Watch Electrify America’s New JetStones Ad Campaign

AUG 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 49

Electrify America launches Plug In To the Present with this “JetStones” ad campaign

Volkswagen’s Electrify America, besides its major task of building charging infrastructure, as part of its $2 billion effort to advance zero-emission adoption, launched an educational campaign to raise EV awareness called Plug In To The Present.

It’s the first such campaign from Electrify America that will kick off with national TV broadcasts, radio, and a website Plug In To The Present. The website briefly describes EV cost, range, time of charge, performances, charging point locations, EV models on the market and even hydrogen models.

The first advertising spot is entitled “JetStones” and is related to Hanna-Barbera cartoons, “The Jetsons” and “The Flintstones”, which represent the future and the past of automotive (electric cars and internal combustion engine cars).

The brand-neutral video presents several electric cars, an Electrify America fast charging station (there is currently eight opened) and a demonstration of the EV acceleration from stop lights compared to a surprised driver in a gasoline car.

When you’re behind the wheel, are you a Jetson or a Flintstone? Check out this cool commercial to learn why electric cars aren’t just a thing of the future — EVs are here today. They’re fast, quiet and fun to drive! Say goodbye to the Stone Age. Switch to an electric vehicle today!”

More details:

ABB fast chargers at Electrify America station

“The advertising spot, titled “JetStones,” aims to broaden consumer awareness of the advantages and availability of electric vehicles, plus a growing network of EV fast chargers in metropolitan areas, along highways, and in communities at workplaces and multiunit dwellings.

Using the theme songs from two popular Warner Bros.’ Hanna-Barbera cartoons, “The Jetsons” and “The Flintstones,” in the television and radio commercials, the campaign is a playful take on the transition of personal transportation from the Stone Age to the reality of electric vehicles available today. The advertising spot features electric vehicles from six different car manufacturers to showcase a wide variety of EVs available in today’s marketplace.

“Electric cars are not something of the future, they are here now and more accessible than many people know,” says Richard Steinberg, senior director, green cities, marketing and communications, Electrify America. “The JetStones campaign is just the beginning of our work to educate and demonstrate that electric vehicles offer a full array of features that customers expect, and they are totally fun to drive.”

The brand-neutral campaign, developed with creative agency Deutsch, will run nationally through June 2019. The national advertisement was directed by Matt Piedmont, an award-winning film director and writer. The TV commercial was developed, cast, filmed and produced in Southern California.

“This is the first expression of a new movement to break down myths about electric vehicles,” says Guto Araki, EVP, executive creative director at Deutsch. “We tapped into iconic theme songs from the fan-favorites ‘The Flintstones’ and ‘The Jetsons’ as a way to connect the past to the present, and to send the message that the future is electric.”

The campaign, which features the national TV and radio spots, is part of a $45 million education and public awareness initiative. Electrify America, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America, is investing $2 billion over a 10-year period in Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure and awareness.”

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LOL. VW is advertising Bolt! Too bad they didn’t put Tesla.

No Tesa in the end of the commercial, in that pack of 5 different EVs, from a variety of Legacy ICE OEMs.

Maybe Tesla didn’t want to provide one to the production company. It’s possible that the manufacturers contributed to the production of this commercial and Tesla said no. All speculation on my part. I have no idea how the selection was made. Maybe the commercial was really made by a bunch of Tesla shorters. IDK.

Well, the best selling Tesla can’t even charge on those stations. It would be false advertising by EA if they claimed that Tesla could use those chargers.

Tesla with Chademo adapter can charge in those stations. If Leaf is shown, so should Tesla.

But the best selling car, the Model 3, can’t charge on them.

Not true. Tesla suppliers adapters for other charge formats. The reverse is the case in that Other cars can’t use Tesla chargers. There are no charger adapters for CCS, Chaedemo cars to use Tesla superchargers. There is one company offering an AC based format adapter though….

Tesla, despite the “open patents” has n’t actually released the details on or provided a license to allow non-Tesla vehicle use of their DC Chargers.

The Model 3 can not charge from Chademo nor CCS. That is a fact.

Come on. More down votes please. It is a falsifiable statement. The Model 3 can not be charged using Chademo or CCS.

Then they could’ve put S or X that can use Chademo.

I charged my Model 3 yesterday using a Chargepoint charger while I was at a doctor’s appointment.

The Model S and X can though, and in 2017 those 2 outsold most if not all of those cars. Model 3 will get chademo support soon. We shall see about ccs.

The Model 3 won’t get Chademo support. I have the same evidence as you have for the claim that it will.

I don’t know why people are down voting you. All your posts in the article are correct.

They are just shooting the messenger.

If only.

Patents are “open” but not “free”

Best selling EV. Not best selling car.

I actually meant best selling Tesla. Best selling EV would also be true.

The Model 3 can’t charge on them at present. I’ve heard that the Tesla Chademo adaptor needs a fix to work with the Model 3. I’m sure it will be working by the time there are more than a handful of Electrify America charging stations.

On the website I smelled something fishy when it said that electric vehicles range from 80 **to 250** miles (not 300), lol.

Doesn’t S75D fall under that range?

Tesla’s are pricey. And maybe Tesla did not want to give them any to use in the ad.

I think there is no Tesla because they are targeting a more middle class audience. The bulk of those that buy new cars need to consider an electric car to really get a revolution going. Wealthy people already know all about Tesla and those that are receptive to the idea of electric cars already have their reservation in.

The vast majority of Americans already know what a Tesla is and what it can do. Among it’s features, pretty much all Americans know it’s expensive and most know they can’t afford one. This ad I think is hoping to plant the seed that maybe an electric car is possible for more people and they should check it out. If they feature a Tesla, most people will tune out unless they are already a Tesla fan.

