Tesla Runs Red Light At 128 MPH, Smashes Into Infiniti SUV: Video


Fortunately, everyone involved in this horrific crash survived.

Surveillance video obtained just yesterday from an October 21, 2018 crash shows the moment a white Tesla ran a red light in Miami Beach and crashed into an Infiniti SUV.

All three occupants of the SUV were seriously injured, but all survived. The EMS is seen in the video at the right place and right time to immediately assist.

According to police, the Tesla (Model S, we believe) was recklessly traveling at 128 MPH two seconds before the crash. However, the car slowed to 93 MPH at the time of impact. It appears as though Tesla’s Automatic Emergency Braking attempts to slow the car prior to impact.

The video description adds:

Jose Manuel Soto, 38, surrendered to authorities Jan. 25 on three counts of reckless driving causing serious bodily injury. According to a complaint affidavit, Soto was speeding on the MacArthur Causeway at 1:05 a.m. Oct. 21 when he ran a red light and crashed into the Infiniti as it was legally making a U-turn on Fountain Street.

Musk On How Autopilot Works

Autopilot was not engaged due to the fact that it doesn’t allow for this sort of highly dangerous, high-speed driving. Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted this to Twitter when he got word of the crash:

Had Autopilot been engaged, the crash wouldn’t have occurred.

This is simply a case of a reckless, destructive driver and the person behind the wheel of the Tesla is fully at fault. However, it speaks volumes for the safety of the Tesla, as both occupants were uninjured. And the safety of the Infiniti too, as it was hit in the side. That sort of impact at that speed is not easy to protect against.

Police Comments

Miami Beach Police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez stated:

“An impact so hard, it nearly cuts that SUV in half. “We’re talking spinal fractures, collapsed lungs, one with a traumatic brain injury,”

“That’s reckless endangerment for everyone.”

“At 128 miles per hour, I don’t think anyone stood a chance.”

Interview With Victim Survivor

Down below is another video. This one features an interview with one of the survivors who was inside the Infiniti SUV.

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Wow that ambulance was in the right place at the right time!


And hopefully the building the background was a hospital. Nuts.

I wonder if the driver of the Tesla was trying to commit suicide and didn’t care who he took with him. I hope he spends a significant part of his remaining life in jail.

Nope that’s Miami driving style.

Who cares?? Somebody find a heavy piece of that Tesla and then find the Tesla driver and beat him to death with it!! People like this revoke their own right to live. That’s how you keep a “civilization” civil. There is no justification for this kind of driving.

Your response falls in the same category of “unkeeping civilization”.

He means: Beat him to death – but in a civilized manner.

Ha ha yes! I’m thinking some consider that civilized…

It’s quite astounding that 20+ people agree with your death penalty idea. Unfortunately, for the U.S., the death penalty does little more than perpetuate an unfair and unjust method of penalizing the poor in favor of those who can afford a premium defense. This is besides the point that the death penalty is a waste of taxpayer money.

I could go on, but any logical argument would be lost on fools hungry for blood and retribution. But one last thing I will point out is that anyone who can afford a Tesla will never receive the same punishment as someone who drives an old beater. That’s a fact of life in the U.S.

My guess is no, because there were brake lights.

The brake lights could be the Tesla automatic braking system activating. The story suggests this.

If the AEB activated, in a Tesla the AEB would disengage if the driver himself stepped on the brake pedal during an AEB event and the input from the driver pressing the brake pedal would control the amount of brake force. Other manufacturers have their AEB systems programmed to apply maximum braking force and disregard the driver inputs on the brake pedal during an AEB event, thus always applying maximum brake force and never the sometimes weaker braking force from the driver stepping on the brake pedal with full force to the floor.

My Leaf isn’t even geared to go 128mph.

I’m totally OK with that.

I don’t think anyone who bought a Leaf intended to go over 90mph.

I think the fastest I could get my 2013 Leaf to go was 94 mph.

Same here with a ’15. Still left behind on Texas freeways… 😉

I was totally unprepared when my test drive Leaf stopped accelerating at 150 km/h on the Autobahn.


( 80 )

“It appears as though Tesla’s Automatic Emergency Braking attempts to slow the car prior to impact.”
No, at 0:11 you can crearly see the dude starts breaking very early

Actually, that makes no sense, if the drive was braking, he would have attempted an evasive maneuver along with the braking, obviously he didn’t give a sh*t what happened.

