Tesla Model 3 Versus BMW M2: The $60,000 Question


Can these Petrol Heads be converted?

Our friends Thomas and James at Throttle House are at it again. Back in October, we posted their Hyundai Kona Electric and Nexo Fuel Cell road test review and now they’ve come back with a Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor versus BMW M2 Competition video.

Personally, I’d prefer if they used a Model 3 Performance version to take on the M2 Competition, but they didn’t because they wanted to keep the cost of both vehicles under $60,000. A Model 3 Performance would have pushed the cost to about $5,000 more than the M2. However, the comparison isn’t all about performance, so the additional power offered in the Performance version may not have made that much difference in their opinions for this comparison.

These self-proclaimed “Petrol heads” are really starting to warm up to electric vehicles, but it’s clear they still think performance cars need to make proper sounds. At one point in the video, they even suggest the Hyundai Kona Electric sounded better than the Model 3 because you can hear the Kona’s electric motor whine more than you can the Tesla’s. Perhaps they’d like Jaguar’s artificial cabin noise the owner can choose to turn on. After trying it out in my recent I-Pace extended test drive, I think I’ll pass on the artificial Jetsons-like e-motor sound.

While this is more of an initial impression review than a real performance comparison, that’s also coming. We find out in the video that the guys will back again soon, this time taking both of these vehicles to the track for a proper performance-oriented comparison. We’ll keep an eye out for that video and bring it to you once Throttle House have it available.

So, which car gets their $60,000? Do they agree, or is it a split decision? Check out the video and see.

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Maybe they could get some Cheese to go with their ‘E” Whine?

I’m pretty sure dinasaures made very loud sound, look where they are now

They were the dominant land animals for +/-150 million years and live on as birds.

Hah! Good point. Homo sapiens started something like 0.3 million years ago. If the climate changes too much, we could end.

Climate change? We are much more “capable” than that, we can end it in many other faster ways.

As an ex-petrol head you really won’t miss the exhaust note for very long.

It actually annoys me now when I drive an ICE.

It’s like someone at the gym next to you grunting and groaning even though they are lifting a 10 pound weight as you lift 50 pounds quietly.

Same with shifting, TBH. I had a 5-speed manual Saturn, and I actually enjoyed shifting. I thought I’d miss it, but I don’t at all.

The silence when you drive a Model 3 cannot be underestimated. You actually get to listen to music as it is supposed to be heard….

I don’t recall reading about people missing the clippity-cloppity sound their horse made.

YouTube and social media didn’t exist lol

On a more serious note, I did find this article about people not liking the transition to cars. Ironically one problem was they were too loud.

And now they aren’t loud enough.


In the early days electric cars where preferred over ice cars because lack of noise, and vibration. This was before the invention of the muffler.

I have read about that era and there definitely was resistance to adoption of the new machines with plenty of complaints. There wasn’t anyone missing the sound of horses, but there were people complaining about the sound of automobiles. The relative silence was a big selling point to the early electrics.

For decades, engineers worked to silence the car inside and out as best they could. Now, we associate loud exhaust with power, performance and being a bad ass, so now expensive cars have to be noisy. As usual, we are our own worst enemies.

Comment of the day Loboc!

And the horse poop

Let‘s just have machines making their appropriate sounds. Electric trains also didn’t initially sound like steam engines. A combustion engine may have a nice exhaust note (however noone really should amplify it artificially), an EV is near silent. Both sounds represent their technology, and environment and modern society clearly prefer development towards silent and therefore electric drivetrains – and i think everyone can adapt to that.

To me only the high rpm, high performance engines on “exotic” cars sound great. Everything else sounds meh at best, annoying most often.

Ugh….these people that demand noise. They are like all the vinyl cranks that pine for the pops & crackles of records.

After now owning 2 EVs I find exhaust noise not only annoying but offensive. It is similar to watching the heat of smoking exhaust pipes in the winter; when you sense the heat coming out of the exhaust it just represents the inefficient waste of energy as represented by lost heat. Noise, lost heat, fumes are all primal unnecessary results of an inefficient mode of propulsion and an unsustainable and dirty energy source. When I am pinned to the back of my seat by the slight whine and rush of quiet speed, that is way more exhilarating and intoxicating than a bunch of smoke and noise.

“Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Seems appropriate to the fate of ICE.

