Tesla Model 3 Non-Employee Deliveries To Start Next Week

Tesla Model 3


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Just in time for Christmas it seems.

Maxed out Tesla Model 3 orders will begin shipping out to non-employees as early as next week. That’s the latest word via Reddit.

Perhaps those stockpiled Model 3s we spotted the other day are actually non-employee cars waiting for delivery starting next week?

The Reddit post reads:

“Our Non-Employee Maxed Out Model 3 is Delivering Monday!!! – VIN #2079 – it’s for my GF and she’s like a kid at Christmas!”

The VIN # is basically meaningless, as reports suggest earlier VINs have not yet been assigned or delivered, so don’t focus on that 2079 number.

Tesla Model 3

Model 3

Back in late November, Tesla opened up the ordering process to the general public reservation holders. At the time, the delivery time frame was listed at as short as 4 weeks. It seems that some of those deliveries are now being moved forward.

We should find out early next week if non-employee deliveries actually do commence.

To date, Tesla has delivered an estimated 712 Model 3s, a number that’s far below initial expectations put forth by the automaker.  Last month during its Q3 earnings report, the automaker pushed back initial production timelines for the 3 by three months, stating the “5,000/per week” target had been moved from the end of Q4 to the end of Q3.

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73 responses to "Tesla Model 3 Non-Employee Deliveries To Start Next Week"
  1. SparkEV says:

    Tesla isn’t late; they just wanted to time it to coincide with Christmas! /S

    1. vdiv says:

      Orthodox Christmas (Jan.7)? 😉

      Actually some non-employees have already received their Model 3, perhaps non-insiders (employees, investors, VIPs)?

      1. eltosho says:

        Orthodox Christmas is not 7 Jan

        1. Ron says:

          Quick Facts
          Many Orthodox Christian churches in countries such as the United States observe Christmas Day on or near January 7 in the Gregorian calendar.
          Orthodox Christmas Day 2017
          Saturday, January 7, 2017

          Orthodox Christmas Day 2018
          Sunday, January 7, 2018

          1. eltosho says:

            All large orthodox christian churches observe Christmas on the 25. Dec. ! This includes Russia, Greece and many others….

    2. bro1999 says:

      Or maybe Kwanzaa!

      1. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

        Chinese New Year…….lol

      2. James says:

        Bro 1999 wakes up early each day – flipping on his computer to check the latest report on all his GM stock.

        He then grabs his coffee and opens his laptop for another day full of heel-biting Tesla and Elon Musk- a task he faithfully executes day in and day out, 6 to 7 days a week!

        You gotta admire that kind of tenacity! I mean, Bro 1999? You are a wonder!

        My only hope is – that Bro 1999’s next door neighbor buys a Model 3 and that one fine day they race. Bro 199’s Bolt EV will look kinda puny, kinda funky and kinda stupid next to the low, sleek, aerodynamic 3. With rear wheel drive, his neighbor’s 3 will circle a track minutes faster than the little Bolt subcompact that really isn’t quite a crossover SUV at all.

        Once that neighbor wipes Bro 1999s face with his Tesla’s performance, he’ll have to just live daily life, happily racking up the miles. He knows Bro 1999 will be pouncing on any trip a Tesla service truck may make to his door, or any time the car isn’t visible in his garage or driveway — BECAUSE IT MAY BE IN THE SHOP! —- But hopefully, that neighbor will smile and wave at Bro 1999’s other neighbors who also buy Model 3s as they happily plug in and turn on.

        As the 100,000s of Model 3s proliferate, Bro 1999 can relish in the fact that his Bolt EV is rarer on roads than the Nissan LEAF and that GM can’t even sell more than 20,000 $50,000 Buick Bolt EVs each year.

        Bro 1999 will never admit he was wrong. People like Bro never admit they were wrong. He’ll just gripe and bitch and moan and pick until one day he’ll just fall silent.

        1. HN says:

          Why wasting time posting anything in respond to bro1999 ?

        2. Volt Fan says:

          James, please take your meds today! You are still pestering “bro1999″ evem on the GM-Volt” forum. Leave it alone.

        3. MrCarGuy20 says:

          Most of the Bolt EV engineering was done by LG in South Korea. You people are insane. Care to ride Tesla any more than you are? Keep making yourself look like a cult follower.

