a Time Card , Just For You!,…..lmao.. HE GETS PAID ZER0 DOLLARS A YEAR ……..Plus,……. He Gets To Pay For His Own Stock Shares ….Unlike All Other CEO’s..

Elon lives on money borrowed against his Tesla shares. He has about 40% of his holdings leveraged at the moment. Read the Tesla 10-Q for the details.

This “argument” would mean that every truly wealthy man ever cannot be guilty of being in it for themselves.

Even if they are not, the end doesn’t necessarily justify the means.

I lean towards the disgruntled worker theory by default, but mostly because he sounds unconvincing to me. “The data was severe” is a very odd choice of words, and totally devoid of any understandable specific accusation against Tesla. If he felt the moral responsibility to alert the world (and those poor investors, who I am sure needed his consideration), what better opportunity than now, when he has been named and has lost his job and no longer stand to lose anything by explaining what terrible things were happening..?

That said, I consider Musk a proven liar and anyone who takes him at face value naive or at best very inexperienced with his claims. I don’t think he’d take the risk of lying as blatantly to investors (in formal terms, SEC fillings, earnings calls and shareholder meetings) as he does to everyone else, but I can’t know this. To the extent that there’s anything to blow whistles about, it would only be good if it happened.

That’s true elon could’ve taken his paypal earnings and blown it on sex drugs and gas guzzlers but instead he decided to put it behind Tesla and space x. GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

I think Tesla suing this guy in civil court is silly, this guy is living in an apartment in Sparks Nevada. Highly doubtful he has any asset you could collect in a settlement. Tesla will spend a lot of money to carry this suit forward, and even with a clean 100% win, they will not be able to collect even their costs, because this guy does not have anything to take. Tesla also runs the risk of this guy exposing many internal Tesla problems in discovery, which investors may find material. If there was criminal wrongdoing Tesla would have had him arrested and file criminal charges. I think Tesla is just making an example of, and bullying this guy to scare other employees thinking about the same kinds of exposure of production data. Time will tell how that strategy turns out.

Tesla is doing this to get info on who else was involved. They know that they would never see a dime from damages from this guy.

So my question is, why bother wasting time to sue the guy if you cannot reap any settlement? It looks like he stole production data, and gave it to media members. I know this happens every day in big corporations. I personally know of an executive at a larger corporation then Tesla that was leaking sensitive information to the media, that company fired the executive, and security walked him to the property line, and move on… Tesla is wasting their time, efforts, and money, to scare other employees from taking similar actions.

It’s all part of the master narrative Elon wants to craft. “Tesla squashes saboteur that attempted to leak info to outside forces hell bent on destroying the company!”
Makes for some really nice headlines and red meat to feed to Elon’s fanatic base. Page right out of the Trump playbook.

the purpose of the suit is to get injunction and go after the third parties. read the complaint at the very end – the first remedy claimed.

Yeah, at the end of the day, a newspaper or other media entity was behind Tripp’s actions to steal the data. I mean… he said “he had to go to the media” but was planning all along. Tesla likely wants to prevent that info from getting to the media and if Tripp were to violate court proceedings, rather than a civil action, he’d be facing going to jail. I will find it interesting who pays his legal bills here.

I expect to see a defamation countersuit, that will aim to pay the lawyers…. Shall we place our bets?

That would be a sucker bet… on your part.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Legal discovery. The only way they can get their hands on his private emails, texts, bank records, phone records, etc. When you sue, the other side MUST turn that over.

discovery goes both ways….

And your Tesla Hater Reality Distortion goggles have the gain turned up so far that you can’t see that this shows Tesla isn’t afraid of anything that would be discovered.

You’ve convinced yourself that Tesla has a vast web of deep, dark secrets to hide. Surprise! They don’t.

Tesla is regularly very deceptive in public statements relating to production/safety and many other things.

“Tesla is wasting their time, efforts, and money, to scare other employees from taking similar actions.”

Obviously Elon does not agree with your assessment that sending that message loud and clear is a “waste”. Sending the message “If you mess with us, we’ll mess with you” appears to be a very sound investment in deterrence and therefore security.

Perhaps if you weren’t so jealous of Elon and biased against Tesla, David, then you’d be able to see that.

If mature corporations know one thing, it is that retaliating against anyone who claims whistleblower protection is a really, really, really bad idea. I hope Tesla’s lawyers manage to rein in Musk before he goes ballistic on this guy. The Sarbanes-Oxley act that was passed after the Enron fiasco lists criminal penalties for such actions.

