Watch McLaren 720S Blow Away Tesla Model 3 In Drag Race


You didn’t expect the Tesla Model 3 to win, did you?

Model 3 Versus McLaren 720s

It’s not even in the same ballpark as the mighty Tesla Model S P100D.

But go ahead and watch as the Tesla Model 3 attempts to take down a McLaren 720s in a quarter-mile drag race.

The Model 3 was recently strapped to a dyno and the result was a recorded 280 (peak of 340) HP and 552 pound-feet of torque. On the flip side, the McLaren 720S puts out 710 HP and 568 pound-feet of torque, so it shouldn’t be a fair fight.

Video description:

“We know it’s a ridiculous race, but we have the first official real world 1/4 mile results done at a drag strip for the all new Tesla Model 3 while running against the amazing and very fast McLaren 720S.”

Yes, it’s a ridiculous matchup, but at least we get to see 0 to 60 MPH and 0 to 100 MPH times for the Model 3.

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16 Comments on "Watch McLaren 720S Blow Away Tesla Model 3 In Drag Race"

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What a beautiful, stunning, absolutely gorgeous car!

And the McLaren’s not bad too.

Silly Race

Completely pointless IMO

At least we got another data point on the Model 3’s performance though. 4.6 seconds to 60 further confirms some of the other high 4s times we have been seeing from automags like Motor Trend.

It looks like it’s consistently getting to 60 almost half a second faster than claimed by Tesla.

Smart and good looking

Racing isn’t pointless.

It has lots of points.
Like winning.
And data.
And engineering improvements.

The McClaren is a great car. Not only does it run 9”s at over 140mph, it does it without AWD. And it is one of the fastest cars on the track. Beating all kinds of Hyper Cars at 1/3 the price.

Well, duh.

And the Tesla jumped the lights

Really stupid waste of time. Model3 is at most $50k, before rebate. McLaren 720s is $285k. Haha my jet is faster than your boat.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

ROTFLMAO………….. you stooopid….lol

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

What’s the price as tested?!?!?!?!?!?

I honestly don’t think the Roadster 2.0 will out handle a 720S on the track, and certainly not for more than a few minutes. However, it would be satisfying to just see the roadster run the high 8’s and hit 140’s in the quarter mile. That alone would be a milestone. But the 720s is light weight, with unlimited endurance, so don’t think it can be touched by an EV in the long run.

I’m pretty sure the Roadster will have an active battery management system and motor cooling designed for the track. It can be done it just adds cost which at that price point Tesla will certainly do it.

Look at the NIO EP9. It set a record at Nurburgring and obviously ran flat out the entire run without overheating. EVs can be track cars it just takes money and engineering.

Pretty impressive where 100+ years of ICE development gets us. However couple more years and a production EV will embarrass any ICE supercar. Don’t forget the quote about driving gasoline; “will feel like a steam engine”

It will be interesting if Tesla make the Model 3 P75D ludicrous (I’m working on the fact we think the LR is 75kWh battery, but maybe it will be the PLRD ludicrous).
Certainly funny to watch these dragsters testing against all different vehicles.

Running straight… how much fun is that. Sooo boring. No wonder American fast cars didn’t exist until the Ford GT and amongst streetcars, the C7.

Now they can say: “We beat the Tesla!”