Some of the first car haulers transporting Midnight Cherry Red Tesla Model Y SUVs have been spotted in Europe. According to onlookers in the area, Tesla's Giga Berlin just started shipping out the electric crossovers with the brand-new paint color, and now they're beginning to be delivered to customers.

Tesla has introduced a few new paint colors recently. The first two that came to our attention were the Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red, both of which are coming exclusively out of the German factory, at least initially. This also means that you can only get the colors on the Model Y since it's currently the only Tesla EV being produced in Germany.

Tesla made the Quicksilver option available ahead of the seemingly more popular red color. There have been reports of both already being produced and stocked at Giga Berlin, though this report is the first we've heard that the Midnight Cherry Red paint has started shipping.


The Midnight Cherry paint color is one of several Tesla red paint colors, and not to be confused with the newly announced Ultra Red, which is currently specific to Model S and Model X EVs coming out of Tesla's original factory in Fremont, California. The Ultra Red paint replaces the Multi-Coat Red for the flagship vehicles, though you can still order the Model 3 and Model Y with the earlier red paint color.

It's hard to get a solid idea of a car's paint color based on online images. As you can see, the Model Y at the top of the page appears to be notably brighter and redder than those on the car hauler in the tweeted image above. It's also important to note that many of the newer colors look intentionally different depending on the angle, the car's curves, and the lighting.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been touting not only the "deep crimson" paint color, but also the German Tesla factory's paint shop in general. In fact, Musk said prior to the factory opening that it would have the "world’s most advanced paint shop, with more layers of stunning colors that subtly change with curvature." 

Tesla is only offering the new paint color in Europe and the Middle East. According to Teslarati, it's a €3,200 option. For buyers hoping to save money, the only free option is Tesla's Pearl White Multi-Coat. In the States, a red Model Y wearing the much lighter and brighter Red Multi-Coat costs $2,000 more than one with the standard white paint.

We've included another look at all three Tesla red paint colors below in the form of videos. Let us know which is your favorite by leaving a comment

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