It seems that Tesla has not only recovered production at the Giga Shanghai plant in China, but even set a new monthly record in June.

According to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA)'s preliminary data (via Reuters), Tesla's sales volume (retail sales in China and export) is estimated at 78,000 in June.

If true, it would be 135% more than a year ago and 142% more than in May (32,165), as well as a new monthly record (the previous one was 70,847 in December 2021).

* CPCA reports wholesale shipments, not registrations/customer deliveries.

We need to wait probably a few more days for an official press release from CPCA with more numbers regarding retail sales in China and export, and sales of particular models, but it's a positive sign. Especially since there were reports about a target of 71,000 units in June.

A strong result in China in June was very important for Tesla's global quarterly result of more than 250,000 electric car sales.

The Tesla Giga Shanghai plant is currently undergoing an upgrade to boost production later this year, so it could potentially produce 22,000 MIC cars per week (8,000 Model 3 and 14,000 Model Y) or more than 1 million electric cars annually. Those unofficial numbers are based on a memo seen by Reuters.

Only time will tell how quickly Tesla will be able to ramp up production after the upgrade - maybe as soon as in August/September?

Meanwhile, CPCA estimates that the overall passenger car market in China amounted to 1.926 million in June (up 22% year-over-year).

The plug-in segment specifically has more than doubled last month to 546,000 (up 130%) with BYD acting as a lone leader with some 134,000 units sold.

Below we attached a few latest drone flyover videos from the Tesla Giga Shanghai site, which is still regularly monitored, despite the main construction work being completed months ago.

And here is a view of the Tesla cars parked at the dock and ready for shipment to Europe:

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