You got it all wrong. His claim of being a “whistleblower” is just a defense. If Tesla can prove that he manipulated their “manufacturing operating system” (para. 2 of the complaint) then the “whistleblower” defense goes down the drain -> whisleblowers do not hack software, they leak info or report to authorities to investigate, and no court will be fooled by this.

Yep, that’s the critical difference. If he was purely a whistleblower, all he had to do was provide information, no need to do any sort of hacking of the production software. If he did hacking, then Tesla’s narrative is more likely (that he was doing retaliatory measures for things that didn’t go his way). I guess we’ll see.

What you’re saying amounts to “He should just provide the information, not obtain it in the first place”.

No. Try again.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Seems to me a whistleblower goes to the requisite authorities first, then the press if they get nowhere.

That’s BS. The way the law is written, it is the company’s responsibility to report the disclosure to the SEC. Most countries that have a whistleblower law do not place that burden on the individual. It is the responsibility of the corporation to report and respond to the accusation.

Looking at his emails with Musk gives some insight to the mental state of the 2 men… Neither is very healthy or mature.

That might be better coming from someone who isn’t so insane with jealousy of Elon Musk that it’s distorting his view of reality.

Can you try to stay on point and avoid insulting the people that visit Insideev’s as discussion be it bullish or bearish is what most of us are here for..

“The way the law is written, it is the company’s responsibility to report the disclosure to the SEC.”

You’re not making sense. If every company and every gov’t agency reported their own wrongdoings in a timely manner, then there would never be any need for a whistleblower.

Dr. Lovelace’s comment was entirely correct.

Agreed, that is what a smart whistleblower would do! But that certainly doesn’t imply Tesla’s version is the truth, or that he didn’t really intend to blow the whistle. I do find his explanation very unconvincing so far, though.

You’re claiming that hacking automatically means it isn’t whistleblowing? That sounds illogical. Hacking can be almost anything, including something as simple as getting people to tell you things they shouldn’t. Logging on as a user that isn’t yours can happen for a bunch of reasons, especially in companies with a weak security culture – for example if people take shortcuts when their personal user hasn’t been granted the permissions needed to do their actual job, some places people will offer to let you “borrow” their credentials.

If the gist of Tesla’s claims is true, clearly they must be allowed to prosecute without risking their CEO being put behind bars. But there is such a thing as ethical hacking, and journalists sometimes use it very legitimately. In my view, Snowden is also a whistleblower, but he never stood a chance of fair trial because the other party is the US government! It’s possible to beat the government only in small cases where it admits to minor transgressions. 🙂

Is it possible to be both a traitor and a virtuous whistleblower? Sure, and the fact that Edward Snowden has his defenders shows that. Personally, I’m very glad he exposed the un-Constitutional acts by the NSA, but at the same time, Snowden’s release of classified info has reportedly cost some of our spies their lives, neutered other intelligence sources, and exposed some of our intelligence techniques to hostile foreign powers. No doubt Vladimir Putin has a warm place in his heart for Snowden. He’s definitely not a “white hat”; at best, his hat is gray.

Of course we are all just speculating on the current case, and interpreting the news filtered through our various biases for and/or against Tesla. But it’s very hard to make any logical case for Tesla suing the guy if he really is a virtuous whistleblower. Elon Musk would have to be literally insane to sue the guy if Tesla really does have things to hide.

I think it’s quite telling that the Tesla bashers here are saying “Elon is insane, because what he’s doing is gonna expose Tesla’s deep dark dishonest secrets!”

Talk about being blind to reality! 🙄

Tesla doesn’t have any deep dark dishonest secrets. Their biggest offense is presenting overly optimistic timelines. They are pretty ethical in my judgement – certainly as far as corporations go.

Off topic now. Regarding Snowden: Who says that his leaks cost lives? Michael Hayden, the known perjurer who lied to Congress? I don’t trust anything he says.

Wow, you’ve got it 180° wrong. Tesla suing the guy is pretty good evidence that he is not the whistleblower he claims to be. It would indeed be stupid of Tesla to sue the guy… if they really had something to hide.

Note all the serial Tesla bashers in this discussion writing as if Tesla does have deep dark secrets to hide, contrary to the actual evidence!

It’s sad when people start believing their own lies.

Too early to tell for sure. But the notion of a recently disciplined employee feeling a compulsion to warn the investment community about Tesla – that just doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Can people be subpoenaed, compelled to witness, in civil law cases..? I’m not American, I don’t know how your system works (but have read a lot about the shortcomings of the *criminal* law system in the US)…

People can be subpoenaed in civil cases, but as I understand it, compelling them to show up will be up to the side issuing the subpoena — not the government. The subpoena has much less force if it can be safely ignored.

More to the point, as others have said in this discussion, is the “discovery” process, whereby each side can compel the other to reveal all information and documents related to the case. That can not be safely ignored, because the court will compel you to comply.

It’s interesting that Tesla went as far as suing this guy, but has not even lodged a criminal complaint against him. I wonder if it’s because if this case went before a judge, it would open up the company to the discovery phase, and all kinds of info it definitely does not want the public to know would be vulnerable to becoming publicized.

*judge for a criminal case, not civil.

discovery is the part of civil proceedings – the defendant will discover Tesla before this matter goes to trial. what you just wrote makes absolutely no sense.

It is very interesting….. A certain Tesla focus blog site constantly states receiving Tesla information from an internal source within Tesla for their stories.

To-date, I have never seen Tesla threaten to sue them for using unauthorized memos or documents. Amazing!!!!! Ha!

Yes, there is a double standard for sure. That site you speak of is basically the Tesla PR site…

1) The site owner have not disclosed on their website if he (and site employees) hold positions in Tesla stock

2) They seem to get breaking Tesla stories and commentary before other media outlets

2) The site owner tweets with the Tesla CEO

What rules govern a CEO tweeting information to a single entity / individual that can be used to early trade on Tesla stock and benefit financially?

The writers on the site also freely advertise their Tesla referral links in the open on the website. They even had a TSLA stock ticker on the main page till they took it down.
Write articles glorifying Tesla and Elon, denigrate other EV manufacturers, and people use their referral links (after reading such glorifying Tesla material) to buy Teslas, letting the writers cash in on referral awards.
It’s a full blown self stroking machine!

Yet here you are, filling your time with this site you despise so much. Honestly bro, you may consider pushing back from the keyboard for a bit. You seem pretty overly emotionally invested in this electric car website.

Good Lord.

Hmm, I’m pretty sure they say, on this webpage, that “some writers” are long TSLA. Section “disclosures”.

Apart from that, I agree. But the onus is clearly first and foremost on Musk, not the amateur Lambert!

Electrek is to Elon as Faux News is to Trump.

Trump-derangement syndrome detected.

“Yes, there is a double standard for sure.”

More evidence of your Tesla Hater Reality Distortion goggles at work.

Tesla choosing to give “insider” info to a website is wildly different from industrial espionage or hacking.

Could have something to do with the fact that using “unauthorized” documents or sources is not only legal, but the core kind investigative journalism?

Obviously real journalists very their sources, corroborate evidence, and consider the importance of publishing as well as the damage doing so may cause. But good luck with a lawsuit based on using unauthorized documents and sources.

— Approaching June 30, 2018
— Tesla has not filed criminal charges against Tripp
— Tripp has stated to some media groups Tesla has been providing potentially false productions numbers

How damaging would it be for Tesla to release Q2 production numbers and Tripp provide proof they are made up (horrible timing)?

Remember the CBS interview where Gale was able to see production information on a large screen in the factory? Was that coming from the Tesla Operations System?

Ordering a new box of popcorn.

Yes, this could be exciting, Musk tweets, could get him in trouble… Again…

And the plot thickens!

“Tesla has not filed criminal charges against Tripp”

They can’t. Altho it is possible in a few states for a citizen to directly file criminal charges against someone, California isn’t one of those states.

The only thing Tesla can do, insofar as criminal activity, is make a complaint and ask the DA’s office to institute criminal proceedings. It would be up to the District Attorney to file criminal charges… or not. And the DA’s office will usually not proceed unless the police find sufficient evidence.

The rules for civil cases are different. Tesla doesn’t need to provide evidence of a crime to proceed with a civil suit.

(I am not a lawyer… but my Google-fu is strong! 🙂 )

If Tesla had demonstrable proof Mr Tripp hacked his way into their systems, sabotaged their production systems, and stole corporate data there would be a warrant for his arrest YESTERDAY.

Something seems odd.

I think Civil versus Criminal is a way to protect Tesla information from becoming public record?

I looked it up. Civil lawsuits actually open up both sides to a lot more during the discovery phase than in criminal proceedings. So Tesla suing Tripp could actually backfire in their face if Tripp’s lawyers request sensitive information from Tesla to support their client’s defense case.
Very interesting, that’s for sure!

Only if you assume there’s something there that damages Tesla’s case. I’m pretty sure their lawyers won’t be surprised they now have to disclose information they otherwise didn’t need to (but not to the public!). The defense lawyers obviously aren’t allowed to share what they learn this way with anyone outside the legal team.

“I think Civil versus Criminal is a way to protect Tesla information from becoming public record?”

