Watch Brand New Tesla Model 3 Hit High Speeds On Autobahn: Video


Model3 in Europe hits the Autobahn just minutes after its sold.

Probably not what we would do right after taking delivery of a brand new car. However, this new Model 3 owner left the Tesla Tilburg delivery center and immediately set a course for the German Autobahn.

Once there, he picked up the pace quite a bit, despite a lack of familiarity with the Autobahn and high-speed driving.

The Model 3 handled high speeds without a problem, but the driver sort of chickened out, as you might say. Since he’s not used to high speeds, he says it was difficult to judge when to apply the brakes to slow for traffic ahead.

High-speed driving isn’t really Tesla’s strong suit, but it’s welcoming to know that the Model 3 has no issues at well over 130 MPH.

Grab a look at the clip above to see several repeated attempts to accelerate to even high speeds.

Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Europe began just recently. Deliveries in China are underway now too.

Video description:

I took my brand new Model 3 to the German highway, just 80KM away from the Tilburg delivery center.

209KM/h while wifey is holding her laptop, no problem.

I was too afraid to keep pushing as I’m not used to driving on the Autobahn and it was difficult to judge when to apply brakes.

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Looks a little shaky at 130. Someone needs to rebalance those wheels.

You can’t fix a shaky camera with rebalancing wheels.


If it would be the problem — you would NOT see the video and crew would be dead. 😉 Gust at 130 mph is really shaky? Isn’t it?
The article title key word is “New EV”! Would you risk ICE car to test like this?? W/o break-in period? The distance for an ICE is 300 – 600 miles! You can severely test any EV after a purchase!!

Plus, she was pretty much talking non-stop. He barely said a word. I think he was trying to drive, and I think it would be safer not to have to focus on the conversation.

Looks like she was having a Skype Conversation with someone else, via the Laptop, and likey using the cars WiFi to connect.

Or, watching videos, and it was the voice from the Laptop Speaker, hence it sounds so “Tinny!”

She is vloging in Romanian 🙂

143.5 mph. I wonder if the discharge rate is greater at higher speeds, lowering range?

Of course, physics.

No different, than consuming faster dino fuel when going fast in ICE …

These deep questions do give one pause, to wonder on, how humanity has managed to get as far as we have.

Individuals’ education has become so specialized that we shouldn’t expect a businessperson to have a good understanding of physics, nor should we expect an engineer to have a good understanding of economics.

I would love to see how deep this laptop will be integrated into the head of the passenger because of airbag deployment. It is a highest level of stupidity to keep laptop on the knees and drive this fast.

Is there any evidence of that, or are you just guessing?…

During collision impact, all unsecured items (including laptop computers) become projectiles. Although the seatbelt / airbag system can help to safely decelerate your body, any unsecured items will fly freely about the cabin, potentially causing injury to occupants.

wait until a roadster 3 is ran here.
It should be amazing.

Less than 210km/h
Not really fast ..

215 Kph is fastest I’ve seen, so, not “Too Outrageous”, I Suppose!

Sorry… I have seen over 320 Kph, but that was in a Cessna 210, and in a Mooney 231! Not the same!

Actually 231 was the high. But I think traffic got in the way for a sustained high speed. I was running 230 for a bit, and was surprised at how incredibly fast the road passes by. So if you do not think this is fast, maybe you should be driving Formula 1.

Well depends.
200km/h on a quite narrow 2 lane highway with lorries feels quite quick.
Especially if you then run up to someone “only” going 160km/h on the left lane.

I have driven a few times on the bavarian autobahn. And yes it can be fun for a time to really floor it if you have free run.
Also where but on parts of the german autobahn can you run your car into the speed limiter.
But then if you look at the consumption and the only marginal time savings, you quickly go back to a more relaxed cruising speed.
Also quite contrary to some popular believes outside of germany (and also someintes in germany itself), not all parts of the autobahn are a free for all high speed area, there are quite a lot areas where you are limited to 120km/h or even lower. What I found often strange is how the limits are applied, you have your two lane straight autobahn, wiht no limit, then a few kilometers later, the same straight 2 lanes and suddenly there is a limit for 120km/h, and a few kilometers after that the highway still looks the same and there is no limit again.

That has to do with houses or a neighbourhood behind the trees, to keep the sound and pollution lower.

How can you be a German and not be familiar with the Autobahn? Also, 209kmh isn’t that fast on the Autobahn, plenty of ICE cars travel that that speed between cities.

I can’t make out the language of the video but I think it’s French. The driver is probably not German.

He is a Romanian, most likely working in IT in the Holand.

I drove a Dodge Omni back in 1980’s at 130mph all the time. Not impressedat all.

Yeah, my Ford Pinto was just as roadworthy.

Oh, really, or was that a joke.
The Pinto certainly was.

“I drove a Dodge Omni back in 1980’s at 130mph all the time.”

Sure you did. And I kept passing you in my VW Beetle, too.

People have apparently forgot that the Omni GLH (Goes Like Hell) topped out at 152MPH for the Shelby. Even the regular GHL would do 130.

