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Renault Sold 36,000 Electric Cars (Up 38%) In 2017

Renault had a strong 2017 with all-electric car sales hitting a new record of roughly 36,300 (up some 38% year-over-year). The French company noted nearly 24% share of passenger all-electric car sales in Europe last year, which is the biggest share among all brands. Also, Renault ZOE, with its 41 kWh battery,…

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Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Sold 540,623 Electric Vehicles Since 2010

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance sold 10,608,366 cars in 2017, which works out to one out of every nine passenger cars and light commercial vehicles sold worldwide. Overall, sales for the Alliance  increased by 6.5% last year, making it the world’s largest automotive group. But we don’t care about general sales. We’re only…

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Renault Transforms ZOE Into Santa’s Sleigh

These days being Santa isn’t easy, as reindeers become more and more expensive to refuel. In the UK, the perfect solution seems to be switching to an electric Renault ZOE. In total, Santa and his elves covered some 820 miles (visiting London, Cardiff, Cannock and Manchester) delivering 1,000 boxes of Christmas…

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Plug-In Hybrid Car Sales In France Tripled in November

A PHEV boom is underway in France. The French market is experiencing a boom in plug-in hybrid vehicles, with sales tripling in November. This helped to increase overall plug-in sales, as all-electric offerings moved upwards less briskly. In total, 3,432 new plug-in EVs were registered last month in France, which was 59%…

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Nearly 121,000 Plug-In Electric Cars Were Sold In October

Nearly another record month for plug-in electric cars on the global scale. In October, plug-in electric car sales nearly hit a new record, set in September at 123,000. EV Sales Blog estimates almost 121,000 deliveries of plug-in electric cars globally in October, which is 84% more one than year ago….

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