I don’t think so. The judge could order the evidence sealed in either type of case, but — from my purely layman’s understanding of court proceedings — that is far more likely to occur in a criminal case. Tesla would have to make a pretty compelling case to keep the evidence found thru discovery secret, and I doubt the judge would be sympathetic to protecting the info described in articles on this case.

More to the point, the idea that Tesla would be instituting this lawsuit in order to keep the stolen info from leaking out, is downright silly. That’s not at all Tesla’s goal here.

I don’t know much law, so I may well be wrong, but I believe the burden of proof is “guilty beyond all reasonable doubt” in criminal cases, and “more likely than not guilty” in civil ones. Depending on what, if anything, Tesla’s evidence is, a criminal case may be difficult or too expensive to win.

Remember, any press is good press.

Only if it’s a sandwich press.

Tesla Is Using the Standard Corporate Lawyer Playbook – Damage Control + Define the Opponent

Not about the money but trying to intimidate Tripp to stop talking / sharing Tesla information. I bet they don’t have a clue how much Tesla information he has ‘acquired’.

Lawyer to Elon: Does this guy have anything that would embarrass the company? YES
Lawyer to Elon / HR: Can you ‘100% prove’ how he got the information? NO

– Okay, we will sue him for a huge amount of money and tie him up in legal activity.
– His atty will recommend a settlement and we will demand he return any information and stop communicating any information to the media

If Tripp has smoking guns on Tesla (proof Tesla misstated production numbers to investors) he better hold them close and calculate his moves.
If he has something NHTSA or a regulating body would want (safety issues overlooked / hidden), he may be able to use the whistleblower card

I think you’re way too confident about what this is, but voted it up anyway. It’s certainly plausible for someone like me, who thinks law is what I’ve seen in TV shows.. :p

Bravo, sir!

Unlike the majority of people commenting in this discussion, you have actually presented a well-informed and reasonable argument. Yes, Tesla might well be angling to get Tripp to sign an NDA — a gag order — as part of a settlement for the lawsuit.

Of course, Tripp already signed an NDA when he went to work for Tesla, but presumably this NDA would cover things the original one did not, or would have more “teeth” in case it was violated.

I’m a Tesla stock holder and this situation is making me very very uncomfortable. These are serious accusations being made on both sides and Mr. Musk having an email sword fight with this guy is disturbing.

Tesla has legal staff on-board and I am sure they would not recommend he do what his is doing. Elon cannot fight every battle on every front, everyday.

This is destabilizing behavior.

Tesla can’t have someone arrested or file criminal charges; that is the province of the state.

If Tesla had solid evidence of criminal wrongdoing, they would have brought in the DOJ to investigate. Filing a civil lawsuit is just to try to control what information is out there, and who can use it. I personally think there will be wrongdoing shown through this action, but it will be on the part of Tesla. I am sure the Lawyers with the pending Class Action on model 3 production are all over this guy for evidence. Then they can compare it to what Tesla shows in discovery, see how deep the deception goes.

Good grief! 🙄 A whole lotta misinformation coming from you in this discussion, David.

The DOJ (Dept. of Justice) would only be involved if there were violations of Federal law. This is almost certainly a matter for the State of California.

Didn’t this occur in Nevada? So not sure how the Sate of California would have jurisdiction? But you are the all knowing one, so you can explain the legal parameters?

Hey – I watch Homeland. Lot’s of pawns working for the evil empire.

Elon’s memo is eerily similar to what Apple recently sent out to their employees:

I would love to know who ends up offering him a free lawyer. Likely shorters… oil company execs… mentally backwards ICE auto execs… you know… the usual suspects. Folks who stand to benefit at Tesla’s demise.

More likely the UAW. They are the ones most active, of late, in trying to get Tesla employees to file complaints against Tesla, and trying stir up anti-Tesla sentiment among current and former Tesla employees.

Personally, I find their attempts to strongarm and/or blackmail Tesla, and their outright lies against Tesla in their union agitprop, to be downright despicable.

UAW rep: “Hey, this is a nice little automotive company you have here. Be too bad if something happened to it! …Oops, did I do that?”

The cost to Tesla of not meeting his allegations are potentially high though. Not threatening the company, perhaps, but significant. If it’s such a clear-cut case it may be worth proving for the sake of proving their own innocence in the matter to the world at large.

So much for the concept of “Innocent until proven guilty.” With the Tesla bashers, it’s guilty, period! …even after being proven innocent.

“Tesla will spend a lot of money to carry this suit forward, and even with a clean 100% win, they will not be able to collect even their costs, because this guy does not have anything to take.”