The driver might have attempted to swerve to the right because it looks like the rear of the Tesla began sliding to the left just prior to impact. At that speed and with the large SUV occupying much of the available open space, the Tesla driver didn’t really have anywhere to go to avoid the collision.

He was trying to avoid, but had nowhere to go and at his speeds there was not much to be done. It is remarkable that he is alive and speaks volumes to the safety of the Tesla. Too bad people feel the need to drive that fast on busy roads with cross traffic.

If he had hit me and my family like that, he would have wished he died in the crash.
I would have limped out of the hospital and killed him with a spoon. Slowly in other words..

Read the list of injuries: You would still be in your bed.

At that speed, turning your wheel is meaningless.

Not meaningless, just unpredictable.


no, it’s quite literally meaningless. You can make minor turns but the laws of physics prevent you from making alterations to your course large enough to avoid a crash in the situation this video displays. It would also reduce your braking potential, and in the above situation if he’d tried to swerve the damage would probably have been much worse, assuming he wouldn’t make the vehicle lose control entirely.

braking not breaking and there is no way to tell that the driver hit the brake but thanks for letting us know you can SEE the driver doing the braking, did you have x-ray vision or ???

( Tesla knows. If the data recorder survived. )

Or could have been the driver seeing the danger and lifting off the accelerator and brake lights indicating the start of high regen. Hard to see why anyone thinks they can be so sure with all the variables, and in any case this driver was all wrong.

Reminds me of a Joe Walsh song…

My Maseratti does one-eighty-five

I lost my license,

now I don’t drive.

i wonder if the guy will be charged with attempted manslaughter?

“i wonder if the guy will be charged with attempted manslaughter?”

Voluntary manslaughter requires intent. Merely running a red light does not show intent. But driving at speeds in excess of 100 mph might be seen as sufficient to impute intent. Effectively, attempted voluntary manslaughter is a reduction from attempted murder. In Florida this might be a sufficient means of showing intent. I don’t know Florida criminal law.

In California, there would be no finding of attempted manslaughter because it is defined as an attempted killing that would otherwise be attempted murder but is reduced to attempted voluntary manslaughter if the defendant attempted to kill someone because of a sudden quarrel or in the heat of passion. In California, the driver could be charged with attempted murder given the obscene speed.

But any attempted murder charge (whether voluntary or not) would probably not stick if the defendant had a good attorney. It is a close call as to finding intent of the driver, and a competent attorney would be able to show reasonable doubt.

BTW, there is no such thing as attempted involuntary manslaughter. As noted, an “attempt” requires intent. Involuntary manslaughter is absence of intent.

Most likely NOT the dude, but the car’s emergency braking system.

What an incredible butt hole. Lucky for him, he didn’t kill anyone. Imagine this would have been a smaller car, or a pedestrian.

Yeah, only a spinal fracture and brain injury. Nothing to write home about…

The fastest speed limit in the USA is 85 mph, it’s just stupid to sell cars in the USA that exceed that, so Tesla and others what did/do you expect?

The speed limit in US should be increased at least 10 mph and more speed cameras control.

Just what we need to be doing: emitting more CO2/mile at high speeds. EV’s aren’t exempt, in general, because most are fueled by carbon-based fuels or by renewable energy that could be used to reduce the use of carbon-based fuels.

It’s past time to reduce speed limits to reduce CO2 emissions.

If you calculated the incremental emissions increase caused by a 10mph higher highway speed limit over 30 years (after which non-renewable ICE will be mostly obsolete), you’d get a very small number.

About half of VMT is done on the highway, and far less will see a speed increase due to traffic and preference. That puts it at well under a trillion miles per year in the US and declining as ICE goes obsolete. Go from 25 mpg to 22 mpg, and that means an extra 50g of CO2 per mile. So we’re looking at under a billion tons in CO2 added over 30 years. That would cause maybe 0.004 degrees of warming.

If you want to make a case for avoiding a speed limit increase, the effect on auto deaths is orders of magnitude more important. But I expect most people would gladly accept that risk.

you are free to drive slower if you want. Mind you own business slaver.

For interstate highways, I’d be OK with a speed limit increase in theory. The problem is that there are too many clueless drivers that are unfamiliar with the principle that slower traffic needs to stay to the right, and that the left lane is the passing lane. If we had better drivers who demonstrated that they understood this, I’d be on board with an increase in the speed limit. No thanks to more speed cameras.

