Tesla has introduced a new Ultra Red paint color for the Model S and Model X cars, which are produced at its Fremont factory.

It's the first new color option for the flagship models in several years, which replaces the previous Multi-Coat Red that is still used on the Model 3 and the Model Y.

The Ultra Red paint color option costs $3,000 ($4,000 CAD in Canada), so $500 more than in the case of the Multi-Coat Red.

Tesla Model S/Model X paint colors (Fremont):

  • Pearl White Multi-Coat: standard
  • Solid Black: $1,500 option
  • Midnight Silver Metallic: $1,500 option
  • Deep Blue Metallic: $1,500 option
  • (NEW) Ultra Red: $3,000 option
2023 Tesla Model S (Ultra Red color)

2023 Tesla Model S (Ultra Red color)

2023 Tesla Model X (Ultra Red color)

2023 Tesla Model X (Ultra Red color)

The new Ultra red paint color appears to be more complex and compelling compared to the previous Multi-Coat Red - and obviously darker.

Tesla has been criticized for a relatively simple paint color offering, which prompted the company to introduce new options. It started with the Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver premium paint colors in Europe (Tesla Model Y produced at the Giga Berlin plant, which was the first was equipped with a new paint shop).

We guess that depending on the feedback and paint shop output, we might see the Ultra Red option also for the Model 3/Model Y in the US, as well as some new colors in the not-too-distant future.

Here are a few more images of the Tesla Model S Ultra Red, available on the company's website:

2023 Tesla Model S (Ultra Red color)
2023 Tesla Model S (Ultra Red color)
2023 Tesla Model S (Ultra Red color)

According to a video posted by the Met God in Wilderness channel, the new Teslas with Ultra Red paint are already in production and some were seen on the factory's parking lot.

Tesla's enthusiast Sawyer Merritt prepared an interesting comparison of the Ultra Red and Midnight Cherry Red color, as well as Ultra Red versus Multi-Coat Red:


For reference, here is the Quicksilver & Midnight Cherry Red – Made at Giga Berlin:

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