Is it really that hard to understand? Seems pretty obvious to me. The message sent by suing someone with little to lose is “Don’t mess with us.”

So why isn’t Tesla prosecuting him? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and speculate: Industrial espionage, by itself, isn’t a crime in the U.S., so Tesla can’t prosecute him for that, unless they can provide evidence for “computer trespass” or some other crime related to the espionage. But they can sue him, so that’s what they’re doing. (Again, that’s just speculation on my part.)

Sadly, I agree with his statement. I looked up to Elon, but he has said a variety of things that are closer to provably false than ever before. Can no longer claim Elon didn’t realize he was misrepresenting. Overstating production number is his usual approach. Trying to hide problems, complaining of any non-positive news as fake news and the media is out to get him, etc. Trying to diminish accidents and safety issues.

When has Tesla overstated production (i.e., cars that have been produced)?

So then, just like any spokesman for any sizable corporation ever.

I personally do wish that Elon wouldn’t practice so much “spin” and wouldn’t keep announcing unrealistic goals and timelines for his company, but at least to some extent, this is what company spokesmen are expected to do by the company’s stockholders.

It gets rather tiresome seeing Tesla singled out for following perfectly normal business procedures and policies as if they are somehow “bad” or “strange” just because Tesla is doing them. 🙁

We’ll know more about his motives once we find out who the information was given to or possibly sold to. (grabs a bag of popcorn)

What I’m interested in is the type of data that was taken. That will really point to intent. Especially if programming code and IP is part of it.

Dawg, you need to cut down on the popcorn!

This is what you call a “Comedy of Errors”!

What will these so called “Wistleblowers” come up with next?

Class action lawsuits seemed to work.

Martin Tripp is as much a “Whistleblower”, as St. Elon is the “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” of Company T!

You are the comment of the day award winner, referencing a Andrews Sisters recording from 1941! Thanks for helping us “learn something new every day.”

I think he wins the “Crustier than thou” contest. 🙂

The NTSB announced that two deaths that happened in accidents with Tesla vehicles was because of Autobuddy a device the tricks the Autopilot system to think you have your hands on the steering wheel.
Hope the families that lost loved ones sue the hell out if that company.
Also since Congress won’t do there job and ban bump stocks families of Las Vegas concert shooting should sue bump stock manufacturers. Modifications to Assault Weapons Modern Sporting Weapons should be illegal pretty simple.

If it was the drivers that were killed, then they were the negligent ones. If it was anyone else, they should sue the driver using the system.

Selling a product to bypass a safety system should be illegal. Not only should the families sue but the government should arrest the CEO and send him to prison.

In the US I thought you had freedom and liability instead of the government deciding what’s safe – to an extent. Whether the buddy company is liable, or just the drivers, or Tesla and buddy (for making fairly dumb people believe AP can be used fully autonomously), I don’t know. But it could be interesting to see what a court would make of it.

My opinion FWIW: drivers are primarily to blame, buddy secondarily, and Tesla thirdly, with a big distance between each one the three. Tesla has long disclaimers, but they contrast with their other communications about AP, which tend to emphasize how much better AP is at driving than people are.

Thank goodness you weren’t one of the people who wrote the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution!

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Could you link to that NTSB announcement of finding, please. The NTSB recently sent a letter to the company banning the sale of such devices, but I have seen nothing of them being implicated in the recent deaths,

A quick search did not find any reports of the sort, only NHTSA announcing a ban, but they didn’t say there were any accidents or deaths attributed to its use.

Any links?

“The NTSB announced that two deaths that happened in accidents with Tesla vehicles was because of Autobuddy a device the tricks the Autopilot system to think you have your hands on the steering wheel.”

I think this is Fake News.

And the name of the safety defeat device is “Autopilot Buddy”. The NTSB has requested the company stop making the defeat device — for hopefully obvious reasons — but Mr. Google finds no news that the NTSB has announced that such a defeat device contributed to any traffic accident in a Tesla car, let alone any fatality.

That would be big news in the EV community if it happened!

Go, Martin, go!

You could go too. You won’t be missed!

I ain’t going anywhere, buttercup. 😉

Yes, please do self-deport. Yesterday, even.

I would not call it a disaster or a major distraction, and if it were that would not be an understatement.

Currently I would call them likely allegations under investigation, which if proven true should put the former employee in jail. His own explanation is suspect at best, and more likely is sabotage, as described, even if his motive is as he says was to warn investors. Still that is insufficient to excuse destructive, criminal, behavior. If any money changed hands then that puts an end to his whistleblower defense.

I think various media outlets were all to eager to file unsubstantiated, suspect stories about Tesla with thin support, and probably paid for the data, and a disgruntled employee was just the sort of person they were looking for.