35,000 deaths a year isn’t enough for you?

Basic Laws of Physics evident here. Speeding car versus inserting the SUV into position for a broadside impact! Did the SUV Driver not look beyond the traffic Lights, to see if anyone was actually going to Ignore the Red Lights? Traffic Lights are often treated as “Suggestions”, anyway, just like “Speed Limits”, in the USA (& here in Canada!) Just because he did have a Legal Advance Left Green Turn, is nothing to do with the basic laws of Physics, which override any legalities. Any Fast Moving Car, not slowing to stop for that light, even a crappy Lada or Pinto, would have caused damage to that SUV, if they were approaching at 100+ Mph! Sure, the basic Mass of the Model S (at least it looks like it was an S, not X or a 3!) Could do far more damage to the SUV than a Geo Metro, in a T-Bone, but even a Geo Metro could probably get under it and flip it! My point is simple, something my Mother Taught me years ago: “Son, you can be Right! Dead Right! But Still Dead! Watch out when driving!” Sometimes, one needs to remember, when driving, imagine “everyone else… Read more »

Many, if not most, humans have difficulty judging speed of an approaching object. It would be very difficult for someone to judge a vehicle approaching at speeds in excess of 120 mph. I have been in a car at 140 mph, and believe me, a LOT of ground is covered in five seconds. Expecting an average driver to comprehend how soon such an approaching car would reach them is to expect too much.

Uh, except plenty of people drive their cars on tracks and other private property where those speed limits don’t apply. And most drive very safely when on public roads. Just because you don’t want a fast car doesn’t mean others don’t want one.

There are also plenty of people who street race their cars on public roads. Have you not seen the hundreds of DragTimes articles on InsideEVs of Teslas street racing on Florida highways at speeds in excess of 100 mph?

So you want to pass a law to stop those who already ignore the law. Your logic is impeccable.

Banning guns leave criminals to use knives, so that’s why almost all of countries in American continent have more gun murders than US that has more guns than people? You’re delusion doesn’t reflect reality.

And physically impossible? You can get mod kits for the car, just like you can get 3D print guns.

If you’re still an NRA member at this point, one has to wonder if you think the government can do much of anything at all. You really should drop your membership, especially now that you know dues are used to promote Russian government interests.

Individual rights in the USA are legally considered to be preeminent. Only through a power granted under constitutional authority or through a legitimate government interest test can rights be impinged.

So far, no government entity whatsoever has supported your position about the sale of cars capable of exceeding your chosen speed restriction.

To NRA stuff, I agree. When NRA went along with taking private property without compensation, they lost any claim to fighting for rights. Either we are a nation of laws or nation of decree, and NRA chose latter. It wouldn’t surprise me if NRA wanted to confiscate cars that exceed the speed limit.

Used to have an 11 second street car in high school, along with a F Gas drag car. Finally a Pro Stock Car, raced professionally one year,, grew up with 60 mph go karts, mini bikes, Im still listed in
the all time NHRA Pro Stock list. (1985)

But honestly, on the street, no one needs anything that fast. It’s just stupid. I know, I used to be that stupid.

No one “needs” a car, either (nor motorcycles or computers or phones). Move closer to work instead of driving. Only in communism (aka, dictatorship without freedom) does “need” become the overriding factor.

reductio ad absurdum

If you want to survive on “need”, why are you even driving a car? Oh that’s right, only you want to have stuff, but you want everyone else to suffer on “need”.

Yup, typical of power mad socialist dictator who wants everything for himself while having others on verge of starvation. That’s why socialism always fail.

Teslas (and many modern cars) have GPS and ‘know’ when they are on public roads. They absolutely have the technology and capability to limit speed to non-reckless levels while on public roads. Perhaps someone can make a cogent argument for private citizens (non emergency personnel) traveling at speeds above 85 or 90 MPH on public roads. I can not. The comment by Bunny got sh** on – but I actually think it makes sense. I’ll bet all those that down voted would have an epiphany if they experienced a horrific accident and had a lifelong injury to deal with like any of the three victims in the Infiniti.

Limiting them to 85 wouldn’t stop people from being idiots. I am all for personal liberties, but throw the book at someone hurting someone else. Let the legal system do what it is supposed to and deal with them case by case.