Huh? In years of driving an EV this has literally never happened to me.

Noise is a carcinogen.

Great comparison especially from motor geeks. I had the pleasure of letting an M3 owner put my Model 3 through the paces and two other advantages for at least the BMW M3 was breaking distance and turn radius. Aside from that, you could tell he was shaken by the many superiorities of the Model 3. I think it is fine that the review selected the AWD Model 3 version for comparison, but it is doing a disservice to ultimate driving not to test the performance option as well as autopilot. I mean, BMW has never held back on performance due to cost and I know this is gonna sting BMW M2 owners, but just because you have to compare it to all you have to offer when there is another tier of performance for Tesla is kinda a cop out when you are at this level. And the buttons! I counted 70+ on that M2! The Model 3 has about 20 when you count seat controls, hazard lights etc. And you really can drive with just the two on the steering wheel and the four total on the two steering stalks. Voice activation handles navigation and media. In the near… Read more »

Personally, it is so much more fun to not be seen, nor heard, and just appear at the finish line before they realize that you were ever there.

Such “proper sounds“ are as silly as putting playing cards in your bike spokes.

Like in the i8, pipe some artificial sound into the stereo if you’d like I guess, but unlike the i8 have a way to turn it off.

Or like a soccer or american football stadium filled with a crowd of cheering people or complete silence. You’ll find positive comparisons for both sides. We need to stop that 100% negative view on ICEs, as you dont convince by criticizing. Show why EVs are good instead.

In the 1950s cigarette smoking was considered glamorous and a sign of upper status. The social stigma against cigarettes since the 1980s was very effective in convincing the public to curtail smoking. Same is starting to happen with ICE.

If you want to see how I write about how great EVs are see http://tesla.dauger.com

EVs are good because they are quiet. You don’t get it, until you experience it.

Overtime, the Model 3 will lose range. So, there is that.

The M2 will lose range over time and starts with a shorter range. So there is that.

Over time my 2001 BMW M3 did lose range and efficiency. Then my Tesla made the BMW and every ICE car seem antiquated. So there is that.

I know the other replies are snarky (as they should be) but for those who do not really know this, ICE vehicles really do lose range over time. First, engines just lose their power due to degradation. Second, in cold weather an ICE loses a higher portion of efficiency than an electric’s powertrain.

Great article at https://www.fleetcarma.com/cold-weather-fuel-efficiency/ explaining that, while electrics have a higher percentage loss in cold that the financial benefit actually increases.

I saw a bumper sticker today. “Nice SUV, sorry about your penis.”

Lol…that is more appropriate for trucks.

Or for ICE with loud exhaust in general.

More appropriate for any performance car priced near $70k.

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

This Tesla Model 3 Versus BMW M2 video shows what that looks like.

When I pass some gas I try to keep it muffled ,when my wife does hers sounds like a Harley.”Burmmp,Brruummpp”

And why are you telling us this?


I’ve owned several BMWs over my lifetime and still own an X3. I’m still irked when people refer to the Tesla Model 3 as the M3! That said I got my Tesla Model 3 7 months ago and it replaced my 3 series and absolutely love it. I do miss the BMW “sound” at time and do miss the feeling of control with a manual transmission (for 30 years I had at least one manual transmission vehicle) but all the benefits of the Model 3 outweighs that. I most likely will never buy another ICE car again, however if I were to it would be the BMW M2 (manual transmission of course)

I own a LCI M2 with M-DCT and I absolutely love the car. It is officially my last gasser as I will replace it with a performance EV at some point. My I ncoming Model 3 will replace my subpar Leaf. BMW is slowly getting it, but they are much to slow to react for their own good.

EV’s are the next smartphone. Everyone will want one. Just think what generation 3 or 4 of this car will be like!


If you you prefer Model 3 style vs BMW M2 style is because you are alreadey dead… Or you have felt in love with your vacuum cleaner.

Dude that sh*t was funny.

Weird review.

It always cracks me up to see high performance cars driven supposedly aggressively, while being filmed from a car right in front of them…. In reality they never got near 9/10’s driving in that weather.

Not sure why they did a 4-door midsize vs. a 2 door subcompact either.

But it is very good to see ANY electric vehicle going up against market sector benchmarks and holding their own. Less than a decade ago, these guys would have been blowing off EV’s as being oversized golf carts and not even seriously comparing them to any ICE car.