During a recent drone flyover of the Tesla Berlin Gigafactory, the camera noticed several brand new Model Ys that looked like they were finished in a new lighter shade of silver that was developed on-site, at much talked-about new paint shop. Most of the vehicles that wore this new color had black interiors, and one featured a white interior.

Quicksilver is the second shade of silver that Tesla will make available for the Model Y electric crossover in Europe and the Middle East – the other is called Midnight Silver Metallic (which is also available in North America), but it’s only available on base rear-wheel drive vehicles, while Quicksilver is offered exclusively on the Long Range and Performance variants.


Being considerably lighter than Midnight Silver Metallic, Quicksilver definitely makes the vehicle pop more, but it also costs an extra 3,000 euros. The other color created at the new Gigafactory Berlin paint shop is Midnight Cherry, a deep candy-like hue that is arguably the most striking paint ever put on a Tesla – it adds 3,200 euros to the cost of the Model Y, and just like Quicksilver, it is not available on RWD vehicles.

The drone video uploaded by Tobias Lindh shows that Tesla is already building Quicksilver Model Ys, even ones with the optional white interior. No Midnight Cherry vehicles can be observed in this flyover, suggesting that these may not be in production yet.

Tesla describes Quicksilver as

A dynamic, liquid metal effect color that accentuates the shape of Model Y.

Developed in our advanced paint shop at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, the colors are designed to accentuate your Model Y under every sky. From bright highlights to dark tones, our multi-coat paint adds a new dimension that subtly changes with curvature as you walk around your Tesla.

The manufacturer says its new paint shop is the most advanced in the world, capable of applying up to 13 layers of paint. Elon Musk noted that this allows Tesla to create paint jobs whose color changes with the curvature of the vehicle’s body, producing a unique effect that other companies cannot achieve.

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