Tesla Model X 100D Now Available – 295 Miles Of Range, Priced From $98,500


Tesla Model X 100D Specs

Tesla Model X 100D Specs

Concurrent with the launch of the Model S 100D, Tesla released the Model X 100D.

While the X 100D just barely fails to hit the magical 300-mile range mark, it’s still the range king among the X lineup.

Rated at an EPA-estimated 295 miles, the 100D version of the X beats out the next nearest version (P100D) by 6 miles.

With a 0 to 60 MPH time of 4.8 seconds, the 100D X is no slouch, but it’s certainly far off the 2.9-second time listed for the P100D.

Pricing for the 100D Model X starts from $101,800 (plus destination). That’s $37,000 less than the P100D or $3,000 more than the 90D, which has a range of just 257 miles, or 38 miles less than the 100D.

*UPDATE: If you remove the pre-selected, upgraded interior, the Model X 100D starts from just $98,500. 

The 100D X seems to make the 90D version pointless now, so look for Tesla to drop the lesser version in the near future.

As of right now, there’s no listed delivery date for the 100D Model X.

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Model S 100D has EPA estimated range of 335 miles.

Only $98,500? I am going to jump on that right now!

Oh, wait. It’s unreliable and cannot have a roof rack. And it will never pay back.

What depreciating asset ever ‘pays back’

Pay Back? No, but you can Pay it Forward!

A creative person has not come up with a solid but jointed attachment to make a Roof Rack to connect to the Roof and Door Upper sides, that can move with those doors opening, after about a Year Plus of this on the market, 1st in California?

I would have thought someone could have at least Modeled this in a Movie or CAD Animation by now!

Start with video of the doors opening, left, or right, then 1 after the other, left leading then right leading, then both opning simultaneously!

Shooting first from the Back, then from the Front, then from directly above!

Put (x) targets in 6-10+ places before shooting the video, so all the angles can be mapped, creating a point trace path of the openings, then build a mechanism that works with those best pathways to minimize side ways tilt and for-aft tilt, and you are half way there!

A good character motion capture system could create the pathways faster, but costs would go up! This is a good job to get some Animation, Film and Engineering Students to collaborate on!

There are various solutions. I’ve seen roofracks that slide back to allow the doors to open.

Personally, as a person that drove a VW rabbit convertible, someone in San Francisco made a custom roof rack with a hinge on it that allowed it to swing open to open and close the convertible roof.

I got one and it served me well as I drove to Crissy field to windsurf almost every day while studying for the bar. Bar review class in the morning, windsurf in the afternoon, and study at night. Aced the bar exam while having a tan in the shape of my farmer John wetsuit. 😀

Get a better job.

Just too bad Tesla announces it only a few days after they terminated the Free-For-Life Supercharger refill as std, and their prices have still not been adjusted to take into account this expected # $-10K value loss, across their Model S & X ranges, for killing that …. very unfortunatly for people like me who granted a huge value to this and don’t appreciate not to have at least an option left for this in today Design Studio. My second issue is there is no word to say if this new 100D model will support to charge at full speed on future SuperCharger3 tweeted by Elon recently, and for which Porsche 350KW 800V chargers will be for children toys, so we expect SC3 somewhere between 500KW and 600KW may be. Problem is P100D was limited to # 120KW. Is that 100D any better ? I keep delaying my Model X purchase since last summer, due to outrageous P100D prices, and although Model X 100D is now finally announced, closing the pricing gap, I’ll still hold my deposit till I get all these points cleared out. By the way when I did my config a moment ago on Tesla France site… Read more »

It was very obviously a deliberate decision to announce this after the Supercharger change. The end of pay-once Supercharging was soemthing to help boost demand, and now the regular 100Ds have been added to help boost demand again.

Elon Musk didn’t tweet anything about Supercharger 3 enabling vehicles to charge at 350kW. His snarky remark was in response to a question that mentioned the 350kW power. The charger that prompted it can supply 350kW to a single vehicle and up to 350kW total for up to 4 vehicles. Superchargers can refer to the site as well as the chargers and most Supercharger sites already have more power than that.

I do expect Supercharger 3 to support higher power.

… but I don’t expect current cars to support much more power than they already get.

You may be right this was done on purpose by Tesla but it is not cool, not to lower prices to cover for lost value not to offer an option at full price for people who value this big times like me.
Regarding Porsche 800V 350KW chargers, they have been very clear their cars could handle a greater number of “C” to charge at a much higher rate committing 80% charge in 15mn on a 300M capable battery. So I bet when Tesla will exceed this big times as eluded by Elon they will have batteries re-layed out to enable say 3C to 5C charging, which on 100KWH models should translate into >300KW or 500KW that were not enabled in their cars so far. Hence my point as this is not nothing !

Are you trolling?! Ten thousand dollars worth of supercharging?! I’m thinking the equivalent of a thousand miles of free electricity a year is pretty damned good, especially when compared to what you get from other manufacturers!

I would suggest, if you’re seeking Model X perfection, you may wind up holding your deposit indefinitely!
Maybe if you’re that price sensitive, you should just wait for Model Y.

The day you will put €140K in a personal car, saved for almost 10 years, and that happens to be 2.5X the price of my previous beloved BMW530DA, I can tell you that you will inspect all details of the deal ! And these 2 x details are key for me, hence my comment. So as long as my former car works and give me the freedom to wait I’ll use that freedom to wait for the optimal deal. To be honest Model Y would be even better for me than X, set with at least 100KWH battery and all options. No real need for 6 or 7 x seats and Falcon wings, just a very long range high end compact SUV all electric that could I continue to drive in Paris city center in the future when everything else will get forbidden. But I could not wait Model Y till 2019, otherwize I would. I’m not a green gogo, I want the best car, 100KWH mini so I can skip oue Supercharger out of 2 on my long vacation trips on the motorways, and at a decent price. Price is here now with 100D models, just frustrated by the… Read more »

A lot lot of the Model X buyers had the same wishlist as you but just couldn’t wait till 2019 or later. We just decided to get over the price obstacle to enjoy those wishes today. Plus Model X is a very special consumer car on the road today and will be for quite some time.

I just checked the Tesla web site. There’s no 100D model. Just the models they have had for sale in recent months.

At time of press there is no front “100D” icon, but if you highlight “90D” you will then see the option to upgrade to the 100