Video: BMW i3 Shows It’s Seriously Quick While Being Chased by a Motorcycle


YouTube user Biking in the Free World ran into a BMW i3 on the road for the first time.  Naturally, it turned into a catch-me-if-you-can event.

BMW i3 Getting Ready to Leave the Motorcycle in its Dust

BMW i3 Getting Ready to Leave the Motorcycle in its Dust

The motorcycle (we have no clue of the make or model) can’t quite match the pace of the i3, which seems to show it’s got a ton of zip when the accelerator pedal is mashed.

Just watch how the i3 passes several vehicles with absolute ease.

Officially, the i3 has 170 hp and 184 pound-feet or torque.  Its 0 to 62 mph time is listed at 7.2 second and top speed is 93 mph.

But as this video shows, the i3 has a lot of mid-range grunt, which allows it to easily shoot from say 30 mph to 60 mph in just a few seconds.

The motorcycle rider who captures the i3 in action seems to question the i3’s ability to go far when driven in this speedy way.  The script at the end of video reads (loosely translated, of course):

How many kilometers can he go while driving this aggressively?

100 km?

80 km?

Or even less?

That is the question.

Hat tip to Tom M. and the BMW i3 Facebook Group!!!

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Looks like fun. Like any self-respecting BMW should be.

It’s probably not quite like this bimmer, but my Ford Focus Electric has “bump passenger’s head into the headrest” oomph between 30-60 as well. 0-60 is a slower ~10 seconds, though I think the car could be faster if Ford would program it to be. As it is, it is also very easy to spin the wheels from standing if steered even slightly, or on wet pavement. I’ve done it many times without even trying.

(Btw… when are the EV “hot-rodders” going to show up and re-program my Focus for more fun?)

I’ve been wondering the same thing about EV hot-rodders for the Leaf… If you watch the power display, the Leaf very clearly limits the power until about 15mph or so.

I asked about this on the i-MiEV forum because it’s the same thing as you described. Apparently there is something with “stalling” AC motors with too much current at low speeds?

The BMW does an illegal maneuver at one point. Either he is testing it aggressively or he didn’t like the tail.

Didn’t like the tail at all.