SO, how does trying to do a corporate take down on the best and most influential EV maker on the planet help his son?
Just check his bank deposits and we will know who was paying him.

His Caymen Island Offshore Account should have a pretty decent balance, right about now. This kid is going to be sitting pretty, when this thing finally blows over.

Difference between Elon and any other CEO in any bloated mega corporation is that if Elon leaves SpaceX and Tesla, they will fail and die. If any other CEO leaves any company, company will move on. That is how important and valuable Elon is and he deserves every dollar he gets. He is singlehandedly transforming industries because no one else is doing it and there are alot of people unhappy and fearful of change. Fear of change manifests in trolling. Our modern society has legitimized trolling. Trolls sometimes guise as whistleblowers, underdogs, CEO of Facebook and even can get elected president. This Martin Tripp is an utter troll.

Tesla should be able to survive without Elon. In fact, likely the company would now do better with a different CEO; it’s already far too big for a leader who practices micro-management, and it’s growing rapidly. A micro-management leadership style fits SpaceX far better.

Tesla would probably have a much harder time raising money without him, though.

Might not need to raise as much money with more sound business practices?

lol, bro1999 carpet bombing again his pathetic bash against anything Tesla.

I missed you too, Get FUD.

If he could have cared less about a promotion, then he probably should have done so.
Or did you mean “couldn’t have cared less”?

A whistleblower than changes the program code? I don’t think so he’s toast. All that’s left is finding out who he’s working with.

Is there a way to “ignore” bro1999 comments? Not sure what his deal is with anti-Tesla. He jumps on every potential negative Tesla angle… such savage rage in need of medication.

It’s an immature idiot that should’ve been aborted.

No need to be bitter, troll1999 has enough bitterness for all of us…ROFLOL!

Look at all the alt account sprout up like weeds. At least have the balls to use your real accounts to post! Lol
IEVs staff, please ban the alts and also the “regulars” (I have a few in mind) that are hiding behind the dup accounts. Thanks.

Don’t forget to kick the trolls while you’re at it! ROFLOL!

Not bro1999 (like at all)

Completely agree dup accounts are the worst!

Wah wah……….they’re doing what I do…….wah wah

Oh, please please please Bro1999, do continue to request the editors/moderators here ban someone!

I can guess who would be #1 on their list…

1). People who are not verified electric car owners?

2). How about people who aren’t legally allowed to drive?

3). People who have less than 50% factual content in their comments?

4). People who just itch at the chance to insult others and refuse to let others have a point of view?

Look in the mirror in your parent’s basement, buddy!

No doubt you do that every day.

Again, TSLA echo chamber at

Yes. You are free to ignore any comments you choose to.

“Is there a way to ‘ignore’ bro1999 comments?”

No, but if several people were to e-mail the editor in chief at InsideEVs and request a ban of this troll, I would guess it would be seriously considered.

I have no doubt that this guy was annoyed about not being promoted. That was likely his primary motivation to leak information. Most people are passive-aggressive and do things like that.

However, if someone leaks accurate information that exposes lies or safety issue at a company, I don’t really care what their motivation for doing so is. We’ll see if the information he leaked was accurate or not. We all know the official Tesla production numbers are suspect. But, if this guy has proof that they knowingly installed damaged battery modules, that’s a whole different ballgame.

Tesla/Elon does come off as desperate with their recent whining about this guy sabotaging their systems, and filing a civil case to shut him up. Clearly an excuse to help justify upcoming poor numbers.

“We all know the official Tesla production numbers are suspect.”

Are you saying that Tesla has overstated the number of cars they have built and delivered?

I’m mostly talking about the run-rate. They do things likely briefly surging production, and then using that surge as a base to extrapolate near-future production rates.

They have also been known to count cars that come off the assembly line as complete, even though they require significant post-production fixes to be truly saleable.

CCIE continued his anti-Tesla FUD campaign:

“We all know the official Tesla production numbers are suspect.”

No, but those of us paying attention know that serial anti-Tesla FUDsters have been accusing Tesla of inflating its production numbers for years. Oddly enough, the SEC has never found any reason to investigate the matter. Funny thing, it’s almost as if Tesla really is reporting its production accurately…

“Tesla/Elon does come off as desperate with their recent whining…”

Nope, it’s you who is whining, dude. No doubt due to all that money you’re losing in shorting Tesla stock, but that’s your own fault, dude. Man up or get out.

There is that production number theme again. Mr. Tripp was accused of throwing spanners in the works to sabotage production ramp up and now he defends himself by claiming production is lower than claimed. looks like this guy is systematically targeting an Achilles heel: Tesla’s capability to ramp up production to which are tied investor confidence and Tesla’s cash position.

