The Electric Scooter Revolution Is Here


Scooters with swappable battery packs are spreading across the world.

Dutch manufacturer Etergo just got a significant boost of €10 million in funding (about $11.4 million) to put its electric bike, the AppScooter, into production. That’s in addition to the €5 million (about $5.7 million) from crowdfunding earlier this year. With the backing of a major German auto manufacturer who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, that’s a huge step toward making the electric scooter a part of everyday life in the big city.

Etergo joins Taiwanese manufacturer Gogoro in offering an electric scooter with easily swappable battery packs to keep them on the road pretty much indefinitely. Gogoro is a bit ahead of Etergo, already offering not only the scooter itself but also a network of 750 battery swap stations around Taiwan. Gogoro has also partnered with DHL and Taiwan Post to use its scooters for deliveries as well.

The AppScooter, on the other hand, is intended more for consumer use than commercial. It takes its name from its Bluetooth interface that allows safe and easy access to your phone’s communication and navigation functions while riding the scooter. It also has swappable batteries, though implemented in a slightly different way than Gogoro’s scooters. The AppScooter will take three batteries that give it an impressive claimed range of 240 kilometers (about 150 miles). It will run on as little as one battery, though. This means that you can commute to work with one battery while leaving the others at home to recharge for your weekend getaway. After all, a full case of beer will fit in the AppScooter’s storage compartment under the seat.

It’s interesting that these separate companies from completely different parts of the world have come up with such similar designs. The AppScooter should do well in European cities, with smaller roads that are full of traffic, not to mention legal lane splitting, just like the Gogoros in Taiwan. We haven’t seen this proliferation in American cities yet, but it’s only a matter of time until such options become more widely available here. While electric scooters aren’t well suited for crossing the wide open spaces across most of the country, they’re just as useful in American urban areas as they are in Europe and Asia. Being electric makes them easier to operate and maintain than a gas-powered scooter. Non-riders may look at them as an appliance like a smartphone rather than a motorcycle, and adopt them for convenient mobility that costs less than a car rather than for the joy of two wheels in itself.

We’re still talking about the future here, but it’s not too far off. Such as system already exists in Taiwan, and the major investment in Etergo will accelerate its development in Europe. It won’t be long before electric scooters take over the world.

Source: Electrek

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A classic Vespa with a battery would be a perfect scooter for me.

Vespa have already presented their electric version of their scooter.
Alternatively check out which has a much greater head start, and is actually better looking in my opinion 🙂

Kumpan’s sport model scooter has a maximum speed of 100 kph (about 60 mph), which is practical for city use here in the United States. However, Kumpan’s other scooter models can only go about 30 mph – not really practical for us.

For the scooter revolution to truly be here, they need to be reasonably priced. I’m not sure that’s happened yet.

Have a look at Unu or Niu scooters.

Scooters have no place in my city.

Yes they do.

But your Ford F150 has? yeeeeah…. Egoism vs. intelligence. As you are clearly not pro environment as long as you are against scooters, what are you doing here? Are you one of these Musk-MAGA-Trumpsters?

In all fairness, there are some American cities that aren’t particularly scooter friendly due to the speed of traffic on many streets. In those cities small motorcycles are best IMO.

Speed is not a problem for the larger-engine scooters. A 125cc scooter has very good acceleration, and can do an honest 50 mph – plenty fast for surface streets. The 250+cc scooters are freeway-capable, and they still achieve very good fuel economy. The Japanese companies (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki) and Taiwanese companies (Genuine, SYM, Lance, Kymco) make reliable scooters.

ZEV has been making better EV scooters than this for the last 10 years. However, their costly but half of the cost of a BMW scooter which is completely outrageous. BMW must think their selling these to only the rich. Good luck with that BMW.

Uuuhm premium manufacturer. Are you aware, what premium means? Are you aware why people buy iPhones for 1000$+?

When I visited China in 2017 I found that traffic noise was dramatically reduced from my prior visit in 2010. Almost all of the noisy belching ICE scooters and motorcycles were replaced by BEV versions. In Beijing I saw ICE scooters only once or twice a day. Riders mentioned the BEV scooters are much cheaper to run and maintain., a web merchant equivalent to Ebay/Amazon maintains large fleets of electric delivery tricycles in the major cities, again cutting noise and pollution. It is sad the US is so far behind. These would be great for commuting, if not for the pickup/SUV riding ignoramuses swilling coffee and talking on their phones while driving.

Rode an Covegs go 1.2S for 3 years. It was perfect for city commutes and beyond. At 140 kg’s it was a bit to heavy, but that lead-acid era is coming to an end..

I am looking forward to all scooters becoming electric. The current 2 stroke engines are terrible.

I hope that BMW will eventually release their C1-E model.

In California and other states, new-model gas scooters can’t be 2-stroke, at least for street-legal use. The reputable-manufacturer scooters (Vespa, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Genuine, SYM, Lance, Kymco) all have 4-stroke engines. Some of the newer ones even have electronic fuel injection. 80+ miles/gallon! Still, I am looking forward to seeing great electric scooters from these companies.

A Tesla scooter may never come because Elon Musk said that the lack dignity and I agree!

Scooters lack dignity? Wow, that’s an elitist statement. Tell that to the working class people of the world, who can only afford scooters for daily transportation.

I doubt they will let this comment in but……..SCOOTERS ARE THE DUMBEST VEHICLES!!!!!!!!!!

Electric scooters are a wonderful thing, but only if the market keeps the junk-scooters out. Due to incomplete quality requirements, electric “Vespa-type” scooters have been a quality-disaster in the past. Scooters don’t need to comply with the same, comprehensive set of quality/safety standards that cars/trucks do. During about 2002-2009, a wide variety of poorly-designed electric scooters were inflicted onto the American market: the EVT, the MoRad, the Badsey, the eGo, and others.

Honda has designed a couple of electric scooters (the EV-Neo and the PCX Electric), but they are being very slow/careful about introducing them to the market. So far, they’ve only released demonstration-quantities of these scooters in Asia and Europe.