Off-grid living is certainly not new. People all over the world are essentially forced to do it. Others choose to do it for various reasons. However, as we look at the present and the future, it seems living off the grid by choice is something that many people may be interested in, especially if they can go about it on a level that's not yet been seen.

How about towing a tiny house behind your all-electric Tesla Cybertruck? Moreover, you could use the vehicle itself to power the house. People could take this to the next level with solar power, a battery storage system, a camper or trailer with a built-in battery, and the list goes on and on.

With all of that said, it comes as no surprise Tesla CEO Elon Musk supports such ideas. However, his reply was just a simple "Yes." Perhaps he was busy, didn't want to get into a discussion, or has to be overly careful about what he shares on Twitter, especially if it might be related to future projects that haven't yet been fully fleshed-out or unveiled.


Nonetheless, we see a future of people taking part in this "Cyberliving," as Teslarati puts it. We know many people who thrive on the outdoors, hiking, biking, camping, and Overlanding. At the same time, some folks just simply don't like being tied down to a mortgage and a specific location. Heck, a few of our friends sold their homes and live on sailboats, with solar polar.

Now, we just have to wait for electric pickup trucks like the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T to come to market, as well as related products that can complement a large battery-powered vehicle and make such future plans possible.

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