Maybe Musk was right when he factored in the possibility that this is more than just a disgruntled employee.

One thing is very clear: none of the complaints he trumped up warrant the damage he is doing to Tesla.

Have never heard of data being characterized as ‘severe’ before. What is that supposed to mean?

In general, I’m supportive of whistleblowers who are motivated by a greater good, but I’m not buying his story or accepting that he is a whistleblower.

I am anxious to learn more.

Reminds me of when Mitt Romney claimed to be “severely” conservative during a campaign speech.

Yeah, right. 🙄 (But not very right!)

This claim is about as awkward and unconvincing as Mitt’s.

Last sentence of the article: “Let’s hope it all works out positively for Tesla in the end.” Really? Sounds kinda biased. What if Tesla is in the wrong?

Meaning we hope that Tesla is not in the wrong and this doesn’t put another negative situation into the EV world since we promote EV adoption. We don’t hope that this guy is right and Tesla is lying and it fails miserably, that’s for sure. We want every EV maker to succeed. If Tesla is in the wrong, it deserves to be punished, and that will be a terrible situation. If this guy really was acting in aggression and trying to hurt the company, that is also a horrible situation. Of course, an EV website can only hope that any of the companies are successful. Sadly, there’s so much hate and competition and people cheering for the failure of the automaker that they don’t support, it’s become a disaster.

Steven, there is a wide difference in cheering for a companies failure and chuckling at their ineptness and bad decision making. Tesla, with outspoken CEO Elon Musk thrusts themselves into the role of victim many times, over and over its the same thing, Elon makes outlandish statements, and then walks it back as more of the truth comes out. His initial statement on this “saboteur” appears to be just a bit overstated today. It sounds like Mr Tripp stole some production data, and gave it to members of the media. This is a daily occurrence at most large manufacturers. Sometimes they catch the leaker, but most of the time they don’t. In this case, Tesla is making very strong accusations, (threats of violence) but even Tesla’s source is very unclear. Tesla calls these leaks fake or incorrect, but almost every one of them turns out to be factual, and justified. Think of the leak that Tesla had 40% ill fitting parts, Tesla called that fake, so CNBC visited the machine shops where the rework was taking place, only to find lots full of those Tesla marked parts, many of them having been shipped in from China.

“Steven, there is a wide difference in cheering for a companies failure and chuckling at their ineptness and bad decision making.”

In your personal campaign of Tesla bashing comments, there is no discernible difference. If you think there is, then you need to step back and think about how your comments come across to others.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Watch out, lest Alex Roy pen a 3,000 word article about your journalistic integrity!

Whatever the outcome, this could get messy for Tesla. He might have been disgruntled due to his own situation, but that does not mean that he could not reveal some details that could really come to haunt Tesla. After all, most companies do not always play by the rules and Elon is known to stretch the truth when it comes to goals and achievements.

That was my point…. Most companies just fired leakers, and walk them to the property line, no cops, no lawsuits.

Yeah. At least don’t bring it into the public domain. Of course this is going to provoke some extreme reaction. I don’t think any company wants to go through a discovery process. If any evidence by this guy is substantiated enough for the SEC to start looking, they often find something (related or not).

From Washington Post:
“Hours after Tesla sued its former employee on charges he had stolen company secrets, and days after chief Elon Musk had called him a saboteur, the Silicon Valley automaker made a startling claim. The company had received a call from a friend of the employee, Martin Tripp, saying he would be coming to Tesla’s Gigafactory battery plant in Nevada to “shoot the place up,” according to a Tesla spokesman. But Tripp, who says he became a whistleblower after seeing what he called dangerous conditions in the company’s car batteries, told The Washington Post he had said no such thing.”

I have to believe Tripp said something to convince his friend that he was going back to “shoot the place up”. Tripp’s denial is not believable. People don’t call in such warnings on their friends based on nothing.

Tripp also complains of “MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF WASTE” in an email exchange with Musk – but apparently accuses Tesla publicly of installing – not scrapping – damaged battery packs. Seems contradictory to me. Tripp’s comments strain credulity.

> Let’s hope it all works out positively for Tesla in the end.

Let’s hope the truth is revealed and the guilty party punished appropriately, whoever that is.

If you absolutely MUST take Tesla’s side, say you hope they are telling the truth. But saying it’s impossible to know who is telling the truth, but we hope Tesla won’t be hurt is disingenuous to say the least.

That’s precisely what I said. I’m not on either side. The lawsuit will determine that decision.