In the 80s, they limited speedometers to 85 MPH to help reduce excessive speed. It didn’t work.

If the system is not doing what it’s supposed to do, what do you suggest, speed limit to 10 MPH since even 25 MPH can kill people? Actually, running over a person at 5 MPH can kill, so maybe ban all cars? How far do you want to take it?

“This country is an absolute dysfunctional cesspool, and it’s getting worse.”

What country isn’t? For all your bloviating, people all over the world think the US is the best country in the world. That’s why they want to come here by the millions.

If you think otherwise and that it’s getting worse, please make room for immigrants who want to come to the best country in the planet.

Again, where do you draw the line? Speed limit is arbitrary as demonstrated by national 55 MPH limit in the past. Being hit at 55 MPH vs 5 MPH, what speed limit would you choose? Whatever speed you choose, you’re not saving people from cars.

I’m using your logic, and if that sounds illogical, it’s because your argument is nonsense. Your goal is “saving people from cars”, and cars are unsafe at any speed. But you still want cars at some unstated speed without reason. Without specifics, you have no argument, never mind logic.

The problem with that logic is that you only punish them after they’ve already hurt someone.

Imagine applying that logic to impaired driving. Should we only punish those that cause harm, and let everyone that doesn’t off the hook, so that they can continue their risky behavior until someone does get hurt?

Most people who speed think they have enough skill to not hurt someone. Same with people who get drunk.

Public roads pose a safety risk to everyone, and therefore should be subject to democratic government regulation. The courts alone are not sufficient.

If you think a lone voice is rational, it just might be you who’s irrational. The fact that you think someone should be punished after they commit an act is a problem, presumably then they should be punished _before_ crime. That shows your selfish mental illness that makes you think you’re god-like being who can read minds.

Jails are mostly filled with non-violent drug offenders. Not murderers. Reckless driving should be considered as intent to murder. As should driving drunk.

If Ross Ulbricht who’s serving double life + 40 years for running a web site is any indication, they can certainly up reckless / drunk driving to at least life in prison. But given how lawmakers love to get drunk and party (eg. Ted Kennedy), I doubt they’ll make them any harsher.

He wasn’t convicted for attempted murder. That’s because that was completely fabricated charge without evidence. You really should look up actual facts instead of regurgitating propaganda.

But even if he was convicted of that, he’s serving longer sentence than those who actually murdered people. You really should look beyond propaganda.

First off, go to the non EV News site that published this story, that I read yesterday, from a link in a comment on another EV story on this site!

Next, Police Stated, from the cars own data, it WAS going 128 Mph, BEFORE it braked, and slowed to (as I Remember) 93 Mph at the point of impact.

Still darn fast, for such streets, but only 8 Mph over Some “Speed Limits” in the USA.

Also, videos posted about and including interviews from the injured, but only a comment that the Tesla Driver was Arrested. We have no explanation as to his reasons for his speed.

One time my Brother’s Child hit his head on the Triple 90° Corner of some stairs, and he was rushing to Hospital. I had to call the local precinct, and request an RCMP ESCORT for him!

so vote for someone who will change the laws.

“Because so many people speed, and they don’t like being held accountable for being reckless, selfish jerks.”

Are you saying you have never gone over the speed limit? Have you always come to a complete stop at a stop sign? Stop being a hypocrite and mind your own business.

Never let perfect be the enemy of good or right.

Actually Tesla has a slightly lower maximum speed than most ICE cars.
So ask the ICE car to cap their speed first.

“Actually Tesla has a slightly lower maximum speed than most ICE cars.”

Must be either trolling or clinically insane. Nobody is that clueless.

I’m reasonably certain I’ve never driven a car with a top speed much above 100 MPH, and I’ve driven quite a few cars over my lifetime.

You haven’t driven something like a Honda Accord (Max speed 155mph)? I mean a standard Volkswagen Golf has a top speed of like 130 mph.

“You haven’t driven something like a Honda Accord (Max speed 155mph)? ”

Are you trying to be funny? Or do you not understand things like hp/weight ratios vs aerodynamics? Most non-sports cars automobiles have around a 125mph or less top end. Or to put it another way, it takes money to go fast.

We can talk about that AFTER there are NO weapons available anymore.

