2017 Chevrolet Volt Gets Minor Updates

DEC 18 2015 BY MARK KANE 58

2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt 2nd generation car as a model year 2016 isn’t available nationwide, but the 2017 model year Volt will be.

Deliveries of first 2017 Volts are expected in the Spring, while order books open this month.

The 2017 Volt will get “Additional Content” compared to the outgoing 2016, but according to the autoevolution.com, the additions aren’t that significant.

If you wondering whether it’s better to buy the 2016 or wait for the 2017, here are the main differences:

The same standard equipment/price is expected for both the 2016 and 2017 Volt.

For more details on the 2017 Volt, check out this very informative post from a Chevrolet dealer in Texas.

Source: autoevolution.com

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Nice looking car.

Yeah, I feel the new Volt does look a bit better than the old Volt.

It needs to be bigger though for us fat old Americans. :-/


Yes, if only that drivetrain were in a wider range of vehicles they’d drive down the cost and sell a lot more…

Need a new XT5 with VOLTEC drive. Sorry but I may have to jump ship to a MB 300Ce and then after that the 350 GLCe should be out.

Saw my first one yesterday and I found it much better looking in person than in photos. My only qualm is with the front end and that stupid chrome plate over the grill.

Wait, the 2017 Volt is available in Green? Is that a first for plug-ins?

1. That color (it’s available on a lot of 2016 GM stuff) isn’t anywhere near what I’d describe as green.

2. Tesla had a beautiful deep green option on the Model S for awhile, but no longer.

First few years of Gen1 Volt had a “green” option it wasn’t much of a shade of green nearly silver unless parked next to a real silver Volt

@Kacey Green

Otherwise known as Viridian Joule after a 40 year-old Floridian Volt fan’s name for the color won a contest to name the it – a silver with a slight green tint added.

Just a tidbit of Volt history trivia.

never tried this before, so thanks EV staff for assistance.

For the very few that are interested, this purports to be the new Deep Green (Forest-ish Green) that we’ve been waiting for (and threatened to paint our car with).


and an important side note for those that do appreciate this color —
budget a detail (personal or paid) per year for solar protection wax. For some reason, the sun just hates dark green, and it will peel like a citrus fruit if not carefully protected.
Which goes a Long way toward explaining why you never see Deep Green anymore.

I recently turned in my Virdian Joule (Green, but everyone thought it was silver) Chevy Volt at the end of lease and bought a Green (but everyone thinks it’s black) Tesla Model S.

My 2011 Volt is green. Technically it’s called Veridian Joule and was the signature color for the Volt when it first came out.

I see what you did there……

My Tesla Roadster was Racing Green, I think, and , I seem to remember you had to plug it in to get back home from Syracuse.

Oh that’s right, it was plugged in at your house and you drove it.

The S’s racing green was so dark it could have been mistaken for black. What happened?

2071 Volt? Rocky 5000 will be out by then.


I am used to the fact that insideevs always has the scoop on the future developments.

But telling us about the 2071 Volt is really amazing!


So the big missing feature was adaptive cruise control? That’s not too big of an add. Just matching the new Prius.

Did anyone ever do a investigative story on the rumor about the hundreds (?) of Volts that were made and had to get refurbished or scrapped or whatever?

Uh, it’s matching the “old” top of the line, $40,000 Prius.

Yeah.. I don’t care much about any of these features. It might be worth holding out if it were going to have faster charging or something. Either way I have to wait since I’m in Texas.

Yup, still no optional 6.6 kW charging…

True…also no quick charging… ccs would be nicer than 6.6 as it could give 30 miles in 10 minutes or less… and then the ccs systems would be installed for the Bolt.

So GM annouced the 2016 Volt in september of last year, decreasing sales of the version one for a whole year, and now they hold back this one again to keep sales low. nissan and Toyota use other tactics to keep this sale curve flat, instead of the normal exponntial take off it should be on forma couple of years.
Only The expensive Tesla, curiously, sell out all they can produce, even if is luxury, less affordabl models.

That’s it. I don’t think GM’s real reason(s) haven’t been published. We may never know why this was done.

