Tesla Among Most Trusted Tech Brands: Facebook Least

DEC 28 2018 BY MARK KANE 25

Tesla did not disappoint in consumers’ trust rankings.

According to the latest survey about consumers trust in top tech companies, Tesla is in pretty solid shape with lack of trust from just 1% of consumers.

The worst score is 40% (Facebook), followed by Twitter and Amazon (both 8%).

“According to a December survey of 1,000 people conducted earlier this month by research company Toluna, 40 percent of respondents said they trust Facebook the least with their personal information. That deep mistrust stems not only from the various data leaks and privacy fiascos but also from revelations of how the company and its top executives, Mark Zuckeberg and Sheryl Sandberg, have handled those crises.”

Caring for trust has become a major task, as cars become more digital with all the infotainment features, navigation, connectivity with phone, history of using the car and mobile apps.

Companies people trust the least with personal information*:

  • Facebook – 40%
  • Twitter – 8%
  • Amazon – 8%
  • Uber – 7%
  • Google – 6%
  • Lyft – 6%
  • Snap – 4%
  • Apple – 4%
  • Microsoft – 2%
  • Netflix – 1%
  • Tesla – 1%

* online survey completed by 1,000 respondents between December 9th, 2018 and December 15th, 2018 – source: Toluna via Recode

Source: pcmag.com

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25 Comments on "Tesla Among Most Trusted Tech Brands: Facebook Least"

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To be better than FaceBook is a pretty low bar…

Agreed I’m surprised that only 40% don’t trust Russiabook/ Facebook, that explains why the world is in disarray.

I prefer the moniker Fakebook.

well, FB has to make money somehow or another. They have Russia and China to feed them.

Defending FB’s insidious data harvesting for profit by saying “they have to make money somehow or other” is like saying “It’s okay that criminal gangs sell drugs to kids and run protection rackets, because they have to make money somehow or other”.

Actually, no, the world would be better off if FB was not making money that way; if FB, like many websites which don’t sell products or services, made money only by running banner ads.

InsideEVs seems to be doing fine with banner ads as its only revenue.

If you learn how to read English, you will see that I made a simple definitive statement that they had to make money someway.
Where do you see in that simple statement ANYTHING that says that I support FB?
There is NO WAY to parse that statement so that it supports FB.
So, not only are you absolutely none-technical, but you are obviously lacking in English.

Back in 2008, I had no issue with FB when I got on them.
By 2010, I saw where FB was headed and stopped my wife from putting pix (she uses mine since she wants nothing about her on the web), and more personal information on them. Why? Because it was obvious then that they were going dirty. To this day, I only use it to stay in touch with a few family members and tesla/SpaceX groups. Thats it. Why?
Because it suffers from not only massive security issues, but it is loaded with plenty of fools on there.

So, I would appreciate if you do not denigrate me again by suggesting such things. We will get along a LOT better.

Probably because only 40% bother to read news from real news sources on a regular basis, so haven’t seen all the news about how FaceBook is actually being run, and how pervasive its harvesting of personal info actually is.

It’s simply shocking the way FaceBook has been set up very deliberately to harvest as much personal information on people as possible, in many insidious ways, and sell that info to third parties… despite FaceBook insisting that it keeps such info private.

The world would definitely be a better place if FB was shut down, permanently.

I’m very, very glad that I always kept the amount of personal info I give FaceBook to the minimum possible, and I hardly ever post to my own FB page.

it is not shocking. This is what happens in the intelligence world as well. FB has been doing this since 2010. Microsoft actually harvests MORE information about you than FB does. MS actually has all sorts of code that downloads LOADS of your data. Apple does gather data, but I am not certain to what degree. Google has probably the best access to the data as well. So far, the REAL difference between these those, is that fools use FB or MS. Why are they fools? Because both of them (such as Bing, yahoo, etc) sell ALL OF YOUR DATA. U strike me as the Windows type guy. As such, if I want, I can buy your name, addr, phone from MS, and FB. Google will NOT sell me your data, even though they likely have more about you than all the others COMBINED. They WILL sell aggregated data, OR they will sell ACCESS to you. I can not request your name, but I can put in the specs for who I want ‘advertisement’ to target. Then I have to entice you to sign up and give me enough of your info so that I get a correlation back to… Read more »

I’d be careful on selecting “real news sources”. Even the most reputable news sources (NY Times, Washington Post, etc.) have an abysmal record on matters of US policy vis a vis war and national security. There was unmistakable collusion with US government officials during Vietnam, Iran Contra, the run-ups to both Iraq wars, domestic NSA spying, and Syria. Corporate media have forgotten how to challenge government narratives – choosing instead to serve as stenographers for the government.

Facebook is not a Tech company. It is an advertising company.

false. They actually do tech as well. They have an API. They have apps. They are a tech company predicated on website advertisement.

No, FB is a personal information harvesting company, which uses sophisticated psychological manipulation and sophisticated software to mine as much personal data about every person (not just its users) as possible, using every technique and trick which those running FB can think of, regardless of how manipulative, insidious, unethical, immoral, or even illegal it is. Then they sell that info to 3rd parties while repeatedly claiming to keep it private.

Everything that you described made them a tech company, not an advertising company.
BTW, I have been telling ppl for the last decade to not use FB. It has been known for a LONG time that FB is a bunch of losers.
However, they still remain a tech company, since they obviously have more tech than you.

FB is a “tech company” in the way that a meth lab is a “pharmaceutical company”, or the way that an ivory poacher is an “organics supplier”.

Perhaps it’s technically correct to say FB is a “tech company”, but creating new technology isn’t the goal of those who run FB. Creating new tech is merely a means to their end of harvesting as much personal info from people as they possibly can, as much as possible regardless of larger or more important concerns, to sell at a profit.

They are a data slurping company pure and simple. The more data that they have on you, the better their targeted ads are.
Not on Facebook so I don’t really care what people might be saying about me

I too read it.


how funny. ppl obviously do not have a clue of what is going on. If they did. MS would be close FB. Google and Apple would probably be around 2-3%. Believe me, Google is far far more honest than nearly all of those companies.
And yeah, Tesla belongs at 1 or even lower. they do a LOT of work on security.

Facebook is the lowest of the low one step below the bottom.

When it comes to being untrustworthy, FB has certainly expanded how low the bottom can be. I think they’ve pushed the bottom down much, much farther than anyone thought possible.

It was reported that Facebook’s Zuckerberg lost the most of any US billionaire this year. A dog named Karma just bit him in the butt.

Yeah, he’s gonna hit rock bottom real soon, still being in the single digit wealthiest in the world. We have different definitions of karma.

Whether people trust or not Facebook has a lot more user base than any other company listed in the article.

Google is everywhere. A huge percentage of people globally use it to search any information on the web. Chrome users are plentiful, as are their other services such as Google+, gmail, etc. They also provide services to other companies at least regarding search engines and data gathering/mining. FB is only FB – it’s big, but it’s self-contained. Google, Microsoft, Apple… they are everywhere.

Why only US companies?