Once again, what specific speed are you talking about? Just saying speed is bad means nothing, unless you want to ban all cars.

The SUV got hit at 93 mph. You think it is going to make much of a difference if the impact speed was 85 mph?

How about we get all the drunks and potheads off the road?

if the car was going 85 mph when the brakes were slammed, the impact would have been at closer to 40 mph. the reduction in KE would have been huge.

speed limits are state laws and vary. As with anything, it is up to the individual to be responsible.

nice straw man. Where did i say a state has a speed limit of 128?

The Commerce clause has nothing to do with cars being driven by private owners. Where do you come up with such nonsense.

” And most individuals AREN’T responsible, so what are we suppose to do?” Look at you judging others. Wow. How about you mind your business? Oh and f off slaver.

“I’m not aware of any State that has a speed limit of 128mph on any road, much less most roads”

Not in US, but maybe you’ve heard of Autobahn? No? Maybe you should educate yourself.

The scary thing is that Tesla probably could have kept driving along, what an a$$hole

Any reason why Tesla shouldn’t limit at 200% over legal speed limits to save dummies from themselves?

It would probably reduce Tesla’s sales.

Is that a serious question?

Tesla wouldn’t do that for the exact same reason Porsche wouldn’t’; for the same reason any sports car maker wouldn’t.

It’s a serious question. As all cars get smarter, it will be a serious question that legislators will start to ask (and answer).

you are free to install a limiter on your own car. Leave my car alone slaver.

“as evidenced by the comments in this section – are self-centered sociopaths who love to speed, damn the consequences.” case and point above.


Like your comments as self-centered sociopath who like telling other people what to do, because you think you’re better than others.

Survived makes it sound like they walked away with bruises to me. I wish the title and description were less sterile, such as “seriously injured but are expected to live.”

Clearly, he was being chased by what, ten police cruisers? Something was up!
What is missing from this is a detailed photo of the condition of the Tesla.

| October 21, 2018 crash … surrendered to authorities Jan. 25

How TF was the guy not arrested at the scene?!

While he did run the red, I wonder if the other vehicle was doing the same by attempting to make a left turn; there could have been a green turn arrow, but left turns could also have been prohibited at that intersection – there’s no way to tell from the video. Or maybe he was taken to the hospital and released before the investigation was finished, in which case he would have had to turn himself in once the police had reached their conclusion.

“but left turns could also have been prohibited at that intersection – there’s no way to tell from the video.”

Look closely at the road. The SUV is in a left-turn lane that starts about 200 feet from the intersection.

It’s totally obvious in the video that the Infiniti was in a dedicated turn lane and that it and the car behind it started to proceed when the oncoming traffic was stopped by a red lightning. A rational interpretation is that the Infiniti had total right-of-way.

What is more likely? One car running over red in this manner or two at the same time? Option one might be more likely by factor 10000. So stop playing down that Tesla drivers crime for no reason.

Lee – Are you José’s lawyer?

Man that is a stunning showcase of the safety of a Nissan SUV. T-bones are usually very bad – especially at 98 mph.

Although street racing is nothing new, I’ve often wondered if the incredible acceleration offered by electric cars, especially Teslas, would prompt this sort of behavior. I suspect we’ll see increased attention on limiting speed with autonomous technology.

No, with ten police cruisers, this wasn’t about street racing. We’re not getting the whole story.

Meat wagon ready to roll.

No car should be able to go that fast. It’s my life. If you want to die, go to a track.

And, if you want to live, don’t pull in front of speeding cars! That should be learned since Grade 1 or kindergarten! Stop! Look! Listen! Before crossing the street, AND continue to watch for traffic.

I was taught that, some 55 years back! Anytime I forgot or Ignored those safety principles, I increased my risk of an injury, or a crash!

Just being in an SUV instead of a Sedan does not Guarantee to make you safer against such velocities and masses hitting you! Imagine if it was a Speeding Semi! Would you still pull in front of it?

Sure, the Tesla was in the wrong, and the light was in the SUV Driver’s favor, but that falled to help the SUV Driver have an “Uneventful” U-Turn!

By the way, Any U-turn us inherently More Dangerous Than a simple Left Turn to a cross street at a normal intersection! Because you will go slower, so as to make the sharper turn, and (In an SUV) keep from rolling or flipping! That difference alone probably added a contributing factor to him getting hit!

