It wasn't long ago that Tesla was facing some very tough times in China. However, since its factories reopened and updates are being completed, it appears the automaker is ramping up its export output in China to a whole new level.

Based on some recent drone flyover videos of the Shanghai South Port Terminal, Tesla already has a massive assortment of vehicles parked at the pier and ready to load and ship out of China. Interestingly, another surprisingly large batch just left the port last week. While it's not uncommon for Tesla to stockpile cars in the location and prep them for shipping, it typically doesn't happen this quickly.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just announced that Giga Shanghai produced its 1-millionth vehicle, which took Tesla over the 3-million milestone of total EVs produced since it first started production. The China factory has become Tesla's primary export hub, all while also producing EVs for the largest local market in the world. Some people suggested that once Giga Berlin was up and running, Tesla China may not need to crank out and export so many EVs, though, in reality, that hasn't been the case.

As you can see from the tweet below, as well as the video above, China-based drone operator Wu Wa has provided updated videos and images from the Shanghai South Port Terminal, where Tesla parks its cars that are ready to enter the Glovis container ship and head out for export.


Teslarati reported that many of the latest Tesla vehicles that will soon be leaving the port will likely be Right Hand Drive (RHD) models. Wu Wa notes that during his recent drone flyover, it became evident that at least some of the Model Y crossovers were potentially produced for the market in Australia. The large fleet of Tesla vehicles that just left the port last week also reportedly included RHD models.

During Q2 2022, after Tesla's Giga Shanghai reopened and ramped up, it set a new delivery record for June 2022 alone. In July 2022, the first month of Q3 2022, some 7,000 Tesla models were spotted ready for export at this same port, so it seems Tesla China is just cranking out cars and shipping them out quickly to make room for many more that are on the way. This, all while upgrading the factory further and ramping up production along the way.

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