    3. jm says:

      Or maybe Festivus!

      1. William says:

        Many will celebrate “Teslavus” this year.
        Those with a Model 3 in the garage, that is!

  2. cab says:

    Ideally, I think Tesla wants to deliver at least a few “non-employee” cars just so they can declare they “began deliveries” in 2017 (sort of a psychological victory of sorts – particularly with regard to the stock market). Yes, yes, I know a few hundred employee cars were also delivered.

    We still don’t know if they are producing in any volume (I assume not), but it does close out the year on a positive note for them (i.e. “Customer” deliveries have begun!).

    1. bro1999 says:

      And we all know how important perception is to Tesla. “Perception is reality” has never rung more true.

      1. Big Soul Hair says:

        As long as it continues and also continues to force other car makers to make electric cars, who cares?

      2. CDAVIS says:

        @bro1999 said: “And we all know how important perception is to Tesla. “Perception is reality” has never rung more true.”

        Lol…. Tesla Model 3 non-employee deliveries ramping up in Q4-17… that will be a reality stomach to the EV laggards because as these cars get in consumers hands the Model 3 will become the new benchmark all other cars will be compared to in that luxury midsize category… BMW looses that position to Tesla in Q1-18… that’s reality!

        1. Serial anti tesla troll thomas says:

          Tesla = luxury?????

          1. CDAVIS says:

            @ Serial anti tesla troll thomas said:
            “Tesla = luxury?????”

            BMW 330i = luxury???

            1. Mark.ca says:

              Considering how expensive is to fix them and how often they need work you can say it’s a luxury to keep one around.

          2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

            I can only assume you’ve never actually taken a ride in a Tesla car, as I have.

            Tesla = luxury!!!!!

        2. Volt Fan says:

          I have sat in a Model S yet the Model 3 isn’t “midsized” nor “luxury”. It is a cheaper copy of the larger Model S for those who cannot afford it.

      3. ffbj says:

        Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that won’t drive you to work safely, quickly, reliably, better than any other vehicle.
        As usual a good story about Tesla is all oh, people are just fooled by smoke and mirrors, and blinded by Elon’s elan.
        Give it up, Dude.
        It’s just so sad, comical, and predictable.

    2. Vexar says:

      I believe it was “volume deliveries in Q1.” I anticipate maximum stomping in March. I also expect the Tesla Semi will be operational between Sparks and Fremont by February. Fair bet it is carrying something for the Model III.

    3. Most importantly, to deliver More Model 3’s (To Non Employees) than Chevy Did of the Bolt EV, last December!

      1. scottf200 says:

        And a limited number of Chevrolet Volts in Dec ’10 just in the nick of time.

  3. John in AA says:

    Regarding “The VIN # is basically meaningless”, if we expand the acronym and spell out the hash mark, we get “the Vehicle Identification Number Number is basically meaningless.”

    Paris in the the spring? ATM machine!

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      Sahara desert!
      The Rock of Gibraltar! 😉

      Yeah, I’ve caught myself writing “VIN #”… and having to correct myself.

    2. Nick says:

      Use your PIN number in the ATM machine.

      1. Nick says:

        I wonder if ATM machines have UPC codes?

        There’s a book which takes about this but I don’t remember its ISBN number.


        1. John in AA says:

          Very well played.

          Writing from my room in the Le Meridien.

  4. leafowner says:

    Good news…..I hope mine comes soon!

  5. Anon says:

    The Spice now Flows…

    Into Powerpacks and what else

    No one yet knows

    The heights that are soon to be reached

    When a Tesla

    Thru Earths thin atmosphere, be breached

    What’s our Future

    Only Saint Elon truly knows

    1. ffbj says:

      The Spice Musk Flow!
      Good One!

      1. William says:

        + wun

  6. Ron M says:

    I’m predicting a 1,000 TM3’s will be sold for December 2017

    1. bro1999 says:

      If Panasonic is indeed shipping batteries over from Japan due to the Gigafactory’s plethora of problems cranking out its own batteries, that’s probably a safe bet.

      1. Nix says:

        Panasonic has been shipping batteries from Japan to Tesla since 2011 for the Model S. Why would Panasonic shipping batteries from Japan all the sudden be news, or any indication of a problem at the Gigafactory?