I think typo, 130 kph?

Dodge Omni’s speed can’t be measured in kph, at least those that drove them couldn’t.

Goes Like Hell! Did you have the Shelby, or just the “-T?”

Rasmus Birkegaard Christensen

Stupid… Brakes has not been bedded yet!

1. 209km/h is not really high speed
2. If you have never driven this fast doing it on your first drive with a brand new car is a little bit not so bright.

You’re contradicting yourself. Is 209 km/h too fast or not fast to drive? It isn’t the top speed of the car in any case.

Of course we will have all Autobahn regulars telling the writers now that 200km/h is not fast, really …. tough on-line crowd, you know, these days … every fart is scrutinized.

He seems to be driving faster than everyone else around him too.

Juhu, german besserwisser, nice.

Another idiot who clearly doesn’t understand how dangerous it is to drive that fast. A hazard to everyone else on the motorway.

If you think driving under the speed limit is dangerous, you must be one of those idiots who drive 20 MPH on highway. Or do you keep it below 5 MPH since even 20 MPH can kill?

This is pointless personal attack with a straw man that doesn’t make sense. The reason 209 km/h is an objectively dangerous speed is because an accident at that speed would almost certainly end in a fatality.

By your logic, when there is no speed limit, driving at the speed of light must be inherently safe and anyone who says otherwise or drives slower is an idiot?

Don’t just reflexively attack people if you don’t have a coherent point to make. Driving that fast is dangerous. Jack wasn’t wrong.

She never stop talking.

So what???

Cute how “wifey” just goes on doing her stuff completely unfazed 😉

130mph is not that “scary fast” on the Autobahn but many, who are used to American packed highways and ignorant drivers, would think so. I wonder if the driver would know what bright headlights flashed behind him meant? Overall, good performance from a family sedan but probably not ready for the “Ring”.

I never exceed the speed limit, but 130 MPH is not scary fast in many American highways. Through intercity highway (ie, road to Vegas), it actually feels “about right” and I suspect similar experience with sports sedans. Again, I never exceed the speed limit, especially not on liter class superbike.

LOL .. like none of us ever do, right?

Even though 130 mph might not feel scary, the impact-energy of a vehicle going 130 mph is quadruple that of the same vehicle traveling at 65 mph. A 130mph-to-0mph crash-deceleration does 4 times as much physical damage (including damage to your body) as a 65mph-to-0mph crash-deceleration

Your not from Germany. Flashing the brights is extremely rude in Germany.

Yup, lived in Germany for more than 12 years and every non-German thinks he is immediately a race driver when on the Autobahn, friggin annoying, the pace there is really not for the faint of heart, driving over 200 km/h almost bumper to bumper. But still, fun times!

Does range drop dramatically at these sustained higher speeds?

Yes a lot. Bjorn Nyland on YouTube has done testing on the Autobahn. Range could be half of EPA rating at 120MPH, or worse.

Yes, and the exact same thing is true for a gasoline car. Aerodynamic drag increases exponentially with vehicle speed.

209 km/h? I don’t know a sedan that can’t do that easily.

My 13 year old Crown Vic with a whopping 250HP (lol) motor can do that all day long. About the same weight as the Model 3 (just under 4,000 lbs).

I did it just yesterday in a rented 2.0d BMW X2 xdrive on my way from Garmisch to Munich. Easy.

It figures that you drive a Diesel.

I wish they made an electric with the configuration of an X2 – nicely designed car.

I wonder how long the model 3 can handle speeds above 120 MPH? Bjorn Nyland of YouTube did testing with his X, did ok but had some power limitations after 25 minutes or so. Model 3 has superior cooling and efficiency so that helps with endurance.

American spec M3 LR range is 180 kms at 200 kph.
German with English subtitles

horrible lane discipline

Not really … come to Ontario, Canada and you will know how it feels when there’s zero left lane discipline and enforcement as well as mediocre driving skills in general. A driver’s “paradise” ….

Oh Canada, where driving stinks…

Yep … GTA Toronto is hands down one o the worst places to drive in developed world (basically non-existent efficient public transit and mediocre road infrastructure; lack of first mandates car driving to get around; driving licences are easy to get …) … most people have no idea before they move in there. It’s just rude awakening few months later.

No different in L.A. There came a time when the left lane on freeways just became another lane.

Probably lucky to get 100 miles range at that speed

Actually, I only saw him hit 200 km/h or slightly more once for a split second. When I lived over there, I worked in Italy several summers and one summer drove to southern Italy with some Italian friends in their BMW, at well over 200 km/h most of the way. They were up to 250km/h occasionally. In France, where I lived, the speed limit was 130 km/h on the freeway. But when I went the speed limit in my little Peugeot, I had to stay in the slow lane and everybody (especially German cars, because I lived near Germany) blew by me and left me in the dust. So this guy in the video wasn’t doing anything exceptional for over there…

These are some Moldavian mates😃 salut!

I can tell from that moldavian accent of the romanian language they’re from Moldova ☺️