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New In-Road Wireless Charging Idea Could Become A Breakthrough – video

A team at Stanford University has published research results for longer range dynamic wireless energy transfer for potential use in electric vehicle charging. Both, stationary and dynamic wireless charging has of course already been demonstrated around the world, but Shanhui Fan, a professor of electrical engineering and senior author of the study, thinks…

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ChargePoint CEO Says Gas Stations Aren’t A Model For EV Charging

ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano shared his thoughts this Summer on why the gas station business model doesn’t fit with the future of electric cars. The EV charging infrastructure of today is far from perfect, but the electrification of gas stations, or following their model for plug-in vehicles is not the solution. Stats: ChargePoint doubled…

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Renault Kangoo EV Wireless Charging

Dynamic EV Charging At Up To 60 MPH – Video

Here is a little more detail about the 20 kW wireless dynamic charging project that Qualcomm and Renault (among 23 other partners) conducted in France last month. The 100 meter long test track consists of four 25 meter stubs, that are powered according to the needs of the charge vehicle (or vehicles)…

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Qualcomm Renault Wireless Charging Road

Qualcomm’s Dynamic Wireless Charging Could Be A Sleeper Hit

As technological breakthroughs go, this one is remarkable only for its very lack of drama. Silent, near invisible, impossible to touch, taste, or smell, Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging (DEVC) nonetheless represents another dramatic technological leap for EV technology, one which may lead to ‘electrified highways’ becoming the norm within decades….

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BMW Announces Wireless Charging Option On The 530e

BMW has announced wireless charging will be added as an option for the 2018 model year 530e iPerformance plug-in hybrid (test drive report here). The 3.2 kW wireless system will be integrated with the 530e’s on-board infotainment system to show the charger’s alignment on the screen. The conventional system of charging for the 530e…

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Wireless Charging And Autonomous Electric Cars Go Hand-In Hand

The 4th International Electric Vehicle Expo, which was held in March in South Korea, brings a few important conclusions made on the state (and future) of wireless charging technology, and autonomous driving. The main consideration is that autonomous electric vehicles are interdependent with wireless charging. For the future of truly…

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