Every story has two sides.

Until the lawsuit proceeds, and we have some real answers, there’s no way of knowing what’s right or wrong.


Until the case plays out, we can’t validate Tripp’s comments. The expectation is that he will make every attempt to defend himself and deny these allegations. On the other side of the coin, Tesla has to produce the evidence that will prove its accusations are true.

Thanks, but my point is it’s then inconsistent with this open-minded acceptance that the facts aren’t clear yet to conclude with hoping there aren’t any bad consequences for Tesla.

I saw you say elsewhere in the comments that it means you hope Tesla isn’t in the wrong. But that’s not the same as what it actually says.

You could change it to express your hope Tesla is innocent. Or you could do the right thing and just report the story without expressing whatever you hope. At the risk of sounding harsh, what you hope for is not the story.

Agreed. I believe that how it’s being read or construed verses what my intentions were are two different things. I will reword it for clarity. Thank you!

“…saying it’s impossible to know who is telling the truth, but we hope Tesla won’t be hurt is disingenuous to say the least.”

Absolutely not!

It’s not at all disingenouous. It’s hoping for the best regarding the one company doing far more than any other in supporting and pushing forward the EV revolution.

This idea that we should all be “neutral” towards Tesla Inc. is bollocks. Any true supporter of the EV revolution should get out his pom-poms and cheer for Tesla every day! We shouldn’t cheer Tesla on merely because Tesla is popular; we should cheer Tesla on because of what Tesla has accomplished, is currently accomplishing, and will accomplish in the future!

Go Tesla!

Another Euro point of view

It is hard for me to imagine that a technician could really arm Tesla in a meaningful way, I see it making more sense in a context of deflecting the fact that Model 3 ramp up does not match Elon narrative as well as he would have liked so scapegoats needs to be identified, it started with evil Wall street, then the lazy barnacles contractors, now that guy. Now in case I am wrong and a single technician can cause a lot of damages then the whole autopilot with OTA update thing is problematic, we would know when a foreign country with hacking competences is deeply displeased with us when our cars would start to accelerate against concrete barriers.

What “doesn’t match the narrative” of serial Tesla bashers like you, is that Tesla would sue a self-proclaimed “whistleblower” if Tesla actually has something to hide.

If ever there was a case of Tesla bashers twisting facts to suit their conspiracy theories, it’s this one!

“He also says that he could have cared less about a promotion.”

Sure, but just how much less could he have cared? 😉

(He meant to say, of course, that he could not have cared less.)

/Grammar Nazi

Another Euro point of view

Now to me at least that choice of word of “saboteur” is unhappy as when I was a kid the french comedies of the 60s about WW2 were still very popular among children all over Europe and in many of those films where Germans were of course often ridiculed, there was a “sabotage” scene were invariably a fat German general would angrily shout “sabotage ! (sabotache with the German accent) Sabotage !” on top of a dysfunctional tank. So now each time I come across this story I think of an overweight Elon shouting “sabotache ! sabotache !” on top of a stranded tank. We don’t choose our cultural influences…

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Listen all y’all…

Bro1999 aka Bob Lutz are you happy or sad today TSLA at $347 LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS thanks for caring about our planet

Ron Swanson's Mustache

You and Bro should get a room.

I don’t hold any Tesla stock so I couldn’t really care less about its price.

All the Tesla fanboys should hear the man out before making further accusations:

For example:

“Tripp says that any suggestions that he was a saboteur are “flat out lies”.

“I’ve never gone to any outside company, any oil industry people,” he added. “I care about the public and safety.”

A 40-year-old US navy veteran, Tripp started working for Tesla in October 2017. “I left a really god job and condo in Milwaukee … because I thought I was going to do something good for the world, accelerating the world’s sustainability,” he said, referencing Tesla’s corporate mission.”

Do all the Tesla zealots think that Elon is right and this ex-employee (who by the way is now being harassed and had to flee with this family to a hotel!) is wrong?

Let’s wait and see.

Maybe you are all in for a surprise.

Yes. Mr. Tripp is certainly saving the world from suddenly evil Tesla by revealing high rework and scrap rates for a new manufacturing process that is undergoing an unprecedented volume ramp.

Just my opinion: I could be wrong. Tripp has delusions of grandeur and inflated self importance. And if he in fact did tell a friend that he was planning to go back and shoot up the place as alleged – then he has serious mental issues, and needs help.

Martin Tripp is a rogue. The oil companies who are destroying forests, polluting the air and poisoning the air are the biggest thiefs, how come no one in those company become a whistleblower.

This guy Marting Tripp should have been bribed by oil companies to say something false about Tesla.