    2. ffbj says:

      At, least. Of course it is the holidays, so they may slow down for a few weeks.

      In general December is not a great month for auto dealers, fewer shopping days. Lots of promotions.
      GM, admits that they have been ripping you off for years but now you can pay what their employees pay. A stupid promotion Imo, but they, like all legacy makers, are very worried as their models languish and orders for them fall.
      More lay-offs and plant closings in the future for them. Coal in the stocking, for their bad behaviors. While Tesla grapples with years of backlog pointing a bony finger at a tombstone in a mythical graveyard with the inscription The ICE 1896-2022.

      1. James says:

        Don’cha just LOVE those silly Christmas car ads?

        First it was Lexus – those big red bows on their cars in the snowy, idyllic driveway of the successful home: “Mommy, Mommy – Oh JOY as Santa brought us a NEW CAR – Hooray!”…

        Soon, Santa was driving a Mercedes SL sleigh and all the shiny Mercedes reindoor zoomed along. Now snowy driveways can be seen from Infiniti, Nissan, Hyundai, Genesis and Toyota. Oh the jingle bells are jingling and the people are hugging their Lexus with a bow even more this season it seems.

        I don’t know about you, but to me these Christmas TV car ads just make out the OEM ICEmakers and being a bit more desperate to sell their junk.

        What do you think? I mean, can we stand even ONE MORE stupid Christmas car ad before we all just collectively barf?!

        1. Dan says:

          Turn off your TV!

  7. WadeTyhon says:

    Fantastic news! I have officially seen my first one on the road and it looked great.

    Now please, Tesla, get some demo units in your showrooms!

    1. TM says:

      Don’t hold your breath on the showroom models

  8. realdb2 says:

    Will the recipients be required to sign NDAs? It would be nice to have some real, objective, and unbiased reviews.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for all electric vehicles to succeed including Tesla.

    But the production and delivery thus far has been a farce. The very definition of smoke and mirrors.

    1. James says:

      Oh, I’ve not “gotten you wrong” alright.

      You don’t want Tesla to succeed. You’re not “rooting” for Tesla.

      The BS from your posts rises so high, that even a Falcon Heavy rocket couldn’t rise above it.

    2. Nix says:

      Buyers who have completed their orders have reported back that there was no NDA that they had to sign when they completed their purchase agreement. Tesla would have had to put the NDA into the purchase agreement for it to be lawfully enforceable.

    3. MrCarGuy20 says:

      If they did, in fact, ever require an NDA, they would stoop far lower than any other automaker. Hiding public opinion is one of the worst strategies possible.

  9. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

    “Maxed out Tesla Model 3 orders”

    There was a hard stop number????

    1. DJ says:

      No, think bells and whistles…

  10. ffbj says:

    Probably after the holidays production will pick up mounting to over 1k a week, by the end of January, and then picking up 1k per month 250+ cars, per week.
    That would get them to 3k a week by the end of March, which is pretty generous, though Musk says 5k per week by then.

    1. Asak says:

      I highly doubt they meet that aggressive ramp. Even if they clear one bottleneck they’re going to find others.

  11. DJ says:

    Can we all just agree to say this is when they actually start delivering to customers 😀

    1. Anon says:

      Yes. Two years ago, Tesla estimated early deliveries of Model 3 would start in December of 2017.

      Seems like they’re still on time. 🙂

      1. DJ says:

        I don’t actually disagree with this whatsoever. The whole we have to “sell” a few hundred of them to people who have signed away their first born just to meet some random deadline was never a good idea IMO.

        Had they gone through real tooling, produced and inspected them on an actual line before selling them, and been able to produce them in #’s that make them look like they know WTH they’re doing even if it was several months later I think it would have left a much better taste in peoples mouth. As it stands today though, apart from the Tesla zealots, the Model 3 launch isn’t really being viewed all that positively and for a company whose future supposedly rides hugely on that a kick ass launch would have been a great boost.

        1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

          “Had they gone through real tooling, produced and inspected them on an actual line before selling them, and been able to produce them in #’s that make them look like they know WTH they’re doing even if it was several months later I think it would have left a much better taste in peoples mouth.”

          Wow, you actually gave your honest opinion about Tesla and its cars for once!

          Better sit down and rest for awhile. Actually telling the Truth, even if it was just once, must have been a terrific strain for you! 🙄

          1. DJ says:

            I have been saying the truth for a looong time. It’s just that idiots like you don’t like it if it doesnt fit your narrative so you label me, and those like me, as a troll, shorter, hater, etc.l

            Do you try hard to be this big of a dbag or does it come naturally??

            1. Mystery says:

              It comes Naturally with his primordial chants in front of the Stuart Smalley SNL Al frankstein mirror. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it people like me, if I can just keep my hands long enough in the TSLA cookie jar

              1. Mark.ca says:

                Criticism from the parasitic slug Mystery…it’s not to be taken lightly.

        2. Asak says:

          I do think that Tesla would have looked better by not exaggerating that actual deliveries were taking place. It ended up making it look bad when they couldn’t ramp up production because they weren’t actually ready.

          As far as raising more money from gullible people I don’t know, it might have been worth it?

          1. Mystery says:

            Yes, Must. Keep. Cash Incineration. Bonfire. Going. So pull out the PT Barnum circus Reality Distortion Field sideshow (Roadster2.0 & Semi)

      2. Volt Fan says:

        Tesla is a year late with the Model 3 delivery as it did before with Model S and Model X deliveries in the past. The Chevy Bolt EV is already a year old with almost 30,000 sold.

    2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      “Can we all just agree to say this is when they actually start delivering to customers”

      No. Tesla haters don’t get to define who a “customer” is or isn’t, nor do they get to declare the money any person pays is any more “real” than another person’s money.

      Tesla Model 3 deliveries began July 28, 2017; several months earlier than a previous target date announced by Tesla. Your continual denial of reality, your Stages of Grief posts, and your Big Lies, are not going to change that by a single day.

      1. Mystery says:

        Off yr meds, again, we see. He should have clarified – this is when TSLA pulls the SnM Bob out of their employees orifices, and the unbiased free speech can occur (rather than self-interested self-serving parties such as yourself)

      2. Volt Fan says:

        You are wrong again. This news is for the true sales, not for “beta” testing”.

      3. MrCarGuy20 says:

        You’re so hypocritical. Typical of blind cult followers. Your grammar is also reminiscent of someone who thinks they know what they’re talking about; you need to learn how to use a semi-colon, genius.

    3. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

      As long as they iron out any bugs by the time I purchase in 2020, I don’t give pile of Fecal Matter when it is considered “customer deliveries”…….lol

    4. Nix says:

      “Can we all just agree to say this is when they actually start delivering to customers ”

      Let me know when you get the State of California (CARB, Taxation, License, etc) and the Federal Gov’t (IRS, DOT, EPA, etc) to agree. Because they ALL count these the same as any other customer delivery under the law.

      Let me know when you’ve gotten them to agree.

  12. JyChevyVolt says:

    How many here are model 3 reserve holders? Are you guys not worried about 4 years /50,000 miles drive unit warranty?

    1. Mark.ca says:

      Isn’t that what you have on your Volt? It’s pretty much standard in car industry.

  13. Volt Fan says:

    These are the first true sales! The previous “Sales” were “beta” or pre-production cars that the Tesla employees were testing but are allowed to buy and keep. A cheaper way to wring out mistakes and fix the production line.

    Major manufacturers have their own test schedules and procedures to do the same in-house, and do not get their employees buying defective cars for “beta” testing. These employees get to buy true production cars at a discount later. That is why these major manufacturers with worldwide sales for over a century do it better.

    1. Mark.ca says:

      Are you going to be able to sleep at night with all these new sales going on?

  14. Scott says:

    GM in the 1970’s released the cars and let the customer find the bugs. Remember all the rattles, terrible panel fits, disposable Vega engines. Tesla is wise to release slowly to limit growing pains. Tesla has developed the first fully autonomous production line, machines building machines—-24/7, 365!!! Historic!!!! I have owned many expensive vehicles, including exotics, I love my Model X. No more ICE cars!! Nice to have a fully charged vehicle every morning and not wasting 10 minutes every week to fill up with dirty gas! Also nice to have a premium vehicle without the premium maintenance.

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