Dude, what is wrong with you? This gets absurd, Tesla fanboys now trying to defend a guy, who ran a red light at 128mph and blame a guy that did nothing wrong at all.
The Tesla was was driving 60m per second. Have a look, road is clear, look on your lane, accelerate, 5seconds might have passed and that guy came 300m nearer. That crash would have happened to you, me or anybody in the same way. EVs silent motors are no help in these cases either.

Tesla is not under attack, it is the driver. So stop your absurd mission.

what is wrong with you? Stop trying to strip away my rights slaver.

You should stop driving.

Shouldn’t the title of this news article be “Tesla Runs Red Light At 93 MPH, Smashes Into Infiniti SUV: Video”?

I also have my doubts that the Tesla was going that fast (93 mph) at the time of impact. I’m assuming the police accident investigator estimated the 93 mph speed at impact. I just think the devastation to the vehicles from an impact at that speed would have been much greater.

“The “black box” also determined that Soto was accelerating five seconds before the crash and hit the brake pedal about 1.5 seconds before the crash, lowering the speed to 93 mph… “

90mph is half the kinetic energy of 128mph.
I think nobody would have survived at 128mph.

So, this indicates the Tesla Braked pretty hard, scrubbing off some 35 Mph (128 – 93) before impact. Either the AEB was incredible, or the Driver was Surprised that the SUV Actually “Cut Him Off!” And, was braking hard, but late! I expect there were a few curse words uttered, during those 1.6 Seconds of Braking!

Question: Was the SUV Driver Oblivious to all Traffic, or just had Bad Speed Calculating Judgement?

I hope this is your real name so future insurers can clearly see your opinion on what traffic signals mean if you’re involved in accident – “The other guy wasn’t in a Tesla so it can’t be my fault”.

And even though the speeding guy is totally at fault, that Tesla is still amazing that he barely got injured.

There is a absolutely no accomplishment in surviving when you broadside someone else. All the credit for any safety accomplishment goes to the car that gets broadsided, in this case the Infiniti. The strength in the front end of a car is many times stronger than the sides of the car.

This – cars are much, much safer latitudanally; that is where most of their mass is, the best air bags are, and where the crash zones are most effective. Longitudinally, cars are far more prone to cabin intrusions, and the airbags are far less effective.

So, the lesson here for all is: “Don’t Put your SUV Broadside in front of a Speeding Tesla! The Tesla Driver has a Bigger Survival Chance, than You Do!”

Of course, we don’t know how high a score on his driver’s test Either Driver got, that put the two of them in this meeting place, at that time! They Both could be barely Qualified to drive, for all we know, so far?!

I mean, who in their Right Mind pulls In front of Any Speeding Car, particularly going Broadside, without a lack of understanding of what can happen, or no thought of the risks?

I hear him thanking God he is Alive, maybe he should Pray for Alertness, and Inspiration, BEFORE Driving! That alone may have put him a few seconds later at that intersection, AFTER the Tesla Flew Through!

I love the internet, because it teaches me new things, like there are people like you out there, always telling others what to do even if you don’t practice yourself. And a new term for guys like you, self centered sociopath who thinks he can read minds to punish people _before_ they commit an act.

“Had Autopilot been engaged, the crash wouldn’t have occurred.”

I’m not sure how you could leap to that conclusion. The crash wouldn’t/couldn’t have occurred *at such a high speed* if Autopilot had been engaged, but the Tesla still could’ve/would’ve run the red light and hit the SUV. The SUV doesn’t cross into the Tesla’s lane until it’s practically feet away, so AP wouldn’t have had time to slow the car down any more than the automatic emergency braking would.

Feet away? That was a LOT of feet from where the Tesla started braking to where it hit and if going 60mph when the braking started the accident would have been avoided. If the energy of the vehicle at 60mph is x then the energy at 93mph is 2.4x and the energy at 128mph is 4.55x which means the Tesla braking reduced the kinetic energy of the vehicle by almost 1/2 by braking when it did (ie everyone probably would have died without any braking) and eliminated twice the energy the vehicle would have had at 60mph which means it would have braked to a stop prior to impact if it had been traveling at 60mph

So… 93 is a triple digit number in your world?

93 mph is almost 150 km/h.

How safe was the model S?

And there we have it, high performance cars in the hands of idiots.

