Top 3 Tips To Fix Tesla Model 3 Winter Flaws: Video


Every car has some issues in the winter.

Electric cars, in particular, are prone to some cold-weather problems. The Tesla Model 3 is no exception to that rule. But did you know several of the issues can be fixed by following some simple tips?

As you’ll witness in the video, the Model 3 has at least 3 known winter flaws. Those trick Tesla door handles always seem to be the sticking point (pun intended) though.

The other issues are the frameless windows that freeze in position. This prevents them from retracting down when needed for closing.

Lastly, the self-folding mirrors. The simplest of fixes out of the three.

For an idea of just how simple it is to fix, or at least partially fix these flaws, the solution is silicone, a microfiber towel, and the swipe of a button on the screen. Seems easy enough, right?

Watch the video to find out more on how to deal with 3 winter flaws associated with the Tesla Model 3.

Video description:

This gives pointers on how to prevent the auto folding mirror from getting stuck closed. Frozen stuck windows, and door handle preventative measures.


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Here are the 3 issues in the video:
1. Frozen folded mirrors? Turn off auto-folding mirror function.
2. Handles get stuck. If you use drive thru car wash, wipe dry the area inside handle. Also, wax the inside so water beads off.
3. Frameless window doesn’t move, Apply silicon lubricant to rubber gasket. Use a cloth so there is no spray into the interior.

Thanks for saving everyone 3.5 minutes of their life!

Add in, from the other video:
4. Opening windows dump water inside car.
5. Opening door dumps water inside the car.
6. Opening trunk dumps water inside the car.

And, opening your mouth dumps hysterical FUD here!

We already have a thread on Insideevs with over 150 posts on this Tempest in a Teapot so stop trying to start another Chicken-Little stampede on this thread.

None of those six issues on my Subaru at $25k. That a $60k car has those issues is not acceptable. By any quality measure, not acceptable on any car as those are fairly basic design features any vehicle should provide with no problem.

Looking more and more like a Kona EV for me vs. the Model 3 mid-range AWD I’ve put a deposit on.

Be great if one of the aftermarket companies came up with some solutions. A small raised band over the doors and at the trailing edge of the rear window might fix the water intrusion issue.

Your fake concern is duly noted.

so – exactly the same as my Audi A5 used to do then.
it’s only a big deal to the shorts and haters

This is why I think the door handles are cool but not practical. Unless they’re heated, turn them on a couple of minutes before you access the car.

You just give the door a little tap with your hand just like any other car with frozen handles. It’s a car people, quit treating it like it’s fragile.

The M3 windows get stuck to the lower rubber trim piece. You can’t put silicone on it because it’ll smear all over the window when you lower/raise it. Only option is a lot of preheating, or using something like a credit card to separate the window glass from the lower trim. It’s not easy.

Sounds like you are using way too much. A little bit goes a long way, and wipe off any excess. Another option is to use the silicone gel instead of spray, like what plumbers use on O rings.

Now we need a fix for the headlight flicker that’s now occurring in the cold states. (negative temps here now)

“Every car has some issues in the winter. The Tesla Model 3 is no exception.”

Not every car has some issues. Insideevs, please stop excusing every flaw Tesla vehicles have.