Effenco, a Canada-based specialist in electric propulsion systems for heavy-duty vocational vehicles, announced an ultracapacitor-based energy storage system for 100% electric trucks.

The company was founded in 2006 and so far has installed its hybrid electric solution in more than 400 trucks in circulation in about ten countries. The total mileage of those trucks exceeded 3 million miles (4.8 million km).

Now is the time to offer a solution for all-electric vehicles with the main goal of reaching price-parity with a conventional diesel vehicle. Yes, you read it right - the purchase price of the ultracapacitor-powered vehicle will be the same as diesel alternatives.

"While the discovery of new electrical technologies has accelerated in recent years in the transportation electrification field, no one has yet been able to develop a solution that, from the start, would not be more expensive than currently available products. From now on, Effenco’s 100% electric solution will overcome the main obstacle to electrification: price."


The key solution to make the vehicles more affordable is to use a reasonably-sized ultracapacitor pack instead of a large battery. The required range will be provided through multiple wireless fast charging sessions.

Effenco Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Systems For Heavy-Duty Vehicles
Ultracapacitor module

The press release is silent about the infrastructure cost, but we guess that it's comparable to the depot chargers that EVs would have to have anyway.

"Using ultracapacitors and high intensity wireless charging stations positioned with the company’s artificial intelligence algorithms, Effenco’s solution optimizes on-board energy without sacrificing vehicle vocation and performance.

With its data-centric approach, algorithms and cutting-edge technology, the company will help municipalities and businesses significantly reduce their GHG emissions. Effenco’s 100% electric solution will achieve zero emissions while minimizing financial impacts."

Effenco Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Systems For Heavy-Duty Vehicles
Effenco Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Systems For Heavy-Duty Vehicles

The cool thing about this solution is that it can be applied to new or existing fleets (simply as a conversion).

According to Effenco, the ultracapacitors' service life will be 12+ years, under a broad range of temperatures.

"Ultracapacitors store energy and electrify the vehicle. Unlike lithium batteries, they are better suited for heavy-duty applications since they are recognized for their robustness, long service life and resistance to temperature fluctuations."

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