Did you see the meat wagon sitting at the stoplight? Talk about being Johnny on the spot! Tesla safe at 128? Is this the headline. No car is safe with an idiot stick at the wheel.

Perhaps it is time for cars and cell phones with GPS and wireless communications to text 911 when they exceed 85 mph for more than 20 seconds at ground level. If the GPS coordinates are a drag or race track, no problem. But if a public road, lights and sirens.

Hummmm, include a printer to issue the speeding ticket like in the movie “Demolition Man” or just mail it to them.

Those who think that self personal rights and liberty are a way to put their own live and the other people’s lives in risk, will be angry with you.

I agree. I think that any car will not must permit exceed the limit of the road in more than a 15-20%.

I like how you declared yourself a law and order position but then gave yourself a margin of exception. Very human of you to exempt your own likely behavior of exceeding the speed as ok.

Don’t get me wrong, people that blow through red lights at 128 mph are assholes, but that doesn’t absolve the rest of us for violating laws by creating artificial exemptions.

Per “exceed the limit of the road in more than a 15-20%.” Huh? From my drives to Florida from Ontario, Canada, I see in every State along the way, and in Ontario, most Drivers think 10% to 20% above any posted Speed Limit, is “Normal Flow of Traffic” and get upset when folks actually DO Drive The Speed Limit! So, apparently myself, driving in the Slow Lane, on Cruise Control, and You, would be “Odd Man Out” on that bet, in a “Democracy!” But, give it a shot! Maybe, Speeders, besides being Fined, should be Required to Spend the Money to Learn To Fly? That would Really “Hit Them In The Wallet!” Ever see what Flight Training to even Private Pilots License levels cost! Makes traffic fines look like a Sunday Sight Seeing Flight! Give them 60 Days to Pass Their Written and Flight Tests, or the Loose their License, Vehicle, and get a R9 Credit Score! After 6 Months, they can Retry and Pass their Exams! If they then pass, they get their Vehicles back, and their License to Drive, after also passing a Driver’s Written and Road Tests! If they fail, their Vehicles are sold at Auction for… Read more »

Per “exceed the limit of the road in more than a 15-20%.” Huh? From my drives to Florida from Ontario, Canada, I see in every State along the way, and in Ontario, most Drivers think 10% to 20% above any posted Speed Limit, is “Normal Flow of Traffic” and get upset when folks actually DO Drive The Speed Limit!

So, apparently myself, driving in the Slow Lane, on Cruise Control, and You, would be “Odd Man Out” on that bet, in a “Democracy!” But, give it a shot!

Per “exceed the limit of the road in more than a 15-20%.” Huh? From my drives to Florida from Ontario, Canada, I see in every State along the way, and in Ontario, most Drivers think 10% to 20% above any posted Speed Limit, is “Normal Flow of Traffic” and get upset when folks actually DO Drive The Speed Limit!

*Oops. Hit the wrong post for ‘Reply’, should have been to “viriato”, below!

Seems like it is Tesla drivers that are “Mad Max on the loose” and not bemmers

Gosh yes, let’s judge all drivers of Tesla cars on the basis of one aggressively reckless fool. 🙄

And all articles about drag racing on public streets? No Teslas there?

Unfortunately, the Tesla’s driver is alive to drive again.

Another Euro point of view

Amazing no one was killed.

Don’t people *look* to see if some idiot isn’t going to crash into them when they enter junctions on green lights?

He would have had to look pretty far away to see a car coming that was traveling at 128 mph.

Do you actually drive a car?

To notice the danger of a car approaching at a speed well in excess of 100 MPH, you’d have to look a lot further down the road in both directions than most drivers are used to looking.

Per “than most drivers are used to looking” is a whole thing in itself! Re-education is only too late, AFTER you die!

Assuming everyone is going to give YOU the Right Of Way, because of some Man Made Laws, Ignores The “Laws Of Physics!”

Paying Attention, would have Helped! Not actually making a U Turn, instead of just Turning a Normal Left Turn, would also have helped, as he could change gone faster, and got out of the way, unlike doing what he did.

Sucks when bad stuff happens! I had a Workplace Injury, because of Bad Judgement too! Can’t blame the Robot for doing its job, only me for not asking the Operator to Pause it to a Minute! The Robot won, & I lost!

How far up the road should we accrue for when we decide whether we turn into an intersection that we’re legally entitled to turn into? 500m? 1km?

