Watch Tesla Semis Accelerate Under Load, No Tire Spinning


There’s no tire-spinning action here.

Under load and with an actual job to do, it seems tire spinning is no longer part of the game plan.

Watch as two Tesla Semis leave a Supercharger, reportedly en route back to the Fremont (downhill mostly) from the Gigafactory.

The video below captures the Tesla Semis on the road.

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“downhill mostly” explains how they will achieve a 500 mile range….basically all downhill;)

This is why there is an asterix next to “500 mile range” in the brochure.

Since they went both ways it also meant they went up-hill too.

They stopped at Supercharges along the way. Read the other post about this trip on insideevs.

Eerie. The only noise as they drive out of the parking lot is the air brakes.

If these trucks were driven 250,000 miles a year, it would mean 40,000 gallons less diesel consumed . . . . per truck per year. This is way more significant an advance for the world than whether the Model 3 does without switches or knobs. If I were a owner/operator, I’d be very proud to have one of these.

“If I were a owner/operator, I’d be very proud to have one of these.”

Proud to have one but rich if you had two because then you can platoon. Two drivers profiting like eight. Until others acquire platooning electrics.

The energy provided by 40,000 gallons of diesel has to come from somewhere.
If the energy source isn’t clean, then the truck isn’t as green as intended.

Yes, I know, only BEV’s have the potential to become greener as their energy source gets cleaner.

Somewhere in there, it almost looked like you had a new thought….but all I saw was rhetoric!

These will be fueled at two Tesla locations.
You do know Tesla manufactures solar & storage?

The energy to refine 40,000 gallons of diesel…. also has to come from somewhere.


I have never seen a truck tire spin, and I’ve driven past a lot of trucks.

That’s a pretty low bar from which to attempt to spin a news story.

I think it was a reference to a previous video of a Tesla semi taking off without a trailer and its tires were spinning a bit.

You don’t have snow where you live?

Nor gravel roads, nor ice patches on roads either, apparently.

Maybe 3/4/5/6/7 Pretend Electrics lives in a plastic bubble so he doesn’t have to deal with the messy real world while writing his Tesla Hater cultist posts.

He doesn’t get out much—from his mom’s basement.

Holy smokes. The start of the revolution will be quiet with just the sounds of air brakes. Nice!

Don’t worry about the controller resigning. Elon will just show the 2 trucks again. It’ll be fine.

OMG! Large company has turnover.
I’m shocked, Shocked, I tell you.

Holy Smokes 2!

You know that sinking feeling when you are stuck behind 2 semi truck’s
on a freeway entrance ramp, ya know, knowing the tractor trailers will crawl up to expressway speed and you are stuck behind em?


Seem’s not this time!

Second Video By Youtuber, My Tesla Adventure, posted above, watch as the video maker in his tesla behind that Gen 2 Chevy Volt, at the – 1:45 – mark, literally has to floor the accelerator pedal to catch up with these Tesla Semi Trucks!

Watch this cut a couple of times!

Truely Tesla, #ElectricSemi Ludicrouse!


Thomas J. Thias

Clean Energy Retort™

It’s a beautiful experience LOL no more slow moving toxic emissions in your face GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

*Rolls eyes*


One thing I noticed; flip out windows on the semi. Makes it hard to use the truck-able drive throughs.

Probably not a big deal, though. Beautiful trucks.

The trailer on the smaller one doesn’t have aero skirts. I wonder how much difference those make?

That’s probably eyes it doesn’t.
So they can find out how much of a difference it makes in the real world.

Why, not eyes.

Damage Authorization.
Damn Autocorrect.

If you watch the driver in the grey truck as he starts off, it really does look like it’s as simple as driving any other Tesla vehicle.

Obviously the black one was faster.


I thought that blue Volt must have been one of the cars following the Semis.. but then when they got on the highway the driver making the video just shot past it.. so I guess it was just a coincidence that it was there.

I thought it was amusing that of the 4 vehicles in that convoy to the on-ramp, only the Volt even had the potential to leave exhaust in it’s wake. Awesome