Renault Sold Record 7,000 Electric Cars In December

JAN 20 2019 BY MARK KANE 10

Renault ends year 2018 on a high – records everywhere

The end of the year for Renault was pretty significant as French manufacturer reports sales of 7,000 all-electric cars in December, which is not only 77% more than a year ago, but also an all-time record – over 500 higher than previous from November.

Outstanding results are the fruit of record sales of both, the ZOE and Kangoo Z.E. Here are numbers for December and the full year (excluding Twizy):

Renault electric car sales – December 2018

As the overall sales in 2018 increased by 37% year-over-year to 49,620, BEVs now account for about 1.9% of passenger Renault sales and 2.5% of light commercial Renault sales (globally). In Europe (where almost all Renault EVs were sold) the share in total volume is 3.5% (PC) and 3.2% (LCV) respectively.

In 2018 Renault’s share in all-electric car segment in Europe amounted 22%.

Separately, in South Korea, Renault – through Renault Samsung Motors – is also selling all-electric cars, the SM3 Z.E. In 2018, 1,235 SM3 Z.E. were sold (down 39%).

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10 Comments on "Renault Sold Record 7,000 Electric Cars In December"

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It’s a great improvement but Renault should have done better after 10 years.

Hopefully the increase of sells in the last 2 months is due to an announced increase of production and could maybe lead to 60 000 sells in 2019. Maybe even 65 000.

But how many sales did the twizy make?

It’s not a car.

Still curious.

They should offer an upgraded Twizy, with improved battery, electronics and sell it at a slightly lower price.
In certain markets, it could sell OK. Given some improvements and a good price.
Improved doors would be a cool option.

So even VW sold more EVs in 2018. Crazy.

The Kangoo sales is limited by supply. Have to wait for a good while to get one.
With proper range and price, it could sell very well in Europe.

Killing Fluence ze doesnt help too. It was the only one berline EV, and could get good sales with 33kwh or 40kwh. Great car and bad decision from Renault stop manufactueing in Europe.

I disagree. If it was this good, its cousin SM3 ZE would sell much better in South Korea.