You’re the one who needs re-educating here. Stopping at a red is not optional. You’re also holding other drivers to a higher standard above and beyond “man made laws”. Yet nothing changes the fact the a) speeding Tesla driver b) ran the red and c) entered an intersection when they weren’t allowed to. But sure, there’s some higher obligation on everyone else to get out of his way.

You don’t sit at a green light and wait for every oncoming lane to fill up and stop before proceeding. It was 1AM so traffic was light, and the first car (ambulance) stopped at the red light. At that point it would appear that you are safe and that the other headlights coming will also stop. Unfortunately there are those rare occasions where someone either isn’t paying attention, or doesn’t care. In this case it appears to be the latter.

Well, I’m glad the Infinity passengers all survived, altho being seriously injured is bad enough.

As far as the driver of the Model S (?) surviving… I dunno. On the one hand I’m glad for this further demonstration of the safety of Tesla cars, but on the other hand the fact that he survived may encourage others to drive their Teslae recklessly and offensively. To some extent, I wish this guy would have gotten a “Darwin Award”.

Tesla should (publicly) ban this guy from buying another Tesla (when he gets out of jail). I know he could buy a used one from a third party, but the signal would be a good one.

The fact that you think US is a clown country and still remain here makes you a clown.

Should probably add a max city speed limit in the cars computer. Kind of like a limp mode, with reduced 0-50 speed as well.
At least until a certain number of safe driving years has been reached.

Speed kills and injures and it’s illegal. The safety systems in cars should be setup to prevent the cars from exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph. That would be the best use of systems. We are increasing in density, the speed limiting would allow denser traffic concentration for greater volume and speed.

Rasmus Birkegaard Christensen

No more forced regulations please.
Look at the autobahn for an example.

Leading cause of death and injury on autobahn is excessive speed. Autobahn are highly controlled environment designed for higher speed but still speed kills. Rest of the world looks at German autobahn the way they look at US gun violence. A dangerous social quirk.

Funny you mentioned being a conservative. All the nanny state, regulations know best certainly had me fooled.

So then you’re perfectly fine with no speed limit if US follows laws like Germany. Why are you arguing speed instead of other laws?

The Infiniti passengers were lucky on two accounts. FIrst, the Tesla hit towards the rear right at the back tires. Had the impact been dead center the Infiniti would have likely folded or possibly split in two, which would have killed everyone inside. Second, with the Tesla having such a low center of mass, it almost slid under the Infiniti instead of dead ramming it. It looked like the Infiniti flipped, which kept some of the impact force from being transferred into the vehicle. Lucky Infiniti passengers, stupid Tesla driver.

You forgot to mention the ambulance that happened to be at the intersection when the accident occurred.

Tesla has to have a Dufus App on all its cars.

“No one can make a machine so smart that some idiot won’t find a way to misuse it.” —Eric Frank Russell.

Cars should be geofenced by the oems to restrict max speed in metro areas via safety regulations . There is no justification for private passenger vehicles to go that fast under normal urban street conditions. High speed driving in a city is simply a public harm.

Anyone who does a 128 on a puplic road should be castrated.

This happened back in October and they are just airing it now?

Why cant people slow those asses down? Everybody is in a rush nowadays!

Once again, demonstrating that you are a clown.

Hopefully that clown will be in prison for long LONG time.

He won’t.

And you know this because you can read the minds of everyone involved in prosecution? Oh that’s right, you’re a clown living in clown country who knows better than anyone else.

Anyone can buy a great safe car BUT You can’t buy brains. Too bad cause this driver should be smarter.

I wouldn’t want to think what would have happened had the Tesla hit a car not a SUV, there would have surely been fatalities, the driver of the Tesla should have NO chance of ever getting a drivers license ever again.

It’s drivers like this that will eventually lead to geofencing of top speeds. I can imagine a future where a car like a Tesla will allow for short duration bursts of high speed, but only allow sustained high speeds on tracks and special highways like the Autobahn.

If that Tesla was really doing “93mph” it would cut that Infinity would of been airborne and not just roll over like it did. Fact! The only reason why the Infinity rolled over is because of the shape of the Tesla and the speed, but no way in hell was it going 93mph though. Because that’s the slowest 93mph that I have ever seen.

cars should be speed governed. well below 123 mph.