“Only The expensive Tesla, curiously, sell out all they can produce, even if is luxury, less affordabl models.”

So, it is okay for Tesla to trickle out Model X, but it isn’t okay for GM to trickle out the new Volt? GM still trickle out the new Volt at ~200x the rate of the Model X.

Talking about bias…

I suspect the early model year change is mainly driven by the break-point from engine manufacturing being done in Mexico and moving to Flint, MI.

From one of the early press releases from GM:

The new drive unit will be manufactured at GM’s Powertrain plant in Warren, Mich., and the 1.5L engine will be manufactured at GM’s Toluca, Mexico engine plant for the first year of production, then shift to the Flint, Mich. engine plant.

Yeah, these still are not ‘perfect’ cars, and GM’s arrogance unfortunately shows up in the details… I have 2 EV’s of theirs which only charge at theoretically 3.3 kw but due to the fact that most of our public chargers only have 200 volts on them, they only charge at a 3.0 kw rate when using them, and when you’re out of town it is a bit of an inconvenience, but then we’re supposed to use the ‘megacharger system’ (gas engine). This 2016-7 volt is a bit better at home (3.6 kw), although may still be just 3.0 in public. I’ve looked at its new charge port and it is not labeled as the old ones were. If its any comfort, the new BOLT will have a 7.2 kw charger, and CCS standard.. I suppose GM feels that since you can always just run the engine, its no problem, but it seems to me almost all Volt owners enjoy running on the battery to the greatest extent possible. SO the big frustration I have is with my EARLY (2011) VOLT, that runs the engine at 27 degrees F, and there is nothing I can do about it, or the BIGGER… Read more »

I figured the 2017 model year would be getting wireless Apple CarPlay but, since it’s not mentioned here, I guess it will remain wired as in the 2016 model year.

Android Auto should be available as an option by then for the 2017 new orders as well. In addition, my understanding is that the 2016 models will be able to be updated to support Android Auto sometime soon. Currently they only support Apple Car Play.

Choose the 2017 Volt.

Still no garage door opener?

I just saw that in the link. What the hell?

Has Volt never had Homelink? I never knew that. It is a feature I have routinely overpaid for in the past.

Gen 1 volt has home link but gen 2 does not. I was expecting to see that oversight fixed with 2017. Guess not.

OK, guess I should have Googled first. So Gen 1 had it, but Gen 2 doesn’t even have it as an option.

I am flat out stunned. I don’t know about everyone else, but my EVSE is in my garage. I use the HomeLink 2 times a day, minimum.

If GM really was encouraging EV’s over ICE, they’d have Homelink and 6.6 kW charging included by now, on Gen2. But noooooOooooo.

“If GM really was encouraging EV’s over ICE, they’d have Homelink and 6.6 kW charging included by now, on Gen2. But noooooOooooo.”

So, first you complain that Volt isn’t an EV. But now it is?

Then you are assuming that Homelink and 6.6kW charging would make or break the sales?

Anon, aka biggest Volt hater on the internet will always find a way to hate on Volt.

6.6 is a big deal. It is probably the biggest complaint of the 2016/2017 Volt that existing Volt owners have. Especially with Leaf going from 3.3 to 6.6 during the same time frame.

I really wish the Volt had 6.6 kW charging as an option, but the Volts worst feature has to be those tiny back seats.
But the thing that really irritates me the most is that including 6.6 kW charging as an option would cost them next to nothing. $200-$300 more in parts, same labor, charge the buyer $400 and have a happy Volt driver and a profit.
Fixing the backseats is a huge problem and it hasn’t been fixed in Gen II.

And to make matters worse, the Leaf charges at the FULL RATE (either 3.6 or 6.6 kw – that is if the public charger point is over 30 amps) , at public charging points which around me are usually only 200 volts, whereas the volt with its 15 amp limitation only charges at 3.0 kw.

Probably because 200 volts is the common voltage in Japan.

You should think this through once more…

If you charge at work — you get 8 hours on a plug. More than enough to fill up. If you charge at home after work, you get 12 hours on a plug…

One or two days per month, fast charging *might* be useful for some people. But, it’s just not an option that most Volt owners would even find useful.

