Renault Sets Electric Car Sales Record In March With 4,134 Deliveries In March

APR 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 10

Renault continues its recent trend of increasing all-electric car sales in Europe, topped off with a new all-time record in March.

In total, an astounding 4,134 electric Renaults were sold last month, which was 29% more than year ago.

Renault ZOE

Comparing the ZOE and Kangoo Z.E. sales to the overall results for the company, it turns out that EVs hold a 1.54% share (1.75% if we narrow the comparison down further to just Europe).

Our counter indicates also that Renault crossed the 100,000 electric car sales mark during the month (although if one includes the all-electric Twizy quadricycle, then the number is already north of 120,000).

10,000 were sold in the first quarter of 2017 alone.

To understand what has happened to turn things up of late with Renault, we need to focus on the ZOE, which received a significantly upgraded battery – from 22 to 41 kWh .  The new ZOE gives some 186 miles (300 km) of real world range.

In March, the ZOE set a personal record of nearly 3,800 sales (which was a 1,000 more than year ago), which makes it one of the best selling EV in the world (despite being almost exclusively available just in Europe).

Renault ZOE sales – March 2017

Renault electric car sales – March 2017

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This bodes well. I would love to know how much production capacity they have for the Zoe.

The Renault Zoé is build on the same production line of the Renault Clio. And actually every factory of Renault in France has reach its maximum capacities of production.
If Renault need to produce more Renault Zoé, Renault have to to produce the Clio in the other factory out of France, and give more weeks of production to the Zoé.
The Nissan Micra is produced in the same factory, and if the Micra won’t reach the goal of sales, perhaps Renault will give to the Zoé some weeks of production on the Micra Line.

Renault can produce more than 30,000 Zoé per year but surely less than 50,000.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

They shall sell it all around the world. Then they would have same selling numbers as Tesla.

They could sell way more ZOEs if they would make them. Those record sales are mostly concentrated in just 3 countries with France itself taking around half of the sales, and large 3-digit numbers also for Norway and Germany,

With new Kangoo ZE those numbers will be even higher.

I’d like to know what’s the percentage of battery rental vs battery sale. Before the 41kWh battery Renault would not sell the battery for private owners (just fleets and government), and I’d guess this could be another fact for their growth, at least in some states.

The Zoe is a really nice car. I test drove it a short time ago. Of course it has not the build quality of a Golf but I don’t care (although it would maybe be helpful for sales). The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t has 50kw (or more) CCS fast charging capabilities. That is a real bummer. Therefore with it’s 22kw AC charging it is only a commuter car…But still very good. Design is also nice and trunk space is very good in my point of view. Fits very well for a four people family to weekly shop in a grocery store.

A 100% agree with you for the CCS charging. But Renault said that in the near futur, Renault will use the CCS Combo 2 @ 100kW by ~2020. Probably for the Zoé II.

The Zoe is insance in selling numbers!