Proterra announced that its cumulative sales of battery-electric buses just reached 1,000! The number includes hundreds of buses deployed and those on order, which will be delivered in the near future.

The jubilee vehicle is among twelve 40-foot Proterra ZX5, ordered by Broward County Transit (BCT) from Florida.

BTC has selected the most capable version, with 660 kWh battery and DuoPower drivetrain. It's an important first step as by 2030, the agency would like to start purchase only zero-emission vehicles.

With 1,000 buses sold, Proterra is the top player in the North American market. Cumulatively, hundreds of already deployed buses covered more than 15 million miles (24 million km) in service for mass transit.

Proterra CEO Jack Allen said:

“Delivering clean, quiet transportation for all is an opportunity to meet the needs of our communities while protecting our environment and public health. With more than 1,000 battery-electric buses sold, Proterra is driving this transition to 100% clean transportation. Together with innovative transit leaders like Broward County, we are demonstrating that the time for clean transportation is now,”.

The first units of the ZX5 model were recently delivered to Wyoming, where they will undergo winter baptism in real-world service.

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