I’m the same, Josh. I charge at home, and use the garage 2-3 times per day. I find it unbelievable that a $30,000+ vehicle (especially one with a plug) would not come with Homelink.

I won’t definitively say that the lack of a Volt Homelink is game over in my mind, but it sure makes it less likely. I may wait and check out the coming Outlander PHEV this Spring.

Are you kidding me?

My 2014 has home link, how the heck does the new and *improved Volt not have it!!!!

More differences not listed here:

– Mexican-sourced 1.5L range extender will be American-made – The 2016’s generator and transmission are made in Toluca, Mexico. Your 2017 Volt will likely have American-sourced parts. Engine to be built in Flint, Michigan and the transmission in Warren, Michigan.

– Android Auto! Take THAT, Apple folks! Hey , I’m kidding, to each their own.

Hoping for:
( in order of feasibility )

– Fast Charging option.

– HomeLink

– Ambient Lighting option costing less than $600.

– True Beige interior – not brandy or taupe.

– Built-in turn signals in mirrors like gen1 and Cruze gen1 and 2.

– A better integration of “plastic wart ball-buster” cupholder from floor to built into rear armrest.

– Run flat tires

– 1″ more rear headroom via redesigning back seat cushions

– RS Model (like Cruze) with slightly stiffer tuned suspension, unique wheels, 0-60 programming to 6.0+, black grilles.

– Fully independent double-A arm rear suspension.

– BEV version, adding battery pack under hood in place of ICE ReX.

“– Fully independent double-A arm rear suspension.”

Yeah, seriously! Even the new Prius finally got that. However GM is bent on making cars that “people can afford”, so the bean-counters rule.

Our 2016 has forward detection braking. Settings are: off, warn, warn and brake. I have `tested` the warn part.

I could be wrong but I heard that the 17 will have a “high speed” forward detection braking as opposed to the 16 which has a lower speed version.

Simple mods that will make Gen 2 look incredibly better

– black out both front grills

– black out bowties

– black out chrome trim on windows

– black out LT rims

– black out roof

Finally we can get Adaptive Cruise Control on this car. It’s about time.

Will it run on Ethanol E85. Volt has only a generator and not an engine I believe and it should be able to burn E85 to generate electricity.

You can add a factory-look Homelink for $200. Articles about it on the Volt forum. Not a big deal. Not sure why some models are deleting it.
Remember the Volt is a hybrid. 6.6kw charging is unnecessary when you have a gas engine on board. When I’m on trips, I burn gas. Waiting any amount of time to charge is dumb. Full charge in 4 hours on L2 will give me two full charges per day if I need it. Good enough.

Vog, remember that the Volt is an electric car that has a generator. A lot of us don’t want to use the generator unless we have to. And given the pokey charge rate on a Volt, we have to use the generator a lot more than we would like. I frequently charge during my lunch break and I get 10 miles of additional range in an hour. Then I end up using the genset for 5-10 miles by the end of the day. I could have eliminated the majority of those gasoline miles with electric miles if I was charging at a 6.6 kW rate. The same applies to families that come home for dinner and plug the Volt in and then go out for events. They wouldn’t need to burn gas if the charger was faster.
I don’t think the Volt needs DC Fast Charging, but it could definitely use an option for buyers to choose a 6.6 kW charger upgrade. It would cost next to nothing for GM to do, and it would make a lot of Volt owners happy.

I prefer the look of the old Volt. It looked more futuristic. The new Volt looks like every other 4 door sedan. They really need to make the Volt stand out and look more modern for the next version. To bad. Now I have no desire to buy a Volt in it’s current look.

Oh, one more thing. Getting in the back seat of the new volt is very difficult. I hit my head on the upper frame. And I can’t lean forward enough to clear the frame because of arthritis of the spine. Very poor design.

Power Drivers Seat is what I need. Will the Chevy Cruze base power seat interchange with the Volt’s seat rails? Then swap out the seats? The power is already there with the heated seats.