I don’t understand – everyone on this blog swears up and down that “legacy makers” are “slow walking” and doing everything they can to maintain the “dinosaur ICE’s” dominance. And yet, here is VW, paying its own money to run commercials to promote EV, feature EVs from other manufacturers, and not even putting its own products (E-Tron, Taycan, etc.) in it. This must be some sort of 49D chess play by VW to undermine EV and Tesla in particular.

VW is doing this entire programme as ordered by the courts for dieselgate (as if you didn’t know).

Link that VW is being forced to advertise EVs in the US? There are scores of requirements as part of that settlement, but I’ve never seen it written that VW must fund a PSA campaign to promote EVs. Below is a link to the EPA’s website that describes the conditions of the settlement, and no where does it state that VW must make commercials about the advantages of EVs. Build lots of charges? Yup. Pay lots of money? Yup. Run commercials featuring their competitors’ products? Nope. Maybe I missed it – can you point to it?

Nissan Leaf bringing up the rear, in the pack of EVs ?

Bolt1999 will ADORE this ad!

More specifically, he’ll mock Tesla for getting snubbed.

It’s already been done by others in here, so no need to add redundancy. 😀

It’s nice to see the competitors acknowledge the Bolt. Even VW knows a completely practical, affordable BEV when it sees one. 🙂

This is really cute and a good, playful way to nudge gas-car owners to think about EVs as we all were gradually nudged into the now of PCs and smartphones.

A great campaign, yet the equivalent to someone doing community service as part of their sentence in court.

Volkswagen got caught doing what all the other ICE OEMs who make diesels and called them, “clean diesels” were doing. Some are still cheating.

Today, we see penalties placed upon VW and lots of talk about making charging stations and electric cars to make penance. Concept cars and press releases have become tiresome, repetitive and numbing. Actual results from all this posturing seem slow and infrequent.

This ad campaign may be seen as cute and positive, I for one am optimistic it can plant seeds in the minds of those who see it. Where will these be broadcast and how much? Volkswagen has lost any respect from me until I see EVs in large numbers flowing out its factory doors and VW-built charging station locations growing like weeds.

It will come soon. Keep in mind there have been EV investments for over $500 billion among car and parts makers. I work with mechatronics (among other things), and I have been to several parts manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and a few car factories. Trust me, this will be cool. The VW group will release about a new EV model each month. The PSA group have done investments, and are buzy engineering new EV models with their own motor/drive units. Ford will come with their own models, and in partnership with another brand. Renault are working on their third motor/drive unit design, and will release at least one more model in the excisting drive unit (not including the vans, Kangoo electric and Master). Mercedes, BMW, Opel . . they will release products soon too. New brands will arrive, that offer niche products, that will still have an impact on the speed of electrification. IVECO, Ford, VW, Mercedes, Renault and probably others will release commercial electric vans. All the major truck brands will release electric buses and trucks. Brands like Bosch have done (and continue to do) investments from everything from e-bikes to truck parts. Other huge brands like Schaeffler Group offer… Read more »

Everything you’ve listed is true, but almost meaningless because few of the LICE industry have made the investments required in battery capacity to do little more than “compliance” numbers (excepting TESLA & BYD).
Show us the battery capacity of a Gigafactory before any claims greater than lip service are made.

Watch CATL as they ramp up some meaningful battery capacity (50 GWH by 2020), but still playing Ketchup to the expanding Sparks, Nevada Gigafactory, in the meantime.

I just went to that website. The main page has nine sections, most of which have a Learn More button that opens a third party site in a new tab; sites like GreenCarReports, CarAndDriver, PlugInAmerica, PlugShare, even and (sadly, those last two are specifically for HFCV info).

Pretty slick, well designed and level-headed overall, IMHO.

I agree, and it was great to see that “Locations” link open up PlugShare instead of the EA map.

Meh. It doesn’t really tell you anything about EVs.

I wonder how many dcfs ccs chargers could have been installed and operaring for the $45 million they spent on nationwide tv ads. I doubr if I will see any in NorCal. Glad they used the Chevy Bolt EV as a an adoptive exemplar as the Bolt EV costs far less to buy, operate, insure, maintain then the M3. You can get a shop manual for a Bolt EV but not a M3. The M3 was touted as the mainstream first popular mass production EV that everyone would adopt. Not exactly as the M3’s price is 3 times that of a loaded Bolt EV. Let’s see the Model Y! Or GM’s equivilent.

Hmm, my Model 3 cost $51k, that’s not three times the cost of a loaded Bolt EV ($44,610).

Math is not the forte of shorters, shills and FUDSters.

Insurance and cost of ownership and

Hey, your M3’s “3 times” price speculation, seems to be the exorbitant postulation of someone, who is a Giddy Deek!

Coincidently, my Model 3 is named “Jetson”.

And, your Model 3 rear bumper, after navigating much too quickly, through deep puddles, is named “Jettison”!🙄

Not a bad ad campaign, but it’s going to take a lot more than that to change the culture and how EVs are viewed. They need to use everyday EV drivers as evangelists, something like what Apple did in the early days. I spent time with extended family this last weekend and all of them had questions about what it is like to drive an EV, fuel and maintenance costs, recharging, etc etc. They all now know it’s possible to drive the entire west coast in a Bolt EV, and how we did that with very little hassle. Lots of listening happening there. That is what we need more of.

How bizarre it will be when a consumer watches these commercials made by VW and then goes to the VW dealer to find they don’t have any EV’s for sale.