There are plenty of Tesla Cybertruck replicas out there, but this is arguably the most useful Cybertruck-based creation we've seen to date. Before clicking on the video, we were hoping to see a Cybertruck RV of sorts. However, while that's not quite what we have here, it's still pretty fascinating in many ways.

We're certainly excited about the future of large electric vans and electric RVs. The Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi could offer a solid starting point for such creations. However, this particular Cybertruck camper is meant to be towed by the Cybertruck, or really any vehicle capable of towing it, though it might draw some interesting attention if you pull it with your coal-rolling diesel.

Most of the Cybertruck replicas we've seen have either been art pieces, gas-powered vehicles decorated with a Cybertruck-like body, or downsized electric versions of the real deal. While these Tesla mock-up projects deserve plenty of praise, and some may be drivable on public roads, they're not going to be very useful once the real Tesla Cybertruck comes to market.

With that said, this Cybertruck camper built by Ivan Zheltonogov is not only already very useful, but it could be an amazing addition to any upcoming Tesla Cybertruck owner's collection. For people who aren't planning on buying a Cybertruck, or can't afford one, the Cybertruck camper might be worth a look. Perhaps you could tow it with your Model X or Model Y?

It's important to note that the video is in Russian. However, you can turn on CC in English and follow along with ease. It's really more about the eye candy than the dialogue anyhow.

We've also included Ivan's video below. Check out both videos and then scroll down and start a conversation in our comment section.

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