More On The Tesla Roadster Debut In Europe At Grand Basel

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Tesla’s next-generation Roadster continues to make headlines ever since the Tesla Semiunveiling last year where this futuristic all-electric supercar descended from the Semi-trailer. Tesla aims to launch the Roadster in 2020 and recently teased a stunning, new photo of the Roadster in white.

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Above: New press photo of the 2020 Tesla Roadster (Image: X Auto via Tesla)

Tesla Roadster with a claimed 0 – 60 mph in 1.9 seconds is already challenging established high-end car manufacturers around the globe. The next generation Roadster is equipped with a 200 kWh battery pack that gives the car an impressive 620 miles of range.

Considering the supercar performance of this electric beast, the price of the car seems relatively reasonable at $200,000. It can be reserved at this time for a $50,000 deposit. For those who want it more quickly, a Founders Series Roadster can be reserved for an upfront, payment-in-full of $250,000.

Above: Comparing the 2020 Tesla Roadster specs with the Bugatti Chiron supercar (Image: 9gag)

Tesla is showcasing the Roadster for the first time in Europe at the Grand Basel car show in Switzerland. Grand Basel is a show where only exceptional vintage and modern vehicles are chosen to be showcased. Based on the media buzz surrounding the show, the Tesla Roadster is turning out to be one of the most sought-after attractions there.

The car at Grand Basel appears to be a design shell of a white Roadster which also happened to be showcased at the 2018 Tesla Shareholder Meeting a couple of months back accompanied by a Tesla Semi Truck.

Above: The 2020 Tesla Roadster at the Grand Basel Auto Show (Image: X Auto via @grandbasel / Instagram)

One observation worth noting — there’s no side mirrors and the prototype shown also features a more minimalist and unique interior which was featured in Tesla’s 2018 promo video earlier this year. For current Tesla owners who can’t afford the hefty price tag of the 2020 Roadster, they can use Tesla’s referral program to try and win a free next-gen Roadster.


Above: A sneak preview of the Tesla Roadster at Grand Basel (Youtube: Carvlogger via InsideEVs)


Written by: Iqtidar Ali via X Auto

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Also, the Roadster at the show was a fake. Might want to add that to the article.

“The car at Grand Basel appears to be a design shell of a white Roadster which also happened to be showcased at the 2018 Tesla Shareholder Meeting a couple of months back”

If you’re expecting journalistic integrity, you’ll be sadly disappointed. If you’re looking for fanfiction, on the other hand, this is your place. It’s 50 Shades of Tesla, all the time.

So, this prototype is just a shell. Why does it matter? I’m betting most of us saw Franz driving Leno around with an actual prototype just last week.

You can leave any time. Why are you here then. Seeking Alpha is just a few key strokes away.

I’m sure that’s where he spends most of his time anyways since he certainly isn’t spending it driving his pretend electrics.

For someone who constantly b!tches about ’50 Shades of Tesla’ all the time, it sure fills a lot of your time and energy. By your own admission, you point out that the Tesla fans here really like their cars, regardless of how hard you try to dissuade them. At this point, why do you bother?

Perhaps it’s EJDS — Elon Jealousy Derangement Syndrome.

As your article noted, it was called a mock-up, a standard auto practice. It was not a “fake”, so your hater implication of a deception is a lie. Tesla does not want to risk a working prototype to fall into enemy hands, where auto giants could steal billions in new Tesla research. Do you doubt that Bugatti, Porsche and hundreds others would love to get a stolen Roadster and tear it apart?

Perhaps more importantly the venue itself may have mandated that. I do shows for stationary storage systems, ESS for those of you that know that 3 character acronyms. Typically they will not allow us to have live lithium batteries installed. We can have “fake” batteries but not functioning batteries. This with our lithium iron phosphate batteries that are not particularly flammable. They don’t care.
When I was in the embedded market we used a Ferrari as part of the booth exhibit and we had to remove the battery and all the oil and gasoline to bring it into the exhibit hall.
So it may not have been Tesla’s choice at all.

Nah, the wiper arm on the semi has a nearly 90-degree bend.

The bend in the arm on the new Roadster is way more obtuse, looks like maybe 20 degrees.

I want to see those wipers in action.

On the roadster they aren’t attached to anything that would make them move.

If I win the superball, I’ll take one in red metallic. . Or maybe deep purple.