Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Shows Up At X Games


Adventure truck seeks, finds winter adventure.

Rivian is a brand of all-electric adventure vehicles. It makes sense, then, that it would show up at places where outdoor fun is in full effect. From now until Sunday, one particularly happening location is Aspen, Colorado, where the Winter X Games are now underway. Besides skiing, snowboarding, and freestyle snowmobiling, you can also check out the future of adventure-oriented transportation.

The automotive startup tweeted out (embedded below) its X Game attendance today, and included a few photographs. The team has its R1T electric truck out and available for viewing during the event. They also have a number of people on hand to answer questions as well. From the tweeted photos, it seems like the display is somewhat static, so there will probably not be any dashes up ski slopes with athletes in tow à la Mitsubishi.

To find it, just go to the base of Gondola Plaza at 601 East Dean Street between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. It should be pretty easy to spot. Look for a small crowd surrounding a silver pickup that looks unlike any you’ve seen before.

As a reminder, the Rivian pickup, which shares the same platform and drivetrain with the R1S SUV, is just slightly smaller than the full-size Ford F-150, but has outsized performance. Depending on which battery pack option customers choose, it is said to sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds and travel as far as 450 miles on a charge.

If you manage to make it, please drop by the Rivian section of the InsideEVs Forum and give us your impressions. In the Forum you can mingle with other fans and pre-order holders as we all look forward to the vehicles rolling out of the company’s Normal, Illinois factory.


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right, those who ski/board there probably are the crowds that can afford the Truck.

You do realize that a comparably equipped F-150 is MORE expensive than the theoretical base price R1T, right?

I certainly hope that Rivian succeeds, and I do think they have a good shot at it. Nonetheless, may I gently suggest that what you’re pointing out says more about Rivian’s aspirational price probably being unrealistically low than it does about well-equipped F-150’s being priced too high.

Theoretical? Think they can manufacture pick-ups more efficiently than Ford? Highly unlikely

When does the so called “comparable” F-150 cost $85K? You mean Raptor?

Most comparably equipped F-150 are in the $50K range.

Riggght Aspen… and it’s the ski bunnies along with their testosterone laden partners with the fat pocketbooks who are the ones who get all juiced up in that outdoorsy setting. This is pure early adopter bling for the moneyed crowd; conspicuous consumption marketing at it’s best. But face it kiddies, curb appeal and cachet sells… even that cutesy little fence surrounding the truck helps drive demand… you, the unwashed masses, can look but don’t dare touch…but wouldn’t you loooove to be the first to have one on your block. I do hope this project flies.. these guys are doin good stuff, but sadly I’ll be worm food before we see the last of the F150’s roll off the assembly line.

Speaking of “outsized performance” don’t forget to mention the 11,000 lb towing capacity.

The trucks they have been showing have zero towing capacity because there is no tow hitch installed.

Beautiful truck, innovative features and well thought out, they should do well.

Cool. Would make a great off road truck. I think Jeep had a big commercial shindig at the games, driving them around an obstacle course. I wonder if Rivian’s truck showing up was a kind of dig at Jeep. Who snow’s.

Are they going to show how well it does in the snow , a video of its performance like they have it in the mountains or on the beach

This looks great. I do hope they make a model with at least a 6.5′ bed and an 8′ would be nice too.

It’s not a real pickup. It’s a really nice SUV. It would be a joke at the lumberyard. When Rivian starts making models with a full 8ft bed I’ll likely change my tune. Regardless of what we call it,it is a fine machine. I just can’t bring myself to call it a pickup. If I have to go and “pick up” 30 creosote protected fence posts to build a fence I wouldn’t be using this machine even if I had one. This is a machine for urbanites who want to go out in the country and do stupid things there one the weekend, not for people who actually live outside the city and need a pickup as a *TOOL*.

Like you explained at the end, it actually is a pickup truck for city dwellers and those that buy a pickup truck for that type of use. While it does have a functional bed and it can fit plywood sheets with the tailgate down, it’s surely not a work truck. Rivian has not advertised or marketed it as one. Rather, they’re calling it an adventure vehicle. In the U.S., there are a plethora of people who own pickup trucks and don’t use them in the traditional sense. In fact, many opt for the huge cab and short bed. It’s more of a status symbol in many cases. This is not a truck that construction companies and rural workers would want to buy to haul lumber and do dirty work. Still, there’s a significant market for it in the U.S. no doubt. I don’t see a huge market in the U.S. right now for an expensive electric work truck. That demographic is just not going to buy a high-priced electric truck and give up their gas and diesel trucks, to turn around and beat the crap out of it. Once battery prices come down and OEMs are able to produce inexpensive… Read more »

Love the concept and performance. But, few pickup buyers are going to consider a vehicle with a front end as ugly as the Rivian, Surely this is a joke? And they have a much better looking design for production?

Many people love the front end. I saw it in person and I really like it. The headlights and continuous light a pretty awesome. We have heard from people that love it and people that hate it, but there are surely many that think it’s great. It’s all a matter of opinion. It’s definitely not a joke and it serves a purpose for sure. The design is really quite fantastic for what the market is.