Some automakers are canceling or delaying future products due to the impact of COVID-19. However, as far as we understand, the Tesla Cybertruck is still coming sooner rather than later. In fact, recent information on social media reportedly gleaned from CEO Elon Musk himself points to the beastly electric pickup truck coming next year.

In order for Tesla to realize such a timeline, it needs a factory. At this point, some argue that it might make more sense for the automaker to begin building Cybertrucks at one of its current locations, or try to acquire an existing factory. However, Musk has already announced that Tesla is looking for a location in central USA to build a new factory, which will also produce Model Y vehicles.


Early reports and speculation pointed to Texas as the potential location for the Cybertruck Gigafactory. More recently, in response to a question about Austin, Musk said Texas is still an option. However, he also said "wherever it is," meaning no decision has been made. He noted that the Fremont factory is at capacity. Finally, Musk said the Cybertruck/Model Y factory needs to be more than halfway to the east coast.


We've seen an offer to Musk for a big field in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and an offer worth $1 billion in incentives from Joplin, Missouri. There are also some reports that a few other locations are in talks with Tesla. Now, the Greater Wichita Partnership and the Kansas Department of Commerce created a video and a website to publicize their offer.


If you could choose anywhere in the country, where would you build the Tesla Cybertruck Gigafactory? Let us know the optimal location and why you chose it.

Video Description via Great Wichita Partnership on YouTube:

Greater Wichita Cybertruck

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