Tesla’s New Mega Supercharger Stations Offer Food, Play Area, Lounge (video)

Tesla Supercharger


Tesla has just opened two new Supercharger stations, which are now the largest in the U.S., but that’s not the only reason they’re so special.

We previously reported that the automaker has been in the process of building new 40-stall Supercharger stations in select locations. Though these don’t live up to the size of some stations overseas, there’s a whole lot more that sets them apart from Tesla’s traditional stations.

Update: Video of station added below (hat tip to SparkEV)

One of the new stations is located in Kettleman City, California, which is conveniently halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The second station in Baker, CA splits the distance between Los Angeles with Las Vegas. These are some of the most popular routes in the area and have been in need of Superchargers.

Facebook user @MojaTeslaX shared some pictures and information while visiting the Kettleman City station:

According to Teslarati, an automaker rep shared that the new stations feature a lounge with food, beverages, and refreshments. There’s also a kid’s play area with a climbing wall and an outdoor space for families with a pet relief area. To make the new stations even better, the automaker is providing 24/7 access to the lounge area for Tesla owners via a building access code that will appear on their in-car display.

Additionally, the new stations have a store with Tesla-branded clothing and other items. Inside the store, interactive kiosks help to inform people about the company’s energy products. The stations also have solar canopies, as well as Tesla Powerpacks.

Source: Facebook via Teslarati

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This sounds like Tesla is starting to get into the EV equivalent of the gas station business. They only make enough on charging to break even, but they get profits from food and merchandise sales. And considering it’s Tesla, most likely those sales will be automated, which reduces employee costs.

Vending machines already existed

Newscoulomb has a video on it. Tesla’s not really getting into convenience market when things are locked down for non-Tesla.


Good find…will add to story, (=

I honestly wonder if they’re not making a mistake including half a dozen CCS/Chademo combo units. While it would help other manufacturers by making the trip between LA and SF/LV easier, it might be a good marketing tactic.

I’ve been predicting exactly this kind of facility for years. The main detail I got wrong was which companies would take the plunge. I always assumed it would be the oil companies/minimart chains in the US, since adding chargers to their existing business model seemed like a small and obvious step as we see more and more EVs on the road.

To be fair, it seems like Shell is also going down this path. They just aren’t as far along yet.

Yeah, finally. 50kwh and ring dings

Do they accommodate vehicles with trailers or will they have to Be redesigned once the tesla pickup comes out?

Yes, stalls are pull through or back in.

With young children, having a playset tied to a rest stop is almost enough reason to buy a tesla itself. Its absolutely genius and enables us to have a longer charge time with happy campers.

Why go across the street for food and drinks,when you can build your own cafe? Brilliant Tesla. All new stations should have this.

Because In-N-Out is across the street.

While In-n-Out is not far, it’s across a busy highway with poor pedestrian access. But with the Supercharger right there, I would not be surprised to see a new decent restaurant pop up on the same side of the highway now.

Harris Ranch sells a ton of food to Tesla owners who charge up a little farther up I-5.

I’m not sure what’s so bad about it. You just walk down the sidewalk and cross at the intersection crosswalk. It’s not like you have to brave oncoming traffic.

I tried to estimate how many Teslas stop at Harris Range for food and shopping every day, and I am sure it is well over 100. Not bad.

I’m surprised Tesla hasn’t sold off Tesla gym franchises, Tesla yoga franchises, and Tesla smoothie bar / restaurant franchises to be built next to charging stations.

Kale! Kale for everyone!

And in gas stations they are offering lung cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, and dependence on expensive medication LOL

So I guess they are selling the special Tesla coffee blend there?

It does look like a nice place though. A small extra perk for the people that bought a Tesla.

Can you pay for your coffee with your Tesla account then? I guess using the key fob or something?

The pin access will be good to keep the riff-raff out.

I’m a huge Tesla fan but I was sad to see in the walk through videos that there’s nothing in the new facilities devoted to movement/ fitness. We’re in an obesity epidemic here. Travelers driving in their Tesla for 2-3 hrs between superchargers need to move them bones at the supercharger. At least throw in a pull up bar and/or a ballet barre to stretch on. Promote movement. Sure one could just stretch on the railings near the entrance or do pushups at the chargers but it’s a bit strange to do so in a crowded place when that’s not the intention of the location. At least if there were a formal place to do said movements it would look more normal. I’m always a bit embarased when stretching and doing bodyweight movements at the superchargers. Sure, we can just go for a walk while supercharging but many of these locations aren’t situated in really walkable areas. Lastly the kids especially need a space to bounce around and the couple little games and tiny seats for them aren’t enough to expend some pent up energy. They shouldn’t run around inside near the customers and make a lot of noise. They… Read more »

For those of you not familiar with Wawa, imagine a combining a Dunkin Donuts and a 7-11, add better coffee, clean floors, and at some locations bathrooms and gas pumps. At some of their new locations they’re adding seating areas.

These would be perfect for adding Superchargers.

Or just as good, co-locating them.

Sheetz is doing this. Most of the new Superchargers in WV are going into Sheetz stations.

Indoor EV charging stations are next.