Tesla Might Expand To Elon Musk’s South African Homeland In 2019

DEC 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

Is Africa finally ready for Tesla and is Tesla ready for Africa?

South Africa is one of those places where you can’t buy a Tesla, but according to Elon Musk – who left South Africa for North America almost 30 years ago – there is a chance for change.

The first store is expected to be opened in South Africa in 2019 – “probably“.

The biggest challenge in Africa is that there is not that much demand for EVs, which makes the continent and particular countries among the last to get the latest EV models.

The other problem is that the state utility Eskom Holdings SOC recently experienced rolling blackouts because it didn’t have money for investments in new power plants.

At the same time, there are customers that are already ready for Tesla, as you can see in this reply to Musk: “Amazing — I’m first in line when it happens!”

Source: Bloomberg

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My wife’s from Capetown ,she says oil is imported and expensive ,but electricity can be unreliable but a lot of people have their own Solar already for years and once you have solar the power is almost free.

As for the rolling blackouts, do they occur late at night when demand is at it’s lowest?

I live in South Africa and own a leaf. We need Tesla desperately. Solar ftw!!

Oooh, this will be interesting… Not being one to shell out to much for a car, but a Huge Tesla fan, I have about 12 months to make peace with either spending too much on a car (that may or may not be 100% reliable) or being frustrated watching them drive around me. Hopefully Elon time will give me more time to sit on the fence…iether way, looking forward to seeing more than i3’s around.

Don’t think of the money as just being spent on a car. It’s so much more than a car. It’s hard to explain the deep daily satisfaction that comes with being a part of Tesla. Knowing that you are part of the future and less a part of the problem of fossil fuels. In all honesty knowing what I know now I would’ve paid more.

And I didn’t even mention the awesomeness of the acceleration (even with my “slow” Tesla S 75) or the big intuitive screen or the Slacker radio or the self driving or the convenience of plugging in at home.

It’s not the South Africa Musk knew. It is time for another apartheid in S.A. Full racism in reverse.

Land appropriation without compensation and open season on the white minority. They are changing the constitution though, so everything will be done “legally”.

Racism in reverse is just racism. Of course there’s much more to SA than just racism. There’s also tribalism, nepotism, short-sightedness, incompetency and plain old jealousy.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

And corruption.

S Africa is another major auto manufacturing base and it makes perfect sense for Tesla to build a plant there to cater to the African market.

Here’s a tip: If it’s Dec 2018 and Elon says “probably end of next year”, then the expected earliest opening date is 2020 NOT 2019

with Elon time yes, but it is exciting because it should still happen, Elon time is typically x1.6 I think I read somewhere. there have only been 3 major slowdowns above that number that i can think of off the top of my head; falcon heavy, coast to coast auto pilot drive, and battery swapping which I believe is completely scrapped.