The Tesla Giga Shanghai plant in China has fully recovered production and even achieved an all-time monthly record in June.

We knew that it was coming when the estimated numbers were announced two days ago. Now, it's official.

Last month, the total Tesla volume (retail sales in China and export) - according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA)'s data - amounted to 78,906 units, which is 138% more than a year ago.

* CPCA reports wholesale shipments, not registrations/customer deliveries.

The new record is over 8,000 higher than the previous one, set in December 2021 (70,847).

Nonetheless, the second quarter was significantly affected by the COVID-19-related lockdowns and closed at 112,583 (compared to 182,174 in Q1). During the first half of the year, the total volume almost reached 295,000.

According to the CPCA, Tesla's cumulative wholesale volume from the Tesla Gigafactory 3 as of the end of June is close to 905,000, including roughly 606,000 in the past 12 months.

There are many reports that the company is currently upgrading the plant to significantly boost production later this year.

Sales in China

The report indicates that last month, local sales in China amounted to 77,938 (up 177% year-over-year), which also is a new monthly record.

In June, Tesla was clearly focused on local sales, rather than export.

Tesla MIC retail sales in China are usually the highest in the final month of a quarter.

Cumulatively, Tesla MIC sales in China exceeded 650,000 units.


According to the report, last month 868 Tesla MIC cars were exported (down 81% year-over-year). That's a really low number, but not surprising at all. We will probably see high-volume exports in July and August again.

Tesla usually exports the highest number of cars in the first month of a quarter, and then a substantial number of cars also in the second month of a quarter.

CPCA data suggests that over 218,000 Tesla MIC cars were exported in the recent 12 months. Mostly to Europe, we guess.


Tesla offers two MIC models - Model 3 and Model Y (both in various versions). Local retail sales of the Model 3 reached the second-highest level in June (26,349 and up 60% year-over-year), while the Model Y has set a new record (52,557 and up 352%), becoming the #1 BEV in China for the month.

Quarterly, some 30,851 Model 3 and 59,392 Model Y were sold locally in Q2, which is a result lower than in the previous quarter - once again, because of the lockdown and several weeks of halted production.

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