Chinese cars were considered a joke a decade ago, yet now the People’s Republic is drawing ever closer to the cutting edge of automotive tech. But it’s not all about arid facts and figures about range or charging, because some of the cars that are part of new wave of posh Chinese cars have a fun side too, and the Xpeng P7 is a great example of that.

Just like the Tesla Model X, which can put on a light (and falcon wing flapping) show, the P7 can do the same. However, what’s even cooler about the P7 is the fact that it has a full front light bar that allows for even more freedom of expression.

As you can see in this video posted by Tesla Bjørn, the P7’s light show is actually pretty cool. The fact that the P7 has this feature is clear proof (if we needed any more) that Xpeng has set its eye not so much on copying Tesla, but at least matching what the American EV manufacturer is doing - this feature is pointless, but it shows Xpeng has a fun side.

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