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Watch Tesla Model 3 Take On BMW M5 F10 In Drag Race: Video

Model 3 versus M5 and it ends in a photo finish.

The Tesla Model 3 is back out on the strip against a strong challenger in the form of the BMW M5 F10.

Without saying which car wins, we will point out that this is for sure the closest race yet featuring the Model 3 Performance. It’s literally right down to the wire.

Can the Tesla Model 3 take down the BMW M5 in a drag race? Or is the heavy-hitting gasser too much for the electric Tesla? Watch the video to find out.

Here are the specs for a stock BMW M5 F10, which does have power figures that far exceed the Model 3:

Engine Specification

And some figures for the Tesla Model 3 Performance version, as featured in the video:

Telsa Model 3 Performance specs: