Your go-anywhere Model X is here, sadly only in digital form.

You don’t normally associate the Tesla Model X (or most modern SUVs for that matter, electric or otherwise) with going off-road  but you can’t deny it would look cool all decked out in trail gear. This is the work of a very talented 3D modeler and designer who has created a very enticing and believable Dakar-style Model X.

Mo Aoun is his name (we've featured his work before) and what he’s done created a lifted Model X that's taller than stock by a good few inches, he equipped it with beadlock wheels wrapped in chunky off-road tires and didn't stop there. It also has plastic cladding along the wheel arches, side steps (that you would actually need given how tall this looks), a custom front bumper with integrated bull bar and winch, a custom roof rack with LED light bars and an additional rack towards the rear of the vehicle that holds a spare wheel.

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Now it may be the superb quality of these images, but this looks so realistic and doable that we now want to see it materialized. It looks so good because it’s not just digitally altered photos, but a full 3D model that has been labored over for hours upon hours, then rendered in various scenes to make it look realistic. The 2D textures also help bring the models to life, but a lot of work has gone into this project.

We currently don’t know of an actual Model X modified in the same manner as the made up one by Mo Aoun. If you are aware of such a project, or if you’re the owner or the person who modified it, do